Talking to Your Peers About Human Design

“What do you do for a living?” people ask, as I’m awkwardly mingling with friends-of-my-friends.

“Uh… well, it’s kind of like astrology, but it’s not actually astro-”

“That’s so cool! I’m an Aries!”

“Of course you are…” 🔥🔥🔥

This is a big one that both aspiring and professional Human Design readers hear. Sometimes I’m asked how I convince people to use this system or how I explain it, especially to people who may one day become paying clients.

Here’s how it goes for me…

I don’t believe in convincing anyone of anything

I grew up in a culture where we believe in balancing things like heat, dampness, metals, etc in our bodies. We shift our furniture around to ensure fortunes and prevent ghosts from entering our homes. We put out teas and snacks for the dead so they don’t mess us up in the physical plane.

With something that’s been passed down for generations being called superstition or even stupidity, I no longer waste my energy trying to convince anyone of anything.

Some people go through life being questioned about their integrity or knowledge based on the way they look or their cultural background.

Some people, like Pepper Potts, can start a blog about the same stuff and be praised as being progressive or even enlightened.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to “convince” people of the validity of your practice or understanding of human mechanics. Hold yourself to your belief systems and keep boundaries, welcoming those who are serious about your knowledge and lived experiences.

I make a lot of analogies… really, a LOT of analogies

If you’ve received a reading from me in the past, you know how much I love drawing eccentric analogies to make Human Design make sense.

One of my first analogies consists of a love affair:

Astrology met Meyers-Briggs and used to sneak out the window so they could be together. After being together for a while, they were given a child, which they named Human Design. Astro and MB decided that the world was not ready for their child so they ran off to raise HD in a private commune with their chosen family, which consisted of Kabbalah, chakras, I Ching, and others. In the late 1980’s Human Design decided it was time and emerged into the world, by poking some dude named Robert Alan Krakower (Ra Uru Hu) in the eyeballs. Any questions?

My self-projected authority makes it difficult for me to talk about anything without going on a long ramble, twisting into tangents, and then eventually giving the other person way too much information.

I have a few “introductory” analogies just in case I get caught off guard (someone in a podcast suddenly asks me this question, someone Googles me and brings it up, etc.)

  • Imagine everyone is a robot. Human Design talks about the mechanics or rather, how the robot works. Astrology talks about the soul of said robot.
  • Ever wish you were born with a how-to guide? You’re actually born with a how-to guide. I read that stuff.

I give them a little bit and let them come to me for the rest

This is the Projector in me, but this is also energy I’d encourage anyone to hold when it comes to introducing people to Human Design.

Here’s another analogy: My younger son is a picky eater, but he will take a bite if I put it on his plate. When I was introducing him to vegetable gyoza, he saw a little bit of green through the dumpling skin and immediately scrunched up his nose. He took a tiny bite, realized it wasn’t so bad, and now he’s into it. (He’ll only eat it air fried and with sauce, though!)

This is similar to how I approach Human Design. My website, my blog, and my Instagram are “bites” that people can interact with.

  • Manifestors can talk about it.
  • Generator types can feel it through their sacral response.
  • Projectors can choose whether they want to accept the invitation – or not.
  • Reflectors, naturally, sample sample sample.

Then, in alignment with my penetrating Projector aura, I wait for them to invite my world into theirs.

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