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Genetic Matrix Pro for Human Design

Thought about getting software to do some Human Design readings but you’re not sure which one to get?

I generally recommend for absolute beginners who have deep pockets because a lot of their information is locked behind a hefty paywall.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that’s well suited for professional readings, you might like Genetic Matrix Pro.

Software is one of those things I rather show than tell, so peep the video above for a walkthrough.

(I originally filmed it for a Redditor that was curious about Genetic Matrix, hence the wonky narration).

What do you get with Genetic Matrix Pro?

Genetic Matrix Pro is a ~$10/month, which unlocks everything except their “talking” graphs.

You can create a bunch of different charts:

Genetic Matrix Pro

View specifics of the chart you select:

Genetic Matrix Pro

If you click “interactive,” you can click different parts of your chart and Genetic Matrix Pro will give you the definition of what certain parts mean.

Now, the language is still a little esoteric. You’ll have to be patient with understanding what it all means. Human Design is a whole system that takes time to grasp.

Genetic Matrix Pro might be overkill if you’re not trying to get more advanced information on your chart. For example, not everyone talks about the Godhead (super interesting, if you wanna nerd out, by the way!) or the Dream Rave. This software can pull that information for you.

The different charts

This is where Genetic Matrix Pro gets exciting. YOU CAN CREATE SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF CHARTS – you can even pull your dog’s design! (I have all shelter animals so I’m not sure when any of my pets were born, but if I did, you bet I’d be all over this).

Genetic Matrix Pro

Look at all those charts. Like I said, overkill, but so, so cool.

I use Foundation Transit Charts to give myself and clients a little “Human Design horoscope” every Monday and the “Connection Chart” when my friends wanna know about what’s happening between them and their Tinder match.

And that’s Genetic Matrix Pro.

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