Head Center in Human Design: Inspiration and Spiritual Downloads

In this series, I’ll be going over the centers of your Human Design chart, starting from the very top: the head center.

You can use this chart generator if you don’t have a copy of your chart. (The same one I use to generate client charts for private readings).

The head center’s energetic themes

I attribute the head center to a search engine like Google. The head center is connected to the triangle right below it, called the ajna center.

If the head center is Google, collecting information, the ajna center is the computer’s folders after you’ve processed and sorted the information.

💡 Note: when working with your strategy and authority, it’s important to understand that computers do not make decisions on your behalf. You’ve looked up and processed information that helps with decision-making, but it doesn’t do it for you.

Keep that in mind when you’re working with your head center.

Daydreams, muses, and ideas live in the head center. We’ll go over how that works for you when we talk about it in defined and undefined contexts.

The defined head center

Look at your chart. When it’s colored in like this, your head center is defined.

This means that you have an internal way of generating ideas. You also inspire others with your creativity.

Let’s think about this in the context of being a fashion content creator. You might scroll through Pinterest and find a brown cardigan. Your head starts buzzing with ideas of twenty ways to wear it. Then you take that creativity to make a YouTube video on fall fashion.

Now you’re inspiring other people to try your fashion pieces!

This is just one example of how the defined head center works.

In my private readings, I usually hear from clients that they don’t identify with inspiring other people.

Inspiration isn’t always obvious. People rarely tell you if you’ve inspired them since they’re off to follow the door you opened for them. Inspiring someone is as easy as telling your friend you like a little lemon juice in your apple pie. They might experiment with it and even try it in other recipes (lemon garlic alfredo, anyone?)

The shadow side of the defined head center includes being unable to express your thoughts. Ever feel like your head is swirling with ideas, but you’re struggling to put them down on paper? Maybe you’re frustrated because your genius is stifled by being unable to figure out the practical application.

Find the balance between when to act on something, when to share it, and when to enjoy it in the dream state.

The undefined head center

If your head center looks like the image below, it’s considered undefined.

This means your inspiration and ideas are generally prompted from the outside.

See your head center as the internet, which is filled with inspiration. The head center is connected to the ajna center, which processes the information from the internet and files it.

An example of how this works is going online to determine how to de-shed your dog. You watch how-to guides on Youtube. You make a Facebook or Twitter post asking your question. Now you have a swarm of external ideas to help you create a plan to de-shed your dog.

The shadow side of the undefined head center is getting mentally burnt out, especially from overstimulation. In a world of “Did you know?” TikTok videos and being bombarded with content it’s draining.

If you’re self-employed, work in marketing, or have been in a position to promote something, you’ve probably seen hundreds of ways to market something. One source says Facebook ads, another says start a podcast, etc. – suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with all these ideas.

Take time to brain dump. I have an undefined head center and use an “inbox” inside my task manager.

What I do is when I have a random creative pop-up (usually from outside inspiration), I dump it in that inbox. I go over this inbox once a month, clean out what I’m no longer inspired by, hold onto things I want to explore in the future and get started on the things I’m ready to take on.

This removes the overwhelm from my head.

Downloads through the head center

You already know there’s a multitude of ways to receive ancestral, spirit-based, etc., information. I call this “getting a download.”

These downloads can feel like a pressure building up in your head and then pushing down into your body as you receive it.

The beauty of these downloads is that each one is experienced differently.

If your head center is defined, you likely have a more direct and consistent way you draw in these messages.

If your head is undefined, there’s less regulation. Interactions with others spark some of your downloads!

My day-to-day experience with the head center

I have an undefined head center.

Admittedly, I consume a lot of content, whether watching a video on Masterclass or reading a book on Blinkist. I also play many video games, so there’s constant stimulation and decision-making.

The way I decompress is by taking a long hot shower. I don’t listen to music, audiobooks, or anything. It’s a moment to check in with my body, mental health, and energy.

This is usually when I get downloads since my head is clear enough to receive it. The fun part is that sometimes, I have no idea who or what is speaking to me, let alone why. I look at it with curiosity.

I don’t need to know.

You also don’t need to know.

That’s the fun behind the head center. Whether you’re defined or undefined, I encourage you to have patience for answers to unravel on their timeline.

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