So you're looking to read your own Human Design chart – that's brave but totally doable. 😉

The software I recommend you grab for self-reading your chart is myBodygraph, with an upgrade to the Foundation & Advanced combo. 

Full disclosure, I am an affiliate with myBodygraph, so I do get a commission of sales (at no extra cost to you). I've been using myBodygraph to do my professional readings since I started The Wild Pixel, so I'm recommending what I use and train my team to use.

Today's post guides you through reading your own Human Design chart using myBodygraph.

Your Human Design expectations

The first time people stare at their own Human Design charts, they tell me, “Fiona, I have no idea what I'm looking at.” Of course! Human Design is an operating manual in a whole other language, made up of shapes, colors, numbers, and lines.

You're not going to know how to read in this language overnight, so if you're going the DIY route, give yourself some serious space, patience, and a chance to learn.

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation.

I guarantee you'll find conflicting information about Human Design from different sources because it changes you when you encounter Human Design. Everyone who is sharing Human Design will do so from the perspective of how they've been changed.

Instead of letting the conflicting information frustrate you, I ask that you allow it to reveal the different options available to you.

Lastly, Human Design does not tell you who you are or even what career/lover you're best suited for (at face value, at least).

Human Design gives you doors, and you choose which ones you explore.

This is a lifelong experiment – not something you can inhale overnight. If you're up for the challenge, let's get started.

Type, Strategy, and Authority

Type, strategy, and authority are the “big three” in Human Design. 

Your Human Design type dictates your strategy. (See #1) There are five variations of the type: Manifestor, Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator, and Reflector.

Check this post to learn more about what each one means for you.

Your strategy is how you're designed to navigate the world. 

  • Manifestor: To initiate a new way of doing/being into the world.
  • Projector: To refine your mastery (or skill set) while you wait for recognition and invitation to be a guide.
  • Generator + Manifesting Generator: To work on what puts you in a state of flow while you wait for things to refine, fix, and respond to. (Note: Manifesting Generators are designed to work “in the now” while Generators are more focused on the “long-term”).
  • Reflector: To give yourself space to determine whether an environment or group of people is correct for you to work with or guide. Usually takes at least one lunar cycle.

Your authority is your internal decision-maker, answering your “strategy.” (See #2).

In 1781, human beings mutated into the 9-centered being you see in the bodygraph. When this happened, we stopped being designed to use the logical brain to make decisions – we began using our “authority.”

See your logical mind as the assistant to your authority. It processes information, organizes it, retrieves the correct content, but delivers it to your authority to make the right decision.

So when you feel your body giving you one answer, but your mind is trying to “talk you into” the more “logical one,” – you're going to stay stuck in the same habit loops that brought you to Human Design in the first place.

This conscious acknowledgment of yourself (and body) over the tricks of the mind is called “deconditioning.” More on that later.

  • Emotional: You need to “wait to emotionally process” for an extended period before making a significant decision. Your answers are less of a “gut feeling” and more of something you ride out until the answer comes.
  • Sacral: Put your hand over your womb/lower stomach. Go to your closet and look for three outfits you may want to wear. Ask your sacral, “this one?” “this one?” “this one?” Experience how it feels. Your sacral “talks” to you (albeit like a toddler).
  • Splenic: The splenic authority is an interesting one because it only gives you the information in the moment. This is a primal authority – imagine sniffing a piece of raw chicken that's been in your fridge for 3 days. The act of sniffing gives you information that can only be used in that moment since that “sniff” will not relay the same info in a few hours or days. You'll experience your body giving you “sudden” information throughout your day through goosebumps, butterflies in your stomach, etc.
  • Ego: This can be ego-manifested or ego-projected depending on your type (I go deeper into the differences in The Guided Voyage). The ego is about promises made and commitments. When you know something is correct for you to enter, you are a dog with a bone, refusing to let go. It's a rare authority, so I enjoy the moments I get to see it in action.
  • Self-Projected: This authority is exclusive to Projectors. You know when something is correct for you by hearing it in your own voice. This is my authority – my assistant and my life partner will note inflection changes, excitement, reluctance, etc. How something is said is as telling as what is said.
  • Mental: This is an external authority, where the majority of people (97%) have an internal authority. Human Design asks that you do not use your “mind” to make decisions, though, with a mental authority, your mind is consistently buzzing. It's essential to surround yourself with the correct places and to place yourself in the correct environments (you'll know when something is correct, over time). They will act as a “sounding board.” Follow my friend, Talis, for more about being a mental Projector.
  • No authority (Reflectors): As the only lunar type, you continuously sample the environments and people around you (like the mental authority) to know whether it's correct. This allows you to fulfill your role as a guide. Your decisions will mainly come from an interaction with the energies around you – is this sample good enough to be worth another bite? You'll feel it.

Signature + Not-Self

Your signature and not-self are determined by your Human Design type:

  • Manifestor: Peace and Anger
  • Generator + Manifesting Generator: Satisfaction and Frustration
  • Projector: Success and Bitterness
  • Reflector: Surprise and Disappointment

I can't define your signature or not-self for you because it is unique to how it feels within your body.

Think of a time when you said yes or accepted a project that felt natural for you. Perhaps you felt aligned. Hang onto it because this is a hint of how your signature shows up in your life. This is that “feeling.”

Now think of a time when you said yes, begrudgingly. Maybe you took on a project that mentally felt good, but your body was resisting it. This feeling comes from your not-self, which is your body's way of telling you that you are not living in your design. The not-self is not “bad,” it presents an opportunity for awareness and growth.

When you're wondering if you're living in your strategy and authority, check-in with your signature and not-self. Which one dominated today? Was there a balance?

Reading Centers

The cool part of myBodygraph is that keynotes (from Alan “Ra Uru Hu” Krakower) are included with the upgraded version.

The defined (colored in) parts of your chart show you what you have consistent (not constant) access to specific energy.

The undefined (not colored in) parts of your chart show you will feel conditioning from other people. You want to let your strategy and authority give you extra love in these undefined centers. (Reflectors, disregard this. You're entirely undefined but as a lunar type).

Neither is “good” or “bad,” it's how you're designed. You can be healthy or unhealthy, regardless of whether you're defined or not. (For example, I have seven undefined centers!)

Your undefined centers are usually where your not-self shows up. Hover over your undefined centers for some keynotes – here, you are given a set of not-self themes to reflect on.

Remember that Human Design isn't something that spits out traits. Human Design reveals your operating manual, but it will not dictate how you use said manual. Your undefined centers won't tell you that you'll be “weak” in certain areas – it will ask you to reflect on whether you live your design or in your not-self.

Reading Gates and Channels

If Human Design was a sandwich, we're at the core of the filling right now. Your gates and channels give you an extra layer of understanding how the energy is felt (or not) through your body and how it shows up in life.

You'll definitely want the upgraded version of myBodygraph to read your gates and channels.

Know that gates and channels are open to interpretation. MyBodygraph has Ra Uru Hu's keynotes on each gate, but whether you're working with another chart reader or me, they'll have their own specific interpretation of the gates.

So if the descriptions don't make sense, it's because you're reading a story written through someone else's lived experience. Your best bets are to:

If you continue to DIY, you'll want to see:

  • What channels you have activated
  • What gates you have activated in defined centers
  • What gates you have dormant in undefined centers
  • What their harmonic gates are (you'll feel attracted to these)

Click on them inside of your upgraded myBodygraph account to read Ra's interpretations.

Reading Planets and Lunar Nodes

Planets, like the gates, may also vary from practitioner to practitioner. For example, Venus is traditionally looked at for “love, nurture, growth” – what people see as maternal values.

You can hover over the planets in myBodygraph to see Ra Uru Hu's keynotes on what each planet means. Each planet will have its own gate + a changing line for that gate.

Profile + Incarnation Cross

For Incarnation Crosses, I recommend picking up the Book of Destinies.


Your fellow passenger,
Fiona Wong