Kamala Harris Human Design + The Power Column

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Kamala Harris Human Design Chart + The Power Column

November 10, 2020

A surprising look into the newly elected Vice President, Kamala Harris’ Human Design chart and her connection to Joe Biden.

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Kamala Harris Human Design chart

Today, we’re doing the Human Design chart of the newly elected Vice President, Kamala Harris. What a time to be alive, witnessing the highest ranking female elected into office in the HISTORY of the USA, and one who is black and south asian, at that. She is also the second black woman and first south asian American to serve on the US Senate.

I grabbed Kamala Harris’ birth info from astrotheme and generated her chart in myBodygraph.

If you prefer to watch/listen to this analysis instead of reading it 👇

The Trifecta: South Node, North Node, Incarnation Cross

First, let’s look at the South/North/Incarnation Cross because this is a great place to start when you want to get an idea of people’s natural affinities and the themes that follow them throughout their lives. (I have a post on that trifecta here).

Her South Node is in Gate 11: The Gate of Peace. This gate is about the transitoriness of peace. Peace is not something that you can hold on to. Peace is a moment where we take a breath for only a moment, before the next conflict makes itself known. 

Kamala Harris is someone who strives for peace and resolution, but inherently knows it’s temporary.

She’s likely a realist who can empathize with the visionaries and the idealists, though grounded enough to never rest her head for too long. 

You know that moment when everything is finally quiet, but you realize that it’s too quiet? Kamala Harris is designed to enjoy a quiet contemplation in that moment of peace while ready to tackle the next obstacle at any given moment.

With an undefined heart center, I’d say as long as she knows how to relax and honor her health, she can work in a state of flow. However, if she tries to strongarm other people into submission, it becomes a domino effect of burnout and frustration. 

You could say her aggressive campaigning helped her become elected as DA of San Francisco. We can only wonder if this felt aligned for her or whether it negatively impacted her behind closed doors. 

Her North Node is in Gate 12: Standstill. In traditional I Ching, this gate is often associated with autumn – when the leaves are preparing to die and we prepare for the winter ahead. When I contextualize this with Kamala Harris in her North Node, we have someone who is willing AND ready to do the ugly work that others may not have the stomach for. 

Think of Persephone returning to Hades and Demeter left in tears. Especially with changing line 3, we get a sense of martyrdom – she is Persephone ready to face her commitment to Hades (the world she is elected into) while the people who love her watch with worry, not knowing what will happen next.

Kamala Harris has little room for error in her life. This is about timing. It’s about knowing the exact moment to harvest, the exact nerves to strike, and when to pause for a better time. 

Lastly, her Incarnation Cross is the RAX of Laws – this one is almost too obvious. The karma and theme playing out through her life is to put boundaries (literal laws) in place for others to live by. These laws should be for the benefit of all, but usually, it’s a product of what the person with this IC is most aligned with in terms of their values. 

Those with the RAX of Laws can easily fall into a state of not-self (in her case, frustration) because you can never make everyone happy. You’re changing the old ways (and we’re resistant to change). You’re imposing your own values and priorities (and someone will always get left out). You need to convince others to agree with you, especially in a vote based democracy.

The big question that will loom over her throughout her life is, “How can you make sure everyone has their basic needs met, while keeping them happy?” 

The world is ever evolving and transitioning so staying stagnant in her approach is only detrimental. Adaptability is key.

Her trifecta reads like the “Queen of Swords” tarot card to me – someone who will often be perceived as not so nice, but knows exactly what needs to be done in order to take care of others. It’s the “tough love” queen. Fun fact – the Queen of Swords is the only queen with a true weapon. Kamala Harris would likely prefer to be diplomatic and reasonable, but will pull the sword out if need be (as shown when she was elected DA).

Want to know how tarot relates to Human Design? Check this out.

Random side note that doesn’t belong anywhere

Kamala Harris likely has some sort of reflective or meditative practice since her North and South node gates reveal someone who ideally takes every decision into careful consideration. She does her best work after diligent contemplation, rather than going with her initial feeling. 

One may argue that she’s a sacral Generator, so all she needs is that sacral response, but she is a Generator that has the mind of a Projector, in the vessel of a Reflector – hang onto this. It will make sense in the next section.

Exhibit A: Kamala Harris’ Reflector unconscious chart, generated 3 months before her birth. This is the “body.”

Exhibit B: If we look at Kamala Harris’ mind based on the moment she was born, we have a mental/environmental Projector.

This is a prime example of why we can’t fit peoples’ Human Design into boxes by type alone. I believe she enjoys a slower decision making process than a traditional instant response by the sacral, based on the way her chart reads. 

Kamala Harris’ split definition

When you have channels in your chart but they’re not all connected to form a single, larger channel, you have a split definition. When you have a split definition, it can feel like two parts of you are at war with each other, or that you have different sides to you that don’t always make sense together.

Kamala Harris has three channels in her Human Design chart:

  • The Channel of Abstraction 64-47
  • The Channel of Curiosity 11-56
  • The Channel of Mutation 3-60

The channels of abstraction and curiosity are connected, but the channel of mutation sits alone between her sacral and root centers.

The Channel of Abstraction reveals someone who is, in simplest terms, “clever AF.” Here, we find people who see life as a giant game of chess. They can wear a Stoic’s face and remain expressionless, but best believe that their brains are playing out multiple possibilities, while they process the information.

Much like how Beth Harmon worked in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit.

This channel moves through the ajna and finds The Channel of Curiosity, which connects the ajna to the throat center. People value her recollections as much as she values being heard. 

Remember, this part of her chart comes from her “Projector” side – so her voice can only be amplified when others recognize that she’s worth listening to.

With the amount of buzz and memes circulating after her debate with Mike Pence (plus the fact she won the election) shows that America recognizes. (Keep a bookmark here because when I show Biden’s chart, this becomes important).

The gift of these two channels is the ability to take the convoluted words swirling in your mind and form it into a story that others can relate to – yet, this is key to remember. It’s about what the story is, not what the details are (and Kamala Harris IS an author).

Then there’s the lone Channel of Mutation, which lines up nicely with her other channels. This is the pulse, that moment in a movie when the protagonist is about to overthrow the writer’s plot, the heart is beating against the silence of the backdrop, and you know some shit’s about to happen.

Even though Kamala Harris is designed to spend much of her time processing, waiting, and contemplating, like a Projector/Reflector, she is still very much a Generator. The moment she gets that tha-thump pulse in her sacral and her body floods with pressure from the root center, it’s go time. 

Many Generators who have a similar makeup express frustration over how slow things work for them, especially compared to the Mani Gen and Manifestor. Their power is in their ability to lay a strong foundation, taking extra care in step 1 and step 2 so they can get to step 10 without everything crumbling. Truly, slow and steady won Kamala Harris the long-term race to VP.

Kamala Harris + Joe Biden’s Connection Chart

The blue side is Kamala Harris’ chart and the green side is Joe Biden’s chart. I already did Joe Biden’s chart on this post so I won’t rehash too much.

Joe Biden is a democrat’s democrat – someone who wants to live comfortably, but is (ideally) willing to take a lower paycheck or disrupt the rich in order to feed the poor. He also doesn’t read like a traditional leader – he’s someone who is designed to pave the way for others to do their best work. He’s the demolition man that crushes the outdated structures of yesteryear and hands it over to someone else to rebuild.

You’ll also remember that Joe Biden has an undefined throat center and has been noted for his stutter. As long as he is willing to let Kamala Harris condition him, she can “lend” him her voice for when he needs to speak.

And when you mush both of their charts together… 😱😱😱

They form a variation of The Power Column 👇

The Power Column Human Design

The power column is a direct connection between the sacral center to the throat center, through the G center.

Alan Krakower explains The Power Column as where the sacral center empowers your identity (G center) to be expressed through the throat center. The movement of energy from the G center to the throat center is inherently a Projector quality (a self-Projected Projector, specifically) which enables the person to be recognized.

Joe Biden brings The Channel of Discovery 46-29 where he allows the sacral center to commit to an experience. Remember, this is not the heart center (which they have undefined). Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are designed to commit and see through the delivery of AN EXPERIENCE, not promise a specific RESULT. Through exploring possibilities and making space to try different things, they will create their impact. They are likely to fall short if they focus on results only.

This empowers Gate 1, The Gate of Self-Expression. As the first gate, this is the beginning and the only gate with completely unbroken lines. Imagine the moment the Abrahamic God breathed life into Adam – he was perfect, in the image of God themself.

While this gate creates an identity of a “flawless team,” we must remember that no one lives in perfection. In the end, even the perfect Adam and Eve were cast from Eden, due to their own negligence. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to remember that even when things look great behind the oval office doors, their values and commitments will be heavily tested in the real world.

This connects to the throat center through The Channel of Inspiration (8-1), a powerful expression of individuality. For politicians, this can come off radical and even dangerous. Normally when I read charts for people and I see this channel, I see someone who needs to embody their individuality because this is where their power is.

But in a politician, this can create a narrative that they’re extremist and unusual because as people, we sense danger in what we do not understand. 

I’m interested to see how this remarkable channel, which serves individuals well, will play out in a larger picture. I anticipate heavy resistance against their ideas, because no matter how much we say we want “change,” we also fear change.

The Channel of Awakening

While not part of The Power Column, Channel 10-20 is worth mentioning because this is something that both of them bring to the table, together. Whereas I mentioned the Abrahamic God in the previous section, I’d like us to redirect to a Buddhist analogy.

New Agers like to talk about this idea of a higher self or some awakening process though it’s usually selfish. It’s the idea of a colonized “oneness/we are all the same because we are all connected” that paved the way for the stealing of Eastern culture. Through that, the concept of “awakening” was decontextualized. 

In Eastern Buddhism, this is more about the realization that you are more than just your skin, bones, and whims. It’s a humbled consciousness, simultaneously understanding the human condition yet detaching oneself from it. (This is why I encourage those who wish to practice to learn the language of their teachers, too, because so much context gets lost in an English translation).

Here, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are awakened/enlightened to what they represent, as a team. Note: We can only guess. We can only wish. We can only wonder. It is up to them to define, feel, and know what that representation truly means. We must remember that they are human beings with their own agendas and capacities.

The kicker? If they change who they are from who they believe themselves to be in order to suit the demands of the people, they will become lost. This is where that enlightened detachment comes into play. They must remain true to the journey they’ve committed themselves to without promise of a specific end result.


The interesting thing about Kamala Harris’ chart is how strongly she is designed to create the boundaries for the rest of us to live within. Joe Biden is also designed to pave the way, so if he lives in his design, he can make space for Kamala Harris to take action.

However, their charts read in a way that they must do what they feel is “correct,” regardless of our demands. We can never truly know what they’re thinking, we can only make assumptions. 

This will be an interesting four years to see how this all plays out. If there’s an emoji to sum up this chart reading, it’d be 👀

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Information about The Power Column from Jovian Archive.

Queen of Swords card from The Modern Witch Tarot.

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