Your Googling of Human Design information has led you to this page... Welcome to the rabbit hole of your Hidden Magic. 🐇

Hidden Magic is a choose-your-own-adventure library that helps you decode what’s in YOUR Human Design chart.
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Human Design, on your time, in plain English ✨

I do plenty of Human Design readings, but I also know that it's impossible to fit everything I want you to know about yourself in a single recording.

It gets overwhelming.
The words starts to blend together.
You can become even more lost.

Which inspired me to create Hidden Magic, a choose your own adventure Human Design library so you can explore different aspects of your chart at your leisure.

Every time you access this library, you'll learn something different and new about yourself, at your pace.

Hi, I'm Fiona - professional Human Design chart analyst/goblin, former reluctant Projector, mercurial entrepreneur

When I first discovered Human Design, I hated my Human Design type. Like, what do you mean I have to "wait for an invitation?" To make it worse, every time I Googled something about my chart, I got some love and light bullcrap or watered down generic information that really didn't apply to me.

Human Design didn't start to work with me or make sense, until I dove into the intricacies of who I am, beyond just another Projector.

It was the centers.
The profile.
The variables.
My authority.

And more...

I created Hidden Magic as a one-stop for those who are fed up with the Google rabbit holes and are ready to understand who they are, in plain English, all in one place.


I literally burst out laughing numerous times. I always knew I had the greatest respect for my intuition, but now I’m just going to go around saying I’m best friends with my sacral. :)
I’m preparing for a huge change at beginning of next year, and I’m more confident then ever. You confirmed everything. A burning and a rebuilding awaits. 

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This is the vault of Human Design knowledge you're looking for...

As much as I love diving into Human Design charts, I realize that a professional reading can costs hundreds of dollars.

Self-study books and forums? They rarely go beyond the generic stuff you can find online.

The official Human Design school uses language that’s difficult to understand.

Trying to learn anything specific about Human Design is usually locked behind a pricey paywall.

So as I stirred my tea and mulled over this predicament, I asked myself... How can I give people an interactive Human Design experience that they can refer back to again and again?

After all, the messenger who gave us Human Design intended for this system to be for everyone. Including YOU.

Over the past six months, I’ve taken my pile of textbooks and referred back to the hundreds of readings I’ve done to create this one of a kind library.

The videos are short (less than 15 minutes long) and the whole library is self-guided. Read as many charts as you'd like, from friends to family to hires to Tinder matches.

What's inside Hidden Magic?

I’ve gone over the most frequently asked questions and “aha!” moments of my past clients and compiled the information they most benefited from. Then I broke it down into short less-than-15-minutes-long clips so you can jump around from video to video based on what you feel like learning about yourself.

You’ll learn about…

✨ Authority
Your intuition’s voice and how it guides you to where you may go next

✨ Profile
The way you interact with society and why you probably feel like an “extroverted introvert”

✨ Centers
Making sense of why some things come easily to you while others require a less traditional path (and how to determine your alternative routes)

✨ Variables
Understanding the way you eat, best places for healing, your motivations in life, your life trajectory, process information, and ability to manifest (even if you’re not a Manifestor)

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Did I mention that Hidden Magic is completely reuseable?

Wanna go over your significant other’s chart? Check. ✅

Learn about your children’s designs? Check. ✅

Fast fifteen-minute or less videos? Check. ✅

A method used by a professional Human Design chart analyst? Double check. ✅ ✅

You don't have to post multiple charts online hoping someone will help you decipher it or shell out thousands to get more readings.

Hidden Magic gives you the power to do it all yourself.

What's included with Hidden Magic?

A workbook 📚
To help you keep track of your reflections and notes throughout your Human Design journey

15-minutes-or-less videos 📺
For a quick, digestible way to understand parts of your chart, especially if you’re strapped for time.

Tech tutorials 🖥
Not sure what you’re looking at when you generate your Human Design chart? I walk you through the most popular Human Design software that I use for my readings.

The Offering 🔮
A private section found ONLY in Hidden Magic where I give you additional bonuses for Human Design related products - the good stuff, where I honed the tools of my craft. Want to work with me 1:1? I give all of my Hidden Magic students a discount.

Wait, I get all this for only $47?

Yep, and I know that it’s worth 10x more than that, but I want to make this an easy choice for you. You’ve heard about Human Design. You’ve seen people that you admire praise what it’s done for their lives.

I don’t want you to maybe check out your Human Design in the future or someday buy an expensive reading - I want you to dive into your chart today!!

The questions swirling around your mind right now...

🔮What if I know my Human Design type and I hate it?
Been there - I totally get it. The neat thing about Hidden Magic is that you're exploring beyond just your "type." You're looking at very specific aspects of who you are that transcends just your "type." Human Design is multi-layered. The type is barely the beginning.

🔮What do I do if I’m not sure about my birth time?

A lot of people who come to me for Human Design are not 100% about their birth time. Your birth time only makes a minor difference throughout the day, even if it changes your type.

You can still use Human Design because this is an experimental system. I also include a rectification calculator inside Hidden Magic so you can calculate a potential birth time.

🔮What if I’m religious?
Human Design isn’t a religious practice. In my experience, people of different religious backgrounds use Human Design alongside their personal beliefs. For example, a Christian may feel that their “authority” is God showing them signs while as a Buddhist, I believe that my authority is me tapping into my karma.

Whether you want to use Human Design in your religious practice or simply as a form of self-development is completely up to you! There is no “wrong” answer.

How to get your hands on your Hidden Magic...

1. Grab your copy of Hidden Magic here.
2. Check your inbox for your login information.
3. Download your workbook and choose a page that you want to immediately work on.
4. Click on the corresponding video and you’re all set.
5. Come back whenever you want to explore a different part of your chart.

Grab your copy of Hidden Magic today!

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