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Hiring by Human Design (Relationships by Type)

January 12, 2021

When I was ready to hire contractors for my business (generally, virtual assistants), one of the questions I do ask is their Human Design type. I never refuse to hire someone based on their Human Design type, but knowing their type helps me understand how to adjust my work environment for my new contractor. I […]

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This writing you've found on this website is based on lived experience and awareness while experimenting with the Human Design system. I hope you find what you're looking for. 


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When I was ready to hire contractors for my business (generally, virtual assistants), one of the questions I do ask is their Human Design type. I never refuse to hire someone based on their Human Design type, but knowing their type helps me understand how to adjust my work environment for my new contractor.

I also have friends from my digital marketing past life who ask me to help them find their dream virtual assistants and I definitely keep their Human Design in mind, when I contextualize who they need.

This post is based on the foundations of each Human Design type, including their strategy and aura. I’ll also include personal stories (as per my “View”) when there’s one to tell.

You can also use this post to gauge romantic relationships, especially if you live together.

Here’s a quick refresher:

  • Manifestors: Inform + initiate. Closed, repelling aura. Compresses the auras of others around them.
  • Manifesting Generator + Generator: Respond. Enveloping aura. (Worth noting that Manifesting Generators are predisposed to responding and enveloping “in the now.”)
  • Projectors: Waiting for recognition + invitation. Penetrating, one on one aura.
  • Reflectors: Lunar cycle. Protective, sampling, timeless aura.

It’s key to remember that there is no best relationship or best pairing. All duos will have its challenges and benefits. It’s a matter of whether both of you, as human beings, can leverage and manage appropriately. Each relationship is a lesson.

Projector and Manifestor Relationship

My first virtual assistant is a dear friend of mine who I’ve known for nearly a decade. This was when I was barely getting started as a Human Design chart reader and I was still moonlighting as a virtual assistant. She gave me the ass kicking to keep moving. There were many nights of imposter syndrome and tears. I struggled to move out of the shadow of my former business. As loving of a person as she is, she gave the right amount of firmness that catalyst my business past its initial 6 months of growing pains. I see Manifestors as those can begin and pinpoint the correct direction, so the Projector can guide that energy to the target.

Through my own conditioning, I heavily romanticize the Manifestor and Projector relationship. Manifestors understand the undefined sacral of Projectors. When healthy, they can spend their time musing and reflecting on the best ways to take action.

An opportunity for this duo’s growth is communication. A Manifestor still must recognize a Projector’s concerns as valid while a Projector must give the Manifestor space to inform and initiate on their own terms.

Projector and Manifesting Generator Relationship

At the time of writing, I am working with a Manifesting Generator as my virtual assistant + community manager + customer support specialist + project manager. This person does it all and knows so intimately what my business needs in the moment. I’m glad I didn’t hire her at the beginning of my business because I would have had no idea what to outsource to her. Now that my business has gained traction, I simply produce the idea and she runs with it. It’s magical.

My romantic partner and one of my sons are also Manifesting Generators. They have a tendency to get things done when they feel like it but I’ve learned to honor that their bodies know whether it’s correct in the moment – or not. I do find myself taking breaks from them, throughout the day, because their enveloping auras get too much for me.

An opportunity for growth is getting on the same page in terms of timing. Manifesting Generators are in tune with the moment but that also means they’re aware of when the timing is wrong for them. Projectors need to understand this perceived inconsistency. Manifesting Generators also need to be aware of a Projector’s energy level because they are not naturally reinvigorated by following their strategy and authority the same way Mani Gen’s are.

Projector and Generator Relationship

I’ve worked with a good handful of Generators who were business coaches or in the branding/strategy field. What I love about Generators is that they take their time. They understand legacy building and the long-term. The course (MirrorBrand) that recognized and invited me to start The Wild Pixel for Human Design was led by a Generator. My creative director is a Generator.

The magic I learned from Generators is that they can somehow see the long-term and direction I’m headed in, even when I cannot see it for myself. It feels like their enveloping aura is able to take in all of me, even if it feels irrelevant for the work. Their understanding feels holistic, patient, and trusting.

I’ve also seen Generator and Projector relationships romanticized because the Generator can offer sacral definition to the Projector while the Projector can offer guidance. There are still opportunities for growth. Generators are not always as “fast moving” as Manifesting Generators since their focus in on the long-term. Projectors and Generators may spend much of their time dumping out the pieces before seeing how they all fit together.

Projector and Reflector Relationship

I’ve had the honor of observing various Reflectors in the entrepreneurial space. They transform. They build. They grow. They move on. I’ve joked about them being elves – timeless, medicinal, in no hurry. I’ve noticed a stark difference in working with this lunar being, versus the solar types. They take their time. They hold space. They trust that even if the answers don’t reveal itself immediately, they will appear on its own terms.

Reflectors have taught me deep trust, in both myself and the cosmos.

I can see Reflectors and Projectors easily spiraling into a codependent relationship because they can feel how different they are compared to the other three types. I can also see Reflectors and Projectors encouraging each others growth and being a healthy influence on each other, especially when recognition and patience are in the equation.

Projector and Projector Relationship

When I meet another Projector, it’s usually a sigh of relief. We get each other. Two of my former contractors were Projectors, though I quickly learned that Projectors may not be designed for virtual assistance. (That’s not to say they can’t be virtual assistants, I was one for eight years, but it can be extremely taxing). In hindsight, they would’ve made better task or project managers so they had predictable schedules and they could oversee the team.

The problem is that Projectors are, as Alan Krakower said in Jovian Archive’s Projector video, meant for one on one work. Since we have a penetrating aura, we can only connect one at a time for us to be effective.

I outsource most of my customer support emails because if I don’t, emails will never get responded to in a timely manner. My issue was that I was outsourcing things that sapped my energy to another Projector who felt the same types of work was sapping their energy. They were capable of the work in every sense of it, but if they needed a day off or fell behind, they struggled to catch up.

I too, struggle to catch up when I take much-needed days off.

On a romantic level, I’ve listen to anecdotal stories of Projectors dating Projectors from all over the spectrum. There are people who feel like they’re finally seen, recognized and understood. There are people who felt their Projector partner was too much like them and things got stale. I guess the big question here is… would you date yourself? 👀

Manifestor and Manifestor Relationship

This was an interesting relationship for me to observe (yes, Manifestors, I am in the bushes, watching y’all interact with each other). I’ve watched Manifestors find each other and do something similar to creating an alliance. It’s like they recognize they’re all individuals, have no interest in overlapping their energies, but want to keep tabs on each other.

I’ve also noticed that language is quite different with Manifestor x Manifestor relationships. They’re direct with minimal apologies. They’re diplomatic. They’re fierce AND kind. They also seem to understand that anger isn’t aggression or offense, it’s simply a part of being a Manifestor.

From the outside, I think Manifestors can be powerful together, whether they share similar goals – or not. They challenge each other. They partake in friendly competition. Most importantly: they give each other permission to be themselves because they don’t intimidate each other. I’ve never seen more respect than a bunch of Manifestors having a casual conversation.

Manifestor and Manifesting Generator Relationship

Manifesting Generators don’t come off as self-assured as Manifestors, sometimes, but I do see Manifesting Generators take the lead of their Manifestor counterparts.

If a Manifestor can get crystal clear and pinpoint a specific goal, a Manifesting Generator can fuel it and make it happen. I think this is a duo with potential to make things happen quickly and efficiently. I’d also call them a power duo.

I could see potential for awareness if the Manifesting Generator is struggling to see the same picture as the Manifestor and the Manifestor doesn’t take some time to inform the Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators see solutions but they are rarely mind readers. They still need direction and communication. Since both of them have defined throat centers, there’s also concern about talking over one another.

Manifestor and Generator Relationship

This is another one of those relationships where I can see it go both ways. A Manifestor can recognize and understand that a Generator likes to take its time. Manifestors can come up with ideas to fill up a Trello board, and a Generator can mull over which ones are worth pursuing. Since Generators have an intimate understanding of sacral energy, they can move through these options to know which ones are the best to respond to and work with.

On the other hand, there is opportunity for awareness if the Manifestor gets impatient with the Generator. Generators are legacy builders and need time to know what is correct to respond to. It’s not always instant. Having energy does not mean they are “on” all the time for work. Generators, who may or may not have a defined throat center, also needs to be aware of communicating if they need the Manifestor to slow down.

Manifestor and Reflector Relationship

I’m going to be honest and say that I’ve never seen this relationship in real time. I’ve read about it on forums but I have never worked with a client who was actively working with or dating in this pairing. (We’re talking about the 9% meeting the 1% here).

On paper, I do think that this could be one of those unexpected duos. Manifestors can be quick to make decisions and take action while Reflectors take a moment to digest and process. It’s important to note that the words waiting in Human Design lingo does not match what we traditionally think of. (It’s a whole different language, after all).

Waiting does not mean sitting on one’s hands, staring out the window. While a Reflector waits, they are sampling, processing, understanding, holding space. They may even take on the role of a questioning guide with the Manifestor. As for the Manifestor, they can take action on behalf of the Reflector.

Obvious opportunities of awareness include being on the same page about timing. It clearly won’t work if the Manifestor gets pissed about Reflectors taking so long and Reflectors wondering why the Manifestor is constantly in a hurry.

Manifesting Generator and Manifesting Generator

Not too uncommon to see! Honestly I think that Manifesting Generators work extremely well with other Manifesting Generators, especially when they’re communicating about their zone of genius. One Manifesting Generator may love customer support while the other one loves writing. Mani Gens also tend towards being a “jack of all trades” so even when one is not operating in their zone of genius, they are highly adaptable to pick up where someone else has left off.

The opportunity for awareness comes in if this duo doesn’t have a way of seeing or understanding the long-term goal. They’re great at recognizing what needs to happen now but what about in the long-run? What happens after this flash sale or this launch? What is the big picture?

In a relationship, be wary of feeling so high in the moment that you never have a conversation of your future goals. It can save a lot of heartache of realizing you were never on the same page.

Manifesting Generator and Generator Relationship

You have the Generator who has a sustained, slow-burning approach to their energy and the Manifesting Generator who can work in bursts. The Generator has the ability to see the long-term of their vision, while the Manifesting Generator creates the small building blocks to realize that vision.

Communication issues can rise up when the Manifesting Generator does not understand the Generator’s long-term vision or when the Generator brushes off a foundational issue that the Manifesting Generator sees in the moment.

Ensure you’re talking about the same thing. You don’t want to end up having an argument only to realize the Mani Gen was talking about one topic and the Gen was talking about something else.

Manifesting Generator and Reflector Relationship

I think this relationship relies a lot on balance because Reflectors sample the auras of those around them while Manifesting Generators envelope in the now. Reflectors may take longer to process the energies around them than their Manifesting Generator counterpart. The Manifesting Generator must be open to trusting the Reflector’s process and the Reflector must be open to the Manifesting Generator’s response.

As with all relationships, if mutual respect for timing and openness to differences empowers the duo, this could be amazing, especially if the roles are clearly defined. The Manifesting Generator may feel more inclined to handle demanding tasks while the Reflector processes the information and comes up with solutions.

Opportunities for awareness include the Reflector and Manifesting Generator working on different timelines or expecting the other person to be a “clone.”

Generator and Generator Relationship

Similar to Manifesting Generators with Manifesting Generators, I think Generators with other Generators are a natural fit. Both have defined sacral centers, allowing them to have the sustainable energy to go about their day to day lives. If both parties understand their roles and what their sacral energy wants to respond to, this can work.

Problems arise when one Generator expects the other Generator to have the same sacral response. Just because one thing gives a Generator life does not mean it’s true for all Generators. Acknowledging differences is important.

For example, a sacral yes to one project for Generator A can be a sacral no to the Generator B. This can be a major test for the relationship.

Generator and Reflector Relationship

I like this match-up! I feel like Reflectors have that constant processing of energies around them. They’re constantly learning, adapting, considering, sampling, and working through the information they come across.

Generators work similarly because they have the long-term in mind. If the Generator trusts the Reflector’s timeline and the Reflector can acknowledge the value of the Generator’s response, this is a great fit. No rush.

Obstacles can arise, if the Generator expects the Reflector to remain the same person. Reflectors will continuously sample the environments and energies around them, sometimes shifting themselves to match. There’s also concern for the Reflector to lose themselves and become the Generator because of the constant conditioning. The Reflector must remember who they are.

Reflector and Reflector Relationship

These relationships remind me a lot of when I see two Manifestors interacting. I see the mutual respect and acknowledgment, though I’ve observed a little more fun with the Reflector pairings. Reflectors and Reflectors bring a lot of play and joy into their work environment. The Reflectors in my space share videos of hooping, dancing, laughing, and celebration.

The downside I see is when they talk about getting things done. I’ve found that Reflectors take their time mulling over what their next decision is but when it comes time to execute, delegation is often needed. I’ve rarely found a Reflector who does it all themselves.

Perhaps in a romantic relationship, there may be nannies for the children, a housekeeper, or additional hired help so the Reflectors can enjoy their time together without being bogged down by mundane housekeeping.

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