“Well, who am I? I'm almost 25, can't remember half the time that I've been alive. Half was in a cheap apartment and half was on the Eastside.”

– Halsey, 929

Since Halsey's 2020 album, Manic, came out, I've been listening to it nonstop. I've listened as I stayed up at 4am painting ghosts into my notebook. I've sat outside and smoked a joint while she sang through my headphones.

As I wrap up the design to The Wild Pixel and finally launch my choose-your-own-adventure library, Hidden Magic, out into the world, it's only fitting that I dedicate something to Halsey, who has no clue what her album did for me.

Even though I've already done one post on a 3/5 Manifesting Generator (Anais Nin, who you can read here), I had to do Halsey's too.

Here's her Human Design chart, which I generated with Genetic Matrix.

Halsey, the Manifesting Generator

The most basic thing to understand about Halsey is that she's a Manifesting Generator. Her Sacral motor center (the red square) is connected to her Throat center (brown square by the throat) which gives her this design.

Becoming art, personified

Halsey has three channels that are connected through the centers they touch, part of something called the Knowing Circuit (she doesn't have a complete Knowing Circuit, but that's for another day):

  • 23-43: The Channel of Structuring
  • 1-8: The Channel of Inspiration
  • 14-2: The Channel of the Beat

The Channel of Structuring notes a woman who can run with what inspires her. She comes up with these creative ideas and crafts her own spin on it – but not everyone is able to appreciate it. This channel is a reminder that madness and genius are two sides of the same coin. While many will hold her up and champion her art as something that holds the power to change lives (like it has with mine), there will others who find it insane.

When you live with the Channel of Structuring, it can feel make you feel alone. It's always being outside of the box and seeing things with a different perspective only to become frustrated when others look at you like you've lost your mind.

For Halsey, when she is surrounded by people who encourage her art and support what she does, no matter how wild and out there they might find it, she thrives.

The more she is given space to conceptualize her creative genius, the more opportunities she has to be recognized for who she is.

Born to inspire

Speaking of who she is, the Channel of Inspiration marks her as a natural-born role-model for others, especially those who walk the creative path. If you note in the image, this particular channel is connected to a bright yellow diamond in the middle of the chest – aka the G Center.

When it's colored in yellow like that, it means the center is defined.

With a defined G center, Halsey inherently knows who she is, despite who society has tried to tell her to be. (Don't believe me? Listen to Nightmare).

Defined G center folks have a strong sense of purpose as if they were born with a mission. (Spoiler: Many of them are).

Knowing this, the Channel of Inspiration notes that the more she surrenders to her natural state the stronger she magnetizes others towards her as their role model.

I end up pleading my case to alternative programmers – you're telling me that my music is too dark for pop, too pop for alternative, and urban radio won't touch it – so we have a record that doesn't fit in. And what is more alternative than that?

– Halsey

Here, she leads. She inspires. If she wanted to, she could cause a riot.

When she knows and claims herself, others can't help but stare and follow. You can see from her sense of fashion and the way she adorns herself that it's quite different from what's modern and mainstream.

This doesn't come from just branding and attention-grabbing. She makes the most noise when she appears in an aesthetic that helps her feel the most comfortable in her own skin.

Her 2018 Victoria's Secret fashion show outfit comes to mind, immediately. She stole the hell out of that catwalk.

Halsey Human Design

The music inside her soul

The last channel I mentioned is The Channel of the Beat, guiding Halsey to listen to no one else but the beat of her own drum. This is a channel that connects her G center (sense of identity) to her Sacral center (her authority and sense of vitality).

As a Manifesting Generator, she is here to respond and take action to problems that catch her attention. With her defined throat center, she is also able to inform the world and speak out on these issues.

You can see this play out in real-time with Halsey's initiative of the Black Creators Fund, which highlights and contributes resources to black artists.

When Halsey is aligned with her design (in essence, aligned with what feels satisfying for her) she is brimming with self-love and listens to where her sacral leads her. She will begin to tune into her inner knowing of where she needs to head next.

There is nothing logical about the way this channel plays out. It is purely an innate tug that guides her towards destiny. This channel doesn't bother with giving an explanation.

The important thing to remember about this channel is that it's still a response, not an initiation. As a Manifesting Generator, Halsey isn't here to create a new way of doing or being. She is here to refine and respond to what's already in place and take it to the next level.

There needs to be a cue for an opportunity for response. This isn't something she has to look for. Her Sacral will guide her there.

Halsey's life of service and rectification

Halsey's incarnation cross, aka the overarching theme playing throughout her life, is the RAX of Service in gate 18. This theme talks about someone who literally has a life of service – but not in the idea of being a servant.

She already has a hand in civil rights and LGBTQ+ support, which are two examples of where she places her service.

Halsey has the capability of conceptualizing and understanding the solutions that need to be put in place in order for real change to start happening in society.

I'm open about having bipolar disorder. I'm open about being of mixed race. I'm open about being bisexual, and I have this wantingness to talk about it, and for me, it's about more than being a role model for any specific community.

– Halsey

I believe that if anyone can do that on their own, it's the Manifesting Generator. They have the ability to speak their concepts into existence through the defined throat center and the sustainability to get out and physically make it happen, through their defined sacral center.

The other great thing about Manifesting Generators is that as long as they're working within what they feel called to respond to, they are energized by their work.

So, she will rarely tire of the efforts that she pours her soul into, especially if it feels like she is meant to be there.

There's an interesting note about her song, “Without Me.” Halsey mentioned that this song is not just a breakup song, but about assessing the relationships she's had in her life where she was of service.

Here's her own words:

“Without Me” started as a breakup record. As I started diving deeper into my feelings and started playing the record for people, it even changed after I'd already made it. I was looking at my life and looking at my relationships and friendships and stuff, and I realized that I was putting in a little bit more effort than everybody else, which is a really nice thing sometimes to be effortlessly compassionate. Just wanting to help everyone around you and give them all of you all the time, but it can be really exhausting.

I think that sometimes the caregiver thing is just a personality trait that you can't really fix. I like taking care of my friends. I like taking care of my family. I just like taking care of people. I'm really good at it, really good at it, and it's one thing I'm really proud of about myself. I just have to be better at recognizing the signs of someone who's gonna take advantage of that, but all of that is just part of maturing, and growing up, and I'm doing it through my 20s, the same way that everybody else is. I'm just doing it on an album.

She naturally feels “of service” to others – and even though this is the overarching theme in her life, it doesn't mean that everyone is entitled to it, as she's learning.

Deep down, it's a sense of wanting to do right by others, as those with this incarnation cross will often feel.

Halsey's still in her 20's, so there is so much more to see in terms of how she'll impact her communities in the future, but based on what I see in her Human Design, she's only going to get better.

I was a bad kid, and a good student. – Halsey

Your fellow passenger,
Fiona Wong