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This page will be updated as roles open up. Since the business is growing at a rapid pace, current contractors often shift into a different role and we take on more contractors to fill the space. Save this page!


Hey, I'm Fiona, the creator of The Wild Pixel. In August 2020, this was a tiny unknown personal blog documenting my lived experiences and understanding of Human Design. My main concerns were creating space around decolonizing and seeing the person behind the Human Design charts.

Today, I recognize the complicated identities of the modern-day creative. I encourage entrepreneurs, healers, and activists to reclaim their decision making power through the Human Design system and release the narrative of codependency and victimhood so they can create from a place of self-realization.

We're not thought leaders. We're not experts. We're guides.

The Wild Pixel... well, what on earth is that?


We believe in...

Money creates opportunities and security, which allows us to keep serving our audience and investing in ourselves + our communities.

Making Money

None of us know everything. Every member of Team Wild Pixel is a forever student, open to differing views and understandings.


We appreciate people taking time out of their lives to trust and invest in us. We offer the same respect and love in return.


...if you decide to join my team:

1. I don't plan things out until the whole vision becomes clear. It can take months. It can take hours. 
2. I deeply trust my Projector process of waiting for recognition. I create out of sheer love and know that the correct people will eventually find me. I don't measure progress through speed.
3. I hate team calls. We have them when I feel like it (rarely).
4. I need communication and to be kept in the loop.
5. Memes are my love language.
6. I trust. I don't micromanage.
7. I don't care how it's done as long as it's done correctly.
8. Shit happens. Brush it off. Roll with it.

A few things to know...

enough about me... Let's talk about YOU.

Are we right for you?

You're available to work weekdays, eastern time mornings + afternoons.

You want a long-term contractor position.

You can respond to workday messages within 6 hours.

You have no interest in "being a ceo" or building your own business.

You're actively on your own Human Design journey + experiment.

This is jigsaw, I talk about him a lot.

A few things about working here:

This is a completely remote position open to anyone in the world (18+) with a stable and consistent internet connection.

You will have deadlines for projects, though you have full control over when you actually work (as long as deadlines are met). There is a huge amount of self-leading and personal responsibility needed. This will not work out if you need constant hand holding.

The whole team is on paid time off for 2 weeks in August and 2 weeks in December.

We honor needing time off (within reason) without asking for explanation. If you need a mental health day or you're too overwhelmed to work, we rather you take the day off and come back when you're refreshed.

Handle large volumes of customer support inquiries and engage with our audience. Must have high attention to detail due to nature of this role.

Tasks include: customer support emails, entering birth info into Human Design software, editing blog posts, creating Pinterest graphics from templates, communicating with project manager, submitting readings for captions, video upload, sending out all Human Design readings, being the go-to for customer support interaction, managing testimonials, and scheduling joint ventures.  

Role updated January 26th 2021

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position: virtual assistant

Estimated 20-30 hours per month 
Must have high capacity for constant human interaction on a daily basis.

Tech that you will be using:

Wordpress, Gmail + G Suite, Canva, Loom, Typeform, 

Read Human Design charts on demand for our clients. You must have a general idea of how to do a Human Design reading (your way) and be open to learning how we keynote + craft readings at The Wild Pixel. 

You'll be doing both prerecorded and live readings. You'll also be a guide to your Human Design type (note: not an expert) inside of our Human Design membership, The Guided Voyage.

You will be asked to sign a noncompete and exclusively do readings through The Wild Pixel for a minimum of 1 year.

Open in feb

position: human design reader

ESTIMATED ~As many readings as you'd like
currently open to manifestors + reflectors only. Minimum 1 year commitment.

After applying.

Due to a high volume of applications, we may not respond to your application directly unless we are looking for an interview.

How interviews work:

1. I (Fiona) or Simoné, my business manager, will reach out and schedule a chat through Voxer, a free walkie-talkie app. We'll have an asymmetrical interview instead of a call. (Did I mention I absolutely hate work calls?)

2. We'll let you know whether we'd like to proceed or not within 7 days.