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There are seven Human Design authorities and they’re specific to certain types. Generate your chart and see how your authority affects…

Where you can find your Human Design authority

The 7 Human Design Authorities

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Heyo! This post dives into the Human Design authorities, aka the decision maker. There are seven authorities: Emotional (Solar Plexus) Sacral Splenic Ego (Heart) Self-Projected (G) Environmental (sounding board; mental) Lunar When you started working with your authority, it might’ve felt forced. This post explores three misconceptions about Human Design authority and three troubleshooting tips for […]

Troubleshooting Your Human Design Authority

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When I learned about my Human Design type, I thought there was some mistake. Even though I had my birth certificate, I thought someone had gone on a lunch break and forgot to write my actual birth time.  Maybe they guessed and goofed.  I also tried rectifying my birth time (which people do when they […]

5 Misconceptions About Human Design Types