Part II: Incarnation Cross with Profiles and Angles

This post is part II of the Incarnation Cross & Life Purpose in Human Design series. 

Here is a quick recap of the first post:

  • The incarnation cross discusses your life purpose (a cycle, not a straight shot).
  • You have a “south node,” representing what you brought from your previous life.
  • You also have a “north node,” which means your trajectory in your current incarnation.
  • The incarnation cross reveals generational cycles and gives you insights into how you can decondition from them.

💡Remember: nothing in your Human Design chart lives alone. Your incarnation cross and nodes interplay with your type, strategy, and authority.

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch the video version here 👇🏼

In this post, you’ll learn about:

  • Profile: your interactions with others. If your life is a tv show, this is you as a character.
  • Sun: the essence of your being. 
  • Earth: your connection to the physical realm.
  • Angles: right angle, left angle, juxtaposition, which shows you the “theme.”

The profiles, aka your character

In my first blog post, I made a fictional character named Kara.

Her incarnation cross created tension, whether with her life or how she impacted the lives of others.

This cross showed up as:

  • She realized she didn’t want a domestic life or to create a family.
  • She admitted this to her now upset mother, who kept setting Kara on blind dates.
  • Met a man, which disrupts Kara’s initial desire not to be in a relationship.

See how tension is the overarching plotline in Kara’s life?

But who exactly is Kara? You learned about her background and storyline, but who is the character behind the plotline?

That’s where the profile comes in.

💡Remember: characters come with depth, complexities, and even conflicting personality traits and desires.

You can find your profile on your myBodygraph cheat sheet:

If you don’t know what your profile means, here’s a quick cheat sheet.

Let’s use the 5/1 (heretic investigator) profile. 

I archetype this profile as the electric jolt:

You’re exceptionally misunderstood, with your knowledge that often creates questions due to your unconventional approaches that eventually become wholly rejected or coveted.

Oooh, we can see how this is obvious in Kara’s life. Her family misunderstands her. She constantly questions gender-based roles and takes an unconventional route. 

This profile isn’t something Kara controls. The more she tries to suppress it, the more frustrated she becomes. She doesn’t have to be conscious of these characteristics, either.

How does your profile show up in your life?

What parts of your profile do you honor, and which ones have you attempted to suppress?

The sun and the earth shape your life purpose.

In Human Design, the Sun and the Earth play vital roles in shaping our life purpose. The Sun represents the essence of our being, radiating our unique energy and qualities into the world. It’s like having a shiny aura that reflects who we truly are at our core.

On the other hand, the Earth symbolizes the physical plane, similar to its significance in tarot cards or astrology.

There are two sides to consider:

  • the red side, which represents the unconscious aspects
  • the black side, which refers to our conscious awareness.

Unconscious sun + unconscious earth + the number from your profile = one context of your incarnation cross.

Conscious sun + conscious earth + the number from your profile = another context of your incarnation cross.

For example, Kara’s conscious is line 5, the heretic: She embodies the heretic, knowing that she tends to go against the status quo. When her strategy and authority are aligned, she influences herself and others through challenging concepts she’s iffy about. So we know her “conscious” side is “disruptive.”

Kara’s unconscious line is 1, the investigator: She doesn’t like just jumping in and challenging things. Line 1 needs research. So when considering something she disagrees with, she subconsciously dives into a substantial research process to inform her strategy and authority. We know her “unconscious” side is “the nerd.”

Let’s add this together from what we know about her cross of tension and you get…

You can see that her character and characteristics flesh out her life purpose.

If all of this makes your head spin, ignore the rest and just look at your profile independently and see how your character plays out in your life as a tv show!

The angle of your incarnation cross

You’ll notice your incarnation cross has an angle. 

There are three types of angles:

  • Right angle
  • Left angle
  • Juxtaposition

If you have a right angle cross, you are incarnated into this lifetime to work directly with your personal karmic cycles. You learn about yourself by breaking old cycles and creating new ones. This cross also impacts the people around you.

If you have a left angle cross, you are incarnated with a keen eye for the macro view. While working within cycles, you usually work with generational or cycles from your communities. You’re often looked at as a guide. See yourself as having one hand in your timeline while another hand in the timelines of others.

If you have a juxtaposition, you have the rarest incarnation cross. You have a 4/1 profile, a subconscious stubbornness that knows where you want to go that when honored, allows others to take the journey with you or learn what lessons they need to learn from you at that moment. Unlike the right and left angles, your trajectory is more of a “straight shot,” collecting and snowballing with the theme of your incarnation.

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