Should You Become a Certified Human Design Analyst?

Should You Become a Certified Human Design Analyst? (11 Things to Consider Before You Purchase an Expensive Certification)

Certified Human Design analyst

Back in March of 2020, my wildest Projector dreams came true… I finally received an invitation to figure out what to do with my career. I’ve been freelancing as a virtual assistant and copywriter for years, but I knew it wasn’t my forever thing.

So when I started doing Human Design readings for fun, this invitation kept coming up in every conversation:

“Fiona, you need to be charging money for your Human Design readings.”

I felt so good after the first several paid Human Design readings but I had to ruin it by Googling my competitors.

Good ol’ Imposter Syndrome paid me a visit.

I have an undefined heart center so this happens.

Since The Wild Pixel exists, I clearly got over myself and launched a full Human Design business, which brings us here today. I want to share the truth behind my journey to becoming a Human Design chart analyst and how certification played a role.

What exactly is a Human Design certification?

Google defines certification as:

the action or process of providing someone or something with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement.

That’s all it is.

It means that you’ve learned something from some sort of person/institution and they are vouching for your knowledge.

Do you need a certification to do Human Design for a living?


I’m not a certified Human Design reader, even though I’m qualified to be one.

I decided against certification because:

  • To me, it’s meaningless. I value and adore the mentor I had in learning how to deliver a Human Design reading, but I don’t care about a piece of paper.
  • Alan Krakower (the Human Design “founder”) has a school that has tried to legally take down uncertified Human Design readers. The Italian court found that they laid no claim to the practice of reading Human Design charts. It bothers me that they even tried because Human Design is based on 5 systems that existed prior to Human Design, especially when 3 of the systems come from cultural groups.
  • I originally sought certification out of fear.

So, why would anyone get certified in Human Design?

I want to be clear: I’m not shitting on those who are certified or those who choose to get certified.

When I took The Enrich Method with Tiffani Purdy, I received:

  • A community of other business owners who were interested in Human Design
  • Her Human Design textbook, which helped me do readings much faster than it originally took me
  • Instruction on the difference between doing a Human Design reading versus Human Design coaching
  • Further knowledge of astrology in Human Design
  • How to incorporate neurolinguistic programming in Human Design

Even without the fancy piece of paper, I learned enough to raise the quality of my readings to paying clients.

Speaking of paying clients – not a single client has ever asked about my certifications.

The only people that ever nitpicked my lack of certification or had opinions about me doing Human Design “without a license” are anonymous Redditors and people who were mad that I wouldn’t give them a free reading. 🤷🏻

People who find you and want to hand you money to receive a reading care about things like your:

  • Testimonials and reviews from other customers
  • Internet presence and “vibe”
  • Credibility


Not getting certified DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL FAIL.

So, if your sole reason for getting certified is because you want to make money and get clients fast, I’d encourage you to save that money and invest in branding or marketing, instead.

Still, I’ve suggested certification to plenty of aspiring readers and I’ve even put together a bonus gift for those who sign up for The Enrich Program with me. (More on that later, because I wanna make sure you even want to get certified).

Here are 11 things to consider before you get certified in Human Design.

1. Human Design is something you actually want to do.

Sounds obvious, right?

In 2017, I spent $5000 (you’re wincing, I’m cringing, but it happened) on a copywriting course because I love to write. That’s why I write these gigantic blog posts and force you to read them. 😬

After going through the programs, I realized that I didn’t want to be a copywriter.

I like blogging and I want to make money as a writer, but copywriting isn’t my thing.

I even got my first handful of copywriting clients and hated it. (Loved the clients and the industries I got to experience, hated the job itself).

But Fiona, they have all these cool bonuses if I *act now*. I don’t have time to wait!

Insider secret time: In marketing, these bonuses are supposed to make the purchase a no brainer for you. It’s supposed to pressure you into taking action. Business owners will always have bonuses and extras whenever they do a hard promotion. Don’t let it be louder than your authority.

2. You want to incorporate Human Design into your current business, as soon as possible.

Certification and courses are a fast track to whatever goal you’re trying to get to.

If you already have a business and you are antsy to get Human Design under your belt, certification’s a great option.

Honestly, some of the stuff I learned about with planets and neurolinguistic programming from The Enrich Method, I would never have looked into myself!

You are paying for someone else’s research, packaged into something digestible, to speed up your learning process.

Being able to learn Human Design in a distraction-free, highly focused space, will greatly reduce how long it takes to start using it with clients.

People sometimes say that they think it’s BS that you have to pay for something that should be openly accessible. With something like this, you’re paying to not make the same mistakes that your certification mentor did.

You’re paying for a shortcut (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

3. You have the money for it.

I’m not the type of person who will ever tell you that, “If you are serious about something, you will go into debt for it.” “If you believe in yourself, take out a credit card to prove it.”

I’ve been homeless in my early adulthood and struggled to make ends meet as a single mom.

During these periods of time, tons of coaches promised me this life of riches and talked me up. The moment they realized how broke I was, they turned up the pressure by telling me to get a line of credit.

Telling someone who is struggling to take a gamble with a credit card is predatory and that will reflect the type of mentor they will be. Just imagine what will happen if you defaulted on a payment with them.

Check your root center here, especially if you’re undefined/open.

If you’re feeling high pressured to get certified when you truly cannot afford it, take a step back and breathe.

4. You trust the person or institution you’re getting certified from.

I’ve known Tiffani for a while. I once wrote a blog post about Gary Vaynerchuk (the most Projector Projector that has ever Projectored, in my opinion) and she did a live video of his Human Design chart.

Eventually, I became an avid follower of her Human Design content and I even sent my partner tips from her Instagram. (It’s more believable when it comes from someone else, right? 😂)

I wholly trusted Tiffani and LOVED her down to earth style of teaching Human Design.

(My Capricorn chart recognized her Capricorn chart).

Before you invest in a certification program, do a background check on the people who you are learning from. You might want to check out their graduates, too.

  • Is their free content or social media presence something you vibe with?
  • Are their previous students successful (in YOUR definition of successful)?
  • Reach out to them. Do they seem like they genuinely care about you or do they care about your bank account?

Human Design is not meant to be a cult that you buy into. Mentors should feel honored that you’re hoping to work with them.

5. You like the curriculum.

The Enrich Method is not the first certification program I’ve entertained… but it’s the first one with a curriculum that didn’t make me feel like I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a fork.

There are plenty of Human Design certification programs out there. You might look at this one and think it’s too modern and you want something more esoteric. Maybe you want to only support Alan’s school.

Whatever your reasoning, make sure that the curriculum matches what you’re looking for.

Not all Human Design certification programs are made the same. You don’t want to get screwed over by buying one certification, expecting different content.

6. You have the time.

This one might seem obvious but when I took The Enrich Method, I made a grave mistake…

I was in the middle of doing the MirrorBrand mastermind (which met twice a week), the COVID-19 shutdown just started so my kids are now home full-time, my partner was teaching from home, and my Projector soul was screaming, “CAN I PLEASE HAVE A BREAK?”

To make things worse, I chose the live version, which was 5 hours long, every weekday. 🙃

Spoiler: I ended up burning out, telling Tiffani I was going to self-study at my own pace, and she was supportive of my decision.

If you take a live certification (instead of a self-study option), make sure that you can fit the schedule into your calendar with the other obligations you have going on.

7. You have some sort of plan on how you’re going to incorporate this into your current business or starting a new business.

The worst time to start a business is when you’re broke as hell, about to get evicted, and need money fast.

Before making this financial and energetic investment, ask yourself how you plan on using your Human Design certification.

Some ideas may be:

  • You’re going to keep working a full-time job but start making content about Human Design to build your audience. Then you can sell to that audience.
  • You already have a business in spirituality or coaching and can offer this as an additional service.
  • You have income coming in (whether from a spouse or other source of consistent income) to keep you afloat while you plan out your next steps.
  • You have a coach or business mentor that you’ve been working with.

Again, I want to be clear that certification can be amazing and it can also be useless, depending on your plans for using it.

8. You’re happy with their refund policy, in case anything goes sideways.

Read the refund policy.

Read the refund policy.

Read the refund policy.


Before I started working in Human Design, I was a virtual assistant, mainly for course creators. I handled a lot of their customer support.

You might not think you’d ask for a refund upon signing up, but you never know what life will bring.

People have made refund requests because:

  • Illness, death, and other health issues that devastated them.
  • They simply hated the course, and yes, this is a totally valid reason to request a refund.
  • They suddenly lost a major source of income.
  • They need to reallocate the funds to something else.
  • The course wasn’t what they thought it was or the instructor was not as present and they hoped.

Unfortunately, many businesses have a “due to the informational nature of this content, no refunds will be honored,” policy.

Read over that refund policy and make sure you’re okay with whatever it says.

9. The values of the institution or instructor align with yours.

Many years ago (like ~8) I was a professional card reader. Tarot, Lenormand, playing cards, you name it, I probably read it.

I invested thousands of dollars into one of the biggest tarot communities in the world, only to realize that they were vicious to anyone that had a differing opinion.

They would also group up and attack well-known card readers, who didn’t support their group.

Yeah, I have a tendency to join communities that attract cult-like behavior.

Being the 3/5 profile I am, I question things. My defined throat center also gets me into trouble.

In this group, I watched people say “cultural appropriation doesn’t exist, we are all the same,” and “I was Chinese in a past life, with vivid memories of that life, so it’s impossible for me to appropriate.” (Back then, it wasn’t trendy to be that type of woke in spiritual spaces).

I also spoke out about being racially harassed by their staff at a public event (one of them said “Asian women are manipulative, so be careful” because I won an award). They brought up my mental health and told everyone to “unfriend Fiona and stop supporting her business or you’re against us.”

I also admit, when they previously banded against other readers who didn’t condone their cult, I also took part in the bullying. I didn’t realize how awful I became until they also turned on me.

The spiritual communities can often be toxic, blinding everyone with a smog of “love and light.”

Be careful where you go, and make sure that the people you want to learn from are people you wouldn’t mind being a reflection of.

10. You’d be at peace with learning through this person/institution even if you didn’t get certified in Human Design

I fully intended to get certified when I took The Enrich Method. 110% ready.

Even though I never got the certification, the program was worth every penny. I learned a different perspective of Human Design and got a great example of how to deliver this information in a way that clients could understand it.

Whatever Human Design certification program you decide to go with, make sure you’d still be happy with their quality of information even if you chose to not get certified.

The certification should never be the only reason why you chose a program. The value of the program, even without certification, should be worth it, too.

11. Your strategy and authority is screaming, “YES YES YES.”

Last, but most importantly: because your strategy and authority say yes.

We can’t talk about Human Design certification without talking about Human Design itself, right?

We were not meant to make decisions with logic. We were meant to be inspired and conceptualize with our head/ajna, and then pass that information to our authority for the final say.

A little reminder…

  • Manifestors, talk it out and have a conversation with whoever is leading the certification program. Inform them of what you’re looking for.
  • Generators and Manifesting Generators, what are you responding to that has led you to want certification?
  • Projectors, have you been recognized for your potential with Human Design or invited?
  • Reflectors, give yourself at least a lunar cycle to mull over it… certification programs will always be there so there’s no rush.

The ONLY Human Design certification program I can vouch for…

I’m an affiliate for a few things, but I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t used myself. I can’t speak on the other certification programs because I’ve never taken them, but I know I can vouch for The Enrich Method by Tiffani Purdy.

First, starting a business is not always easy, let alone a spiritual business. My journey seems overnight because I’ve been freelancing for the past eight years and I know my way around marketing. I also had an audience prior to doing Human Design so I immediately had a market to sell to.

That’s not the sexy answer, but that’s the honest one.

Before I got here, I didn’t know how to set up a website, use social media (except to post pictures of my food), network, blog strategy, graphic design, etc. Providing a service versus SELLING a service are two different beasts.

I want you to join The Enrich Method and grab my bonus only if you feel like this is where you belong. 👉  Once your purchase Enriched, forward your receipt to and let me know that you’d like to redeem your bonus mentorship call. (You have to use my affiliate link to redeem this call). I’ll respond with a link to book a 60-minute live call with me where you can ask me anything about building a Human Design business.

The best part? I don’t talk about doing it “my way.” I love helping entrepreneurs sprout their own wings and do their thing. If you’re reading this, yes, this offer is still available.

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