Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Human Design Connection Chart

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Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Human Design Connection Chart

October 2, 2020

Anyone else enjoy the sound of three white dudes yelling at each other in a “moderated debate?” Same. This post won’t have too many personal thoughts on the Joe Biden versus Donald Trump debate because, with a whole website devoted to the decolonization of Human Design, I think it’s pretty clear where I stand. Instead, […]

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Anyone else enjoy the sound of three white dudes yelling at each other in a “moderated debate?” Same. This post won’t have too many personal thoughts on the Joe Biden versus Donald Trump debate because, with a whole website devoted to the decolonization of Human Design, I think it’s pretty clear where I stand.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden Human Design Connection Chart

Instead, I want to take a look at the individual and connection charts between both of the candidates with as much objectivity as I can. As a Human Design reader, it’s important for me to understand the why and the how without passing judgment on the human being behind the chart.

First, let’s look at these charts separately. Take my use of “highlights” with a grain of salt, because once the information starts flowing, I have a hard time turning the faucet off. 🤓

You can also watch this instead if you don’t want to read 3000 words 😬

Highlights from Donald Trump’s Human Design Chart

Donald Trump is a 1/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator.

Donald Trump Human Design Chart

Image generated with myBodygraph – yes, I know there’s a lot of arrows, but bear with me. It’ll all make sense.

The first things that stood out to me about Donald Trump’s chart are his two completely open centers: G (identity, purpose, love) and Head (inspiration). Think of these two centers as “mirrors” inside of his bodygraph – he has no natural or inherent way of processing that type of energy.

Instead, he mirrors the G center and Head center of those around him.

This makes me wonder who Donald Trump admires or sees as a guide/mentor in his life. Completely open G centers, when aligned, keep the company of people whose traits and lives they admire.

When they’re operating in the not-self, they can end up being a puppet of someone else or in a codependent relationship where they can’t leave because they don’t know who they are without the other person.

(I don’t think Trump is in some sort of codependent relationship with a puppet master, based on the rest of his chart, though I am inclined to believe he acts in a way that emulates leaders he respects).

His North Node in 45.5 (Gate of the Gatherer) is interesting because this explains why Donald Trump is the way he is. This node is attributed to “fate/destiny” or the destination you’re yearning for in this lifetime. (I write more about the nodes and incarnation cross in this post). This gate is seen in people who care about financial and material security for others, but it needs to align with their personal interests, too.

This is a monarchal, “King of the Castle,” kind of vibe, so it makes sense why conservatives and people who “want to protect tradition/patriarchal way of life” hold so tightly to Donald Trump.

If you’ve ever wondered why immigrants and people of color also support him, it’s likely because they also believe in tradition and patriarchal rule, even if it doesn’t benefit them. Regardless of whether or not we agree with them, we can come to an understanding of why he attracts a specific crowd.

There are people who feel that the world is getting “soft” and giving people more individuality goes against how things should be and he is literally the king of that school of thought.

Surprisingly, this gate highlights someone who believes in education and the Line 1 in his profile confirms this. Despite how he portrays himself and his outbursts (which I will touch upon later in this post) there is a person inside who does care about being educated. Though keep in mind, not everyone’s definition of “education” is the same.

I’ll leave it to your interpretation to determine what forms and types of education he values.

His North Node is found in his throat center and also connects with gate 21 in his defined Ego center, creating Channel 21-45: The Channel of Money.

The man was born to be a business owner. He was born to “lead” 🤷

People with defined heart/ego centers are thought to be fighters. They’re relentless and ready to willpower their way through any goals they have. However, their reputation is strongly tied to the promises they make.

If they make no promises, they come off as sketchy. If they don’t uphold promises, they get exposed.

Regardless, this channel offers potential for mastery and wealth in the material world, through “hard work.” Traditional blue-collar workers who break their bodies for their paycheck can definitely relate to this channel.

Can we take a moment to see all of these activated gates in his defined throat center? Like holy moly. The throat center is where manifestation and communication happens, so you can see the power and impact that his words leave behind.

Plus the Channel of Transitoriness (35-36) connects his throat center to his authority. There is potential for deep wisdom through his understanding of his own emotions though if he shuns and rejects the information from his solar plexus, it can lead to explosive outbursts.

Men have traditionally been taught to suppress their emotions because it’s seen as “weak” and “feminine.” It’s a “distraction” from what needs to be done. I wonder if Trump, in his private life, feels out his emotional authority and this is the direction it led him, or if he’s completely abandoned his authority and operates out of the “not-self.”

We can guess, but none of us can truly know.

Lastly, his Sun is in Gate 12 (throat center) and Gate 36 (emotional center). Remember that the “Sun” shines upon 70% of your Human Design so this is something that can be quite obvious. Donald Trump’s been called out for using aggressive and loud vocals, rather than his words, in order to get a point across.

Y’all… he was designed this way! Gate 12 is about tone of voice rather than the actual words that are used.

It makes sense that he focuses more on yelling and being loud (because that’s how his followers respond) rather than on what is being said.

Gate 36 (changing line 3) was terrifying to see, but it’s also predictable.

It’s about transitioning others from one world to the next but it can go two ways:

  • Taking what’s historically worked and beneficial to steer us towards the “new world” despite society’s natural resistance to change.
  • Forcing the new world to adapt to old ways of life (in this case, monarchy and patriarchy) while refusing to let go of the “old ways.”

I’ll let you make your own conclusions on that one, too.

Remember, according to Alan “Ra Uru Hu” Krakower, we are moving away from the 7-centered world ruled by kings, queens, dictators, and tyrants, into the 9-centered world where we celebrate the individual.

Projectors (like Obama and Bernie Sanders) were thought to be the leaders that would guide us there. Electing Donald Trump as president for his first term reveals a large-scale resistance against the “New World.”

Highlights from Joe Biden’s Human Design Chart

Joe Biden is a 4/6 Sacral Generator.

Joe Biden Human Design chart

Image generated with myBodygraph – the arrows aren’t too bad, right?

Let’s follow the same format for Joe Biden as we did for Donald Trump and start with the completely open center.

In Joe Biden’s case, his completely open center is the heart/ego center, where willpower, navigation of the material plane, and fighting spirit lives.

When someone has a completely open heart/ego center, they are someone who:

  • In alignment: Can appreciate healthy competition. Competes for the satisfaction of it, rather than just to win.
  • In not-self: Can try to keep up with the defined egos and get riled up when they can’t muscle through (which, according to Richard Rudd, can cause physical heart problems).

Biden has been perceived as weak because he’s not loud or aggressive the way Donald Trump is, but he was not designed to strongarm his opponents into submission. For the open ego, the goal isn’t “winning,” but rather, it’s being a part of the whole that can create change.

It’s knowing that you’re only one piece of a larger mechanism.

His North Node is in Gate 59: The Gate of Dispersion which is about fertilization but in this context, it’s about clearing the path that prevents fertilization from happening. His “fate/destiny” or rather, what his soul is yearning to accomplish in this lifetime, is less about “creating change” but moreso about the process of clearing the way for change.

In that perspective, he was pretty much designed to be Obama’s Vice President. Obama, the Projector, is here to guide us to the “New World,” and Joe Biden played a part in helping clear the way for Obama to lead.

This North Node is found in his Sacral Center, which is also Biden’s authority. The authority is the decision making factor in Human Design. If his strategy as a Generator is to “respond,” the sacral tells him what to respond to.

The Channel of Discovery (Channel 46-29) connects the sacral (vitality, life force, fertility) with the G center (identity, purpose, love) revealing someone willing to navigate uncharted territory.

It’s about being clear about what he’s saying yes to and giving it his commitment, but it also lends a unique understanding to where others have failed.

This is putting your own twist on what you’re doing so you don’t repeat other’s (or your own) mistakes.

Joe Biden also has the Channel 47-64, The Channel of Abstraction which makes for someone who is capable of taking abstract ideas and coming to a clear conclusion. However, with the undefined throat center, those ideas may not often get effectively communicated. What he means to say may not always match what actually came out of his mouth (like his “stupid bastards” comment to the military).

During the debate, I was made aware that Joe Biden was born with a stutter and it took a lot for him to learn how to navigate public speaking. He has an undefined throat center with plenty of activations, which shows me that he has the potential to be deliberate in how he speaks and can adapt his communication style to his audience.

Finally, let’s look at his Sun. We have Gate 14.4 (The Gate of Power Skills) and Gate 29.6 (The Gate of Perseverance) and wowee, do we have two really different presidential candidates.

Joe Biden also shares the desire to acquire material wealth and financial security, but Gate 14.4 is about redistributing that wealth to “pave the way” for change. So, even if he’d like to live comfortably (who doesn’t?) he also wants to reinvest that wealth back to the people.

Without getting into the nuances on his stance when it comes to military force, I’d like to point out that this changing line 4 adds the layer of Biden caring about protecting his people. Now… what “his people” really means is definitely up to interpretation.

However, I can say that this line speaks of a need for having the correct skillset in order to be in power. Without that skill set (I have no idea the specifics because it’s beyond his chart) he will be laughed out of the room.

The Gate of Perseverance in his subconscious will create a constant question of, “Should you keep going, Joe?” Perseverance, in this context, is not about willpowering through (as he has a completely open heart center). Instead, perseverance is about seeing through your commitments with no idea where it will lead.

It’s saying yes to a project, having the project go terribly wrong, and seeing it through to the end, even when shit hits the fan.

I want to be clear that this isn’t about keeping promises and upholding your word – this is about seeing something through because of its potential to teach you something new and to keep exploring even when everyone else wants to leave.

There can be no partial commitment in his world. Once the sacral says yes, it’s yes until it’s over.

What’s a Human Design connection chart? …with a weird salad analogy.

If your Human Design chart is a salad and my Human Design chart is a salad, when we come together, we are dumping both of our salads into a bigger bowl.

Now there’s a “you-and-me” salad.

If I put just bacon in my salad, but you have bacon and chicken, your bacon and chicken overwhelms my bacon. This creates a compromise channel because one of us has to compromise (me).

If I put cheese in my salad, but you didn’t, all the cheese came from me. This creates a dominance channel because one of us (me) dominates in that realm.

If both of us put equal amounts of lettuce in the salad, we agree here. This creates a friendship channel because it’s balanced (and kinda boring).

If I brought salt and pepper but you brought dressing, they complement each other. This creates an attraction (electromagnetic) channel because it completes each other.

These channels can help understand how two different Human Design charts interact with each other.

So, let’s check out the Biden-Trump salad and see what’s going on.

Joe Biden + Donald Trump connection chart aka the Biden-Trump salad

Joe Biden Donald Trump Human Design Connection Chart

As you can see, we’ve mushed their charts together in the center (Trump is Blue, Biden is Green) to make a connection chart. I’m interested in seeing this chart because this explains what happens when the two of them are interacting with each other.

The compromise channels will let us know how one pushes the other (but the other will fight back)

Trump has a strong pull on 3/4 of the compromise channels though these are areas where Biden isn’t going to give up without having some say in it. I imagine that these are going to be the biggest sources of fighting and debate, especially among their respective followers. Let’s check out the channels:

  • Channel of Mating 59-6 (Trump): Here are discussions of creating something new for your people, as well as “attractiveness” (in both a sexual and non-sexual sense). Obviously, we’re not talking about their sex appeals here, so this is more related to their ability to appeal to the masses on an emotional, almost intimate level. People will be split depending on how much they relate to each candidate. With Trump having the stronger pull, Biden almost makes Trump seem more likable, given this compromise. (I’m just translating the chart here, this isn’t a reflection of my own political beliefs).
  • Channel of Acceptance 17-62 (Trump): This is interesting because we talked about how Biden is the one who has the ability to conceptualize abstract ideas, but when they come together, Trump is the one who has a stronger pull in information organization. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, Trump needs to learn how to time his sharing of information first, because without it, people are just frustrated and overwhelmed by what he has to say. Biden still has a pull on putting the details together, but when he is in Trump’s presence, Trump can easily overshadow Biden’s ideas.
  • Channel of Transitoriness 35-36 (Trump): Here is another interesting one (yes, all Human Design is interesting to me) because I mentioned men are taught to suppress their emotions, and being emotional is weak. This channel is about gleaning wisdom through understanding emotions so if both of them learned how to express how they’re feeling and convey that effectively, it would strengthen their arguments against each other. Trump, again, has the main pull here.
  • Channel of Discovery 46-29 (Biden): Finally, the one where Biden has the stronger pull and this is the channel of doing what others could not. Both of them have the capability to do things that presidents before them have not done for the benefit of all of us, though there is a stronger commitment from Biden to actually see it through. In terms of how this works during a debate, Biden is more likely than Trump to form a complete thought and express it.

Trump will appear to be the aggressor and the winner in debates because to the naked eye, he has more “pull” when they are in a room together but of course, perception is only one part in knowing what is really happening.

One completely dominates the other in the very literal dominance channels

There’s a “clear winner” when it comes to dominance channels so when they are on the stage debating, one will wipe out the other with these dominance channels:

  • Channel of Abstraction (47-64): Biden is “clearer” about his stances and what he has to say because he has the ability to distill abstract ideas into words. When he gives specific examples and shares other people’s stories, people feel at ease and understood.
  • Channel of Money (21-45): Trump is more trusted with our economy, jobs, and running the country with money, wealth, and financial security in mind. The louder he is about these topics, the more trust he gains.

Friendship channels are similarities and agreements

So of course they don’t have any friendship channels. 💀

Attraction/Electromagnetic channels are where they both “complete” each other.

This is where they each have a hanging gate and when they come together, it locks in to create a channel. Now, there’s this terrible thing I was told as a kid that when someone has a crush on you, they might throw rocks at you (tsundere, anyone?) So, if the two of them actually see something where they could work together on and empower each other, they may naturally use it like a rock to throw at the other.

Or, they could empower each other, who knows?

Their attraction channels are:

  • The Channel of the Brain Wave (57-20): Biden carries Gate 20 which is an understanding of the life we live in the moment. The state of the world. He could “press pause” and talk about what’s happening in the now. Trump carries Gate 57 which is an intuitive understanding of the present. It’s instinctual and based on survival. Together, we the people understand, through their interaction, what the state of the world is. What you are feeling is real. What your authority expressed during your watching of the election, is the story that they are BOTH telling us.
  • The Channel of Surrender (44-26): Biden carries Gate 44 showing that he usually has a great judge of character, based on experiences. He understands people based on what they’ve shown him and the patterns that may be similar to someone he’s understood in the past. Trump carries Gate 26 which is found in born salespeople and marketers. He could sell water to fish. He can convince you of what you need to survive this world and then sell it to you. If they worked together, they could easily determine what we need and create a structure to deliver it to us. However, they’re opposing candidates. What we can learn from this channel is that the world is changing and work-life balance is nonexistent for most of us… and we need a leader who can safely guide us towards the New World.

This election is it, y’all

I don’t do a whole lot of astrology readings because other astrologers have great insights to share (I recommend this person and this person and this person) but what I keep getting told is that this election is going to change everything.

After doing this connection reading and seeing their individual charts, I have to agree. We have two very different leaders, with different styles, and different primary focuses.

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