If you're completely new to Human Design and you're not in the mood to Google all the different types, this post is for you. Even if you haven't read/watched the Lord of the Rings series. In this post, I'm going to give you the quick and dirty of each Human Design type, as told by Lord of the Rings GIFs.

Ready? Jump into my little alternate universe time machine (it's in the shire) and let's check it out.

Note: Not sure what your Human Design type is? Drop your birth info into myBodygraph and then look for where it says “type.” Not sure your birth time? Try a rectification calculator (trigger warning: heavy questions related to traumatic experiences).

A quick intro to Lord of the Rings

Right now, the rings of power, which were forged in the fires of Mordor, are threatening the world. These rings were created and dispersed among the different races, but quickly corrupted the owners. A lot of people died and yeah – bad stuff happened.

You, dear reader, are tasked with helping to save the day, along with your other Human Design type friends. Together, you make up the fellowship of the ring.

Yep, you.

Read on to find your Human Design type and then I highly encourage reading the others so you can see how you differ from the other types.

Generators + Manifesting Generators, aka the Hobbits

As a Hobbit, you had no hand in what happened. You didn't create the rings, you weren't given a ring, but the rings still managed to find its way to you.

You're trying to live your best life, hanging out with friends and merrily toking it up, when suddenly, you were summoned to fix somebody else's problem.

This is what happens with Generator types. You mosey about your day, minding your own business, and boom! a problem arises that beckons you to respond.

What makes you a Generator is that you are full of vitality since you have a defined Sacral center. When you are responding to something that you feel called to work with, it doesn't feel like “work.”

Instead, the more you work, the more energized you feel. This is something unique to your type. It feels like you have this distinct mission and the closer you get to achieving it, the more your sacral screams, “YES” at you.

Generator Hobbit Traits: 

  • Sustainable energy that reinvigorates itself when you like what you do.
  • Never need to “search” for a problem. They will present themselves to you for your response.
  • Access to a clear “yes/no” through your Sacral. Clearer with practice.
  • Frustration tells you to steer clear or reassess what you're doing.
  • Satisfaction tells you that you're on the right track.
  • Gets things done, even if it's on your pace.

May need help with:

  • Understanding what to respond to, once you see how many things could use your response.
  • Planning and structuring, since you're great at the doing part.
  • Being patient when it comes to seeing results

As a Manifesting Generator, you are still a Generator, but your energy tends to come in bursts and you have a defined Throat center, connected to your defined Sacral center. This gives you the potential for leadership because you are able to communicate what you'd like to do, as well as actually do it.

Manifesting Generator Hobbit Traits: 

  • Energy that works in “bursts.” You're usually “all in” or “all out” when you're doing something.
  • Never need to “search” for a problem. They will present themselves to you for your response.
  • Access to a clear “yes/no” through your Sacral. Clearer with practice.
  • Frustration tells you to steer clear or reassess what you're doing.
  • Satisfaction tells you that you're on the right track.
  • Gets things done through juggling, multi-tasking, and figuring out the most efficient shortcuts.

May need help with:

  • Seeing the long-term, because your strengths are in responding to the moment.
  • Figuring out what to do with all your energy and interests.
  • Prioritizing what's most important to you.

Next, let's consider the Projectors, who I compare to Gandalf (the wizard).

If you're a Projector, you know a lot about the rings of power and you've seen those you've loved come and go. This makes you the most knowledgable, the wisest, about how to handle the ring, but you are also aware that you're here as a guide, not the person to destroy the ring.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you scream and shout at the rest of your friends to warn them about the ring, none of them will heed your advice until you are recognized and invited to share what you know.

Ah, the irony of wisdom.

Projector Wizard traits:

  • A penetrating aura that can see straight to the core of any person or situation.
  • Also, a magnetic aura that can feel non-existent until someone sees how valuable you are. And then? They're hooked. You're their go-to.
  • Facepalm a lot, because you knew better, but also knew that it wasn't your place to say something.
  • Not meant for the traditional workplace. When you find your thing, it doesn't even feel like work. This is what success is to a Projector.
  • When you don't wanna do something or you know something is off, you might taste or feel bitterness.
  • You always feel like you wanna know more because the more you know, the more fascinating something is.

May need help with:

  • Feeling addicted to stress because you're used to this type of environment.
  • Finding your group of people who recognize your genius and encourage it.
  • Breaking away from trying to be like others, especially if imposter or comparison syndrome sets in.

Then there's the Manifestors, who I compare to Aragorn (human, heir to the throne).

If you're a Manifestor, you were put in this world to uh… well, to rule it. Your destiny is to abolish the corrupt and cruel in order to establish a new way of life. You initiate the hard decisions and command the rest of your fellowship on where you're headed next.

You know of the ring because your kind originally set out to destroy it… and failed. At your worst, you can become drunk on power (like those before you). At your best, you are a leader worth following, bringing your people to a new way of life, completely overthrowing the corrupt.

Even though you have the power to initiate, your ability to inform others of what your intentions are and what you need them to do is important.

Manifestor Human Traits:

  • Closed, pushing aura. People know when you enter the room because your energy commands the space.
  • Truly independent and can operate as a lone wolf, but can definitely work with the right people.
  • When you visualize something in your mind's eye and it becomes clearer… you can speak it into existence.
  • Once the dust settles, you'll know the job is done because you feel at peace.
  • If something isn't moving the way you want it to or you didn't communicate your intentions with others, you may be quick to anger. Practice overcommunicating because others will appreciate it.
  • Embrace your aggressive, intense energy. Not everyone is meant to be gentle or soft. A strategic, logical, and fiery approach is sometimes needed to get things done – and you were born for that.

May need help with:

  • Embracing your “bossy” or “pushy” stereotype. You only make up 9% of the population and people have tried to control you since the day you were born. You weren't made for that and it can take time to break out of those restraints.
  • Knowing when to slow down or keep going. The world will ask you to slow down, but you were built to go from 0 to 100… real fast.
  • Surrounding yourself with people who are encouraging of the gigantic impact you will inevitably make.

Lastly, the Reflectors, the ever magical elves (take your pick of your favorite elf).

If you're a Reflector, you are the rarest to find. You were born with a deep sense of medicine, passed down from one generation to the next. You understand the ring because you've watched it corrupt those you've held dear until it almost destroyed your own kind – and you intend to use this knowledge to make a difference.

You may find yourself taking a lunar cycle to make major decisions because you're never in a hurry. You're concerned with making sure that choices are aligned and healthy, rather than made on the cuff.

As an elf, you are innately magical. Through a simple glance or sampling of someone's presence, you know exactly the medicine that their soul is yearning for.

Reflector Elf traits:

  • Makes up only 1% of the population so you may often feel like others don't understand you because they don't operate the way you do. Remember that you don't have to be like others, you simply need to feel comfortable where you are.
  • You reflect the environment and people around you, so if you feel like something is wrong or needs attention, believe it.
  • You can spend a few minutes with a person and understand, even feel, exactly what they need. The experience can be like magnified compassion or empathy.
  • Remember that you are not here to take on other people's burdens or energy – you simply need to sample a little bit to know whether you want to continue connecting or if this isn't for you. Your aura works to help you sample the energy while protecting you against being overwhelmed by it.
  • When you're in an environment that aligns with what you're looking for, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • But if you're increasingly unhappy or notice that something wasn't what you thought it was, you'll become disappointed. This disappointment is your body's way of say, “Hey… let's try something different.”

May need help with:

  • Realizing that you don't need to come up with anything new or different because your presence alone enhances whatever you come in contact with. This can take a while to come to terms with.
  • Giving yourself permission to stay still and be alone so you can discharge other people's energy and have a moment to simply be present.
  • Patience, especially when it comes to making large decisions. It does require a full lunar cycle, but as you experiment with this, you'll start to realize which decisions need more time and which ones can be made based on previous results.

Altogether, you make up the Fellowship of the Ring, on a quest to destroy this terrible curse.

When you first learn about Human Design, it can get really overwhelming. The first step is understanding what your type means and how it differs for the rest.

Usually, people ask me, “Well, what job is best for my type? What kind of diet? How should I structure my day?” The great thing about Human Design is that you're not confined to anything. For example, each one of these types can be a leader in their own right but will take a wildly different approach. A Projector may wait to be invited and recognized for their leadership. A Manifestor may swoop in and use a little force. A Reflector may lead from the back, giving people pep talks and gaining trust, in order to be a trusted leader. A Generator may work their way from the bottom up. These are just examples and different journeys one might take to reach the same end result.

Your fellow passenger,
Fiona Wong