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Does your Human Design type change?

February 23, 2021

Wonder if your human design type changes over time? There’s a short answer and a long answer – keep reading.

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This writing you've found on this website is based on lived experience and awareness while experimenting with the Human Design system. I hope you find what you're looking for. 


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Maybe you don’t love the Human Design bodygraph you have now, or you’re plain curious: Does the Human Design type change?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: The bodygraph you’re born with does not change, but you will experience external changes that interact with your bodygraph with…

  • Transits (collective)
  • Personal transits (Chiron Return, Saturn Return, Rave Return)
  • Conditioning from other people (especially those physically within 6 feet of you)

You also have a sleeping Human Design chart called a “Dream Rave.” (This warrants its own post because sleeping is essential when working with Human Design).

You may have heard of different ways to calculate Human Design charts, such as the Sidereal Human Design chart. When working with Sidereal, you are changing the whole Tropical system of Human Design, so technically, your chart isn’t “changing,” you are using a different system. You can read more about Sidereal here.

Lastly, you’ll experience your chart differently depending on how old you are 😲

Remember conditioning

Transits and changes to your Human Design based on external influences is a form of conditioning.

If you’re brand new to Human Design, you’re likely still deconditioning – identifying what’s coming from not-self and moving away from it.

If you’ve been at it for a while, you’ll notice your conditioning and choose whether you want to be influenced by it.

Conditioning is neither “good” nor “bad” – it’s about whether you’re a victim to it, a student of it, or apathetic to it.

As I talk about different forms of conditioning through transits and connecting with other people, I want you to remember that the point isn’t to be helplessly influenced. The point of Human Design is to be able to acknowledge the influence without becoming compelled by it.

Changes in your Human Design because of collective transits

If you’re an astrologer or follow astrology, you’re intimately familiar with individual transits, such as Mercury Retrograde. All my astrology friends (no hate, I love y’all) run for the hills and start rubbing their electronics with Mercury oil. My Instagram feed fills with memes of exes coming back out of nowhere.

When astrologers come to Human Design or Human Design practitioners have a strong astrology background, they may adopt this mindset with Human Design transits.

The goal is to know yourself so intimately and live in such correctness that regardless of whether Mercury is doing a moonwalk or if a planet is making a square, you can still function as yourself.

I have a love-hate relationship with astrology because I was brought up with Vedic astrology. Most of my friends in the self-help space are also astrologers. I like to use transits as a “forecast” of what to expect from my environment, especially from other people. It’s an added layer of information, but I do not make decisions based on transits.

Interested in transits that acknowledge both the Human Design transit field and astrological transits? Check out The Transit Kit, my collaborative effort with Ursula McDaid.

Here’s my bodygraph chart:

Fiona Wong Human Design

Here’s what I’m being conditioned based on today’s Human Design transit field (we’re not talking about astrology right now):

You can see that my sacral center, root center, and solar plexus center suddenly “look defined.” They’re not actually defined – I feel extra pressure that I don’t naturally have in those centers. In fact, I must make sure I don’t fall into the traps of believing I can do everything and anything, burning myself out.

So no, I am not suddenly a Manifesting Generator today, even if my mind may trick me into believing I am one!

Personal transits

You’ll experience transits that are specific to you, especially your Chiron Return, Saturn Returns, and Rave Returns. 

Your Chiron Return is the mark of adulthood in Human Design because you are entering your second half of life. A Chiron Return chart can show the lessons you’ll have THE OPTION of learning. This also marks “coming off the roof” for Line 6’s.

Saturn Return is the mark of adulthood in astrology, but also used to show when the Line 6 is “getting on the roof.” This transit can also offer the potential lessons, teachers, and experiences you’ll encounter. When I read charts, I find that people who have not experienced their first Saturn Return can feel like they “haven’t figured life out.” You’re in your 20’s or younger… take a breath. Don’t let the world pressure you into figuring it all out.

Rave Returns, also known as Solar Returns, are transits that are often read 3 months before your birthday. See these as “birthday readings” where you’re able to see the lessons, teachers, and experiences you’ll have doors to over the next year of your life.

Human Design transit readings are not fortune-telling. Ra Uru Hu calls it “the anti-soothsayer” because instead of telling your future, we reveal the different plotlines available in your story, and you choose which ones you want to experience – if any at all!

The end goal is to remind you that your strategy and authority will guide you to what’s next.

If you’re looking for a personal transit reading, check out our specialty readings here.

Conditioning from other people

Whew – this one is a doozy because we feel this from the moment we exit the womb. We feel this in our bones. This is usually what Human Design practitioners are talking about when we say “deconditioning.” It’s removing the victimhood of other people’s influence – yes, this includes your parents.

When you are within 6 feet of someone, whether they’re a stranger at the grocery store or the lover you live with, you will experience conditioning.

Remember that friend who makes you a little more aggressive or bold when you’re around them?

Remember the person that brings out “the best” in you – or the one who brings out “the worst?”

Y’know how you’re one person in one relationship, but a different relationship can literally change you?

That’s all conditioning. So, your Human Design bodygraph isn’t changing, but the conditioning you’re experiencing is.

Here’s Drake’s Human Design chart:

Drake Human Design

Here’s Nicki Minaj’s Human Design chart:

Nicki Minaj

But when they’re collaborating or working together, this is what they’re experiencing:

Drake and Nicki Minaj Human Design

Are their individual charts changing? No.

Are they experiencing conditioning from each other? Most likely.

Is that a “bad” thing? Not at all, especially when you consider the magic they make when they collaborate.

It’s all in strategy and authority.

Remember, Human Design is a lived experience experiment where the only thing you can consistently trust is your strategy and authority. When you live in your design, you get to experience changes without forcing yourself to change with the conditioning.

Your fellow passenger,


Credit: All images generated with myBodygraph.

I'm Fiona, the Human Design Goblin.

I recognize the complicated identities of the modern-day creative. I encourage entrepreneurs to reclaim their decision making power through the Human Design system and release the narrative of codependency and victimhood so they can create from a place of self-realization.


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