Manifestation When You're Not a Manifestor (Human Design Theory)

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Manifestation When You’re Not a Manifestor

October 21, 2020

I recently changed my mind about manifesting. My initial resistance to manifesting is how one-size-fits-all and classist it sounded. Just raise your vibrations (my… what?) Think positive because negative thoughts attract negativity (I’m a realist because Buddhism + Stoicism) If it’s not working, then your mindset is the problem (yikes… that some privilege BS here) […]

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I recently changed my mind about manifesting. My initial resistance to manifesting is how one-size-fits-all and classist it sounded.

Just raise your vibrations (my… what?)

Think positive because negative thoughts attract negativity (I’m a realist because Buddhism + Stoicism)

If it’s not working, then your mindset is the problem (yikes… that some privilege BS here)

But since working with Human Design, I’ve:

  1. Changed my mind on whether manifestation worked
  2. Pieced together how manifestation works per Human Design theory
  3. Tried it and gotten surprising results (3/5, baby!)

You also don’t have to be a Manifestor Human Design type in order to manifest 😱  which I’ll walk you through in this blog post. (If you’re a Manifestor and you want to fine-tune your process, this post can help with that, too).

And if your soul wants to manifest a video/audio version instead, your wish is my command:

First, let’s talk about what manifestation is

Because we’re all going to have different ideas of manifestation.

Manifestation is the ability to use the energy within yourself to experience an external result, after a verbal declaration.

Oh yeah, that last part is bolded for a reason.

Let’s put Manifestors under a microscope real quick and reverse engineer this process:

  • Manifestors are typed based on their defined throat center + motor center with a direct channel connecting both of them.
  • They need energy to power manifestations which is what their motor center does.
  • Their strategy is to inform aka the verbal declaration, which is what their throat center does. (Manifestors, if anyone asks you “what that throat do?” the only answer is “to manifest.”)

🤓 Fun fact: The throat center is associated with the metabolism and thyroid. Human Design theory (a la Richard Rudd) believes that manifestation occurs through the metabolic process which is why we manifest through the throat.

Which is why Manifestors have the strategy of informing.

How about the rest of us who aren’t Manifestors?

All of us process energy (yes, even you Reflectors!)

Therefore, all of us have the ability to metabolize that energy into a manifestation through a verbal declaration. The major difference is, Manifestors are a physical embodiment of this theory, while the rest of us have to jump through a few hoops to make it happen.

Things to consider:

Did your strategy and authority get you here? The maaaajor difference between us and Manifestors is that they can simply just get to it. We have to wait for invitations, see a cue to respond, or wait a lunar cycle. If you don’t, that energy will likely go to waste. In fact, if we ignore strategy and authority, our communication with others will begin to fall apart (like a 24/7 Mercury Retrograde).

Human Design Variable Arrows

Have you given your body an aligned space to metabolize your energy? There are these little funky arrows in Human Design charts. The left side (red arrows) shows you where and how to metabolize/digest energy per your unique design. (I go into more detail about understanding your specific arrows, aka variables, through color and tone in my Human Design membership. I also talk about transference which is a cue of what to avoid).

Do you know why you’re motivated to manifest this? All of us have different motivations (top right black arrow). Some of us do it to fix things. Some out of optimism. Some “because I can.” You also have a motivation transference.

Are you manifesting out of your own understanding of how the world works? This is your view arrow (bottom right black arrow) and it trips people up. You know how there’s always those people who are like aaaaay I manifested this Gucci and you think, “Well, why can’t I do that?” so you try to manifest the same thing using “their framework” that you paid $47 for through their Facebook ad? You can’t manifest through someone else’s view, only your own.

So yeah, there are a few extra steps non-Manifestors need to take, but once you get into the rhythm, you’ll be hitting up my DM’s letting me that you manifested (like my Generator friend here 👇 )

The manifestation formula

For Manifestors:

  • Align.
  • Inform.
  • Done.

For Non-Manifestors:

  • Consider strategy and authority.
  • Consider your arrows/variables.
  • If defined throat: speak it into existence.
  • If undefined throat: choose the right person to condition your throat center and speak it into existence.

Hold up, Fiona, what do you mean condition? I thought the whole point of Human Design is to DEcondition.

To some extent, yes.

Conditioning exists everywhere like me writing this blog post so those who feel aligned may join the little Human Design family we have going in The Guided Voyage. You are being conditioned every time someone advertises to you. You are conditioned when you feel pressured to do strange holiday things explained only by “it’s what we do.” You’ve been conditioned by family, culture, religion, your friends, etc.

It’s inevitable, but it’s not inherently “good” or “bad.”

Human Design is not about escaping or fixing the conditioning. It is simply about seeing it, and in seeing it, no longer being a victim of it. – Richard Rudd (The Gene Keys guy)

Wherever you’re undefined in your centers, you have an opportunity to be conditioned by someone who has that center defined.

As an undefined throat, you get to choose which voices you want to be defined by when you make your declarations.

The most surface-level explanation of the View arrow, ever

If you want to dabble with Human Design manifestation without the commitment, check your View arrow. Which way is it facing?

If it’s facing left, you’re what some of us call a specific manifestor (thank you, Enrich Method, for teaching this to me). You can manifest in detail so if you want that car, think of the make and model, the color, and upgrades. Don’t settle for anything less. Pinterest and vision board what you want.

If it’s facing right, you’re a nonspecific manifestor (that’s me!). You embody what it would feel to have the outcome of what you’re trying to manifest while remaining detached to the specifics. I manifested my partner and my business – true story. My partner isn’t “my type” at all but the feeling our relationship gives me is exactly what I’m looking for. I also never set out to create a Human Design business, but the invitations led me to a business that feels easy and free, where I can truly be myself – and get paid for it. The book Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver is great to learn more about this “reverse engineering” type of manifestation.

That sounds made up, Fiona…

It does – but here’s the reasoning behind it and why several self-taught Human Design experts also came to this conclusion.

Human Design View Arrows Variables

This screenshot is from my personal interpretation of all four arrows (the full PDF + instructions can be purchased here for $7 or you can access this inside The Guided Voyage membership).

If you have a left-facing arrow, you have one of the bottom three “Views”. These views are based on logic, strategy, details, and specificity. It deals with facts and rarely meddles in the unknown. Therefore, if you have a left-facing arrow, you naturally see the world through one of these three views.

If you have a right-facing arrow, you have one of the top three “Views.” These views are based on feelings, the inexplainable, and trust in oneself. It lets go of controlling the outcome. If you have a right-facing arrow, you naturally see the world through one of these three views.

It gets intricate if you decide to venture into variables and learn about your specifics, but if you’re exploratory or love this stuff, it’s worth it. Ideally, you’d understand the energy you’re processing through the left side arrows, identify how it shows up in your life through the right side arrows, and allow this information to help you fine-tune your intentions before you declare it.

Wanna keep nerding out?

I translated a bunch of Human Design videos and text sources to simplify learning variables so people like you can start the practical application immediately. Click here to grab the 3-page chart + quickstart instructions for only $7.

Note: If you’re in the membership, you already have this chart + a full series on manifestation and how to use the chart inside your included courses. 😎


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