Whenever someone emails or messages me about what another Human Design practitioner is doing, they’re often disappointed when I respond with, “I have no idea.” Chances are, I know their name but I’ve never purchased their content or followed their work. I keep a close relationship with a few readers, though we primarily keep conversations away from work or gossip.

A Human Design certifying body recently made enough waves for several people to contact me about how reliable her programs are. She has an offering to help others become professional Human Design readers in as little as two and a half days. I hold that I have no opinion on this program since I don’t personally know this person or the certification’s content. The biggest criticism against her seems to be how one needs years of study before they can possibly start selling Human Design.

Whenever this question lands in my inbox, I wonder if the person asking is genuinely curious or looking for someone to validate their limitations. There are many, many Human Design practitioners who would gladly indulge in the narrative of needing years of education before you can be a real Human Design reader, especially those who have paid thousands of dollars for their education and feels others should do the same. I’m not one of them.

I’m not sure when I started reading Human Design charts

When I learned about Human Design, I was waiting for a session that a former client booked for me.

I was too impatient to wait for the session so I googled the system, purchased the upgraded version of myBodygraph, and bought a handful of products from Jovian Archive. I have a heavy background in divination systems, from scrying to tarot to tea leaves to astrology. To me, these were all different languages that needed to be approached with individual respect. I gave Human Design space to speak to me as a tool independent of its parent systems (astrology, I ching, etc.) and did the charts of friends and family.

To me, it felt natural to dive into a chart and put what I learned into practice immediately. I used to pay for food by heckling tourists in NYC with tarot readings so the fear of not being good enough to give a reading had long disappeared by the time Human Design entered my space. Then my friends expressed needing the type of help that mundane life advice couldn’t handle so I offered to do their charts. A few days later, they asked how much money I wanted for in-depth readings.

I’ve only increased my prices since or changed my container. The readings never stopped.

There was no endless study or preparation before I started doing Human Design readings. I just followed what felt right in my body.

No two people begin at the same place

In college, I took Mandarin Chinese classes. I already spoke Cantonese Chinese natively so I knew the class would be a cakewalk for me. (Note: even though they are both Chinese dialects, they are not close enough to be interchangeable and the tones are different). My classmates had to learn the grammar, how tones worked, pinyin, and translation. Another issue is that due to cultural differences, the phrases change in translation. For example, saying I love you translates to I want you which is pretty awkward to tell someone outside of a romantic context.

Since I already spoke Cantonese, I was able to translate directly from Mandarin to Cantonese and skip awkward English translations. This was my natural advantage.

Learning Human Design is learning another culture and language. Those with a background in astrology may feel familiar with transit readings and only need a book and a few test clients to understand how Human Design transits work. Those who have personal interests in quantum physics will likely not get thrown off by Ra Uru Hu’s ramblings. Coaches who have already facilitated sessions may want to learn foundational Human Design but won’t need additional help with session work.

Is it possible to decide you want to become a Human Design reader today and make it happen in 2.5 days? That’s not for anyone but your life experience, strategy, and authority to tell you.

How long should you study?

In this post, I talked about how one of my former peers ridiculed me for selling readings without a certification. We had both been fed the narrative that you must have years of study and training before qualifying to sell readings. It just so happened that the company telling us this was offering training and qualifications to sell readings.

Those in academia are usually not happy with me when I bring up this topic. Yes, I honor a strong educational foundation, but I do not honor the notion that everyone needs years of study before they’re ready. I’m a 3/5 Projector who thrives in the field rather than behind a textbook. I also mentor other Human Design readers in this fashion because the stuff you learn in books usually does not account for the variables you’ll experience in actual work.

A lot of us are brainwashed by the industrial era where children are conditioned through eight hours of school, with promises that long, hard work leads to climbing the hierarchal ladder. As adults, we place ourselves in the same environments because we’re conditioned to find comfort in them. Schools are not inherently bad conditioning – it’s when we don’t know how to function outside of classrooms or never feel “good enough” that we run into a problem.

To answer the question of how long you should study, it’s up to you. I’ve never stopped. I’m currently in a quantum physics program, coaching with a Projector mentor, and working through Ra Uru Hu’s Rave Cosmology series.

I choose teachers and mentors who do not agitate imposter syndrome or make me scared of not knowing enough. They enable me to trust what I’m capable of.

What I don’t know doesn’t bother me because my clients aren’t interested in how much information I can give them. They’re interested in how I can guide them through their current transition by helping them understand their design.

As with all things human and Human Design, you will know if more education is the answer or if you’re scared to take the next step. Tune out the noise from people who are selling to you and sit with your own energy for a moment. Experience your own power and hear what it truly needs.

Your fellow passenger,
Fiona Wong