Nas X’s Human Design: 5/1 Cross of Clarion

Today’s blog post is about Nas X, the artist behind Old Town Road and the Montero album. While completing my Soul’s Blueprint: DIY Life Purpose through Human Design course, I had him playing on repeat.

Let’s check out the Human Design chart of this emotional Generator, whose chart feels more like a Projector’s.

Cross of Clarion, 5/1, Quarter 1: Shock and Awe

Nas X’s whole brand is about shock value.

I’m inclined to believe that he never set out to do this intentionally. He likely started garnering attention from people shocked by his work, and he rolled with it.

His incarnation cross, the Left Angle Cross of Clarion (in quarter one), is similar to the Cross of Shock with a significant difference: the cross of shock embodies the essence of shock.

The cross of clarion translates that shock for others.

And the clarion, like the instrument it’s named after, is LOUD. 

Nas X is impossible to ignore.

In my readings, I’ve met clarions who express being able to download information from other realms, and they share it with others who usually look at them with wide eyes and, you guessed it – shock.

But clarions aren’t intentionally trying to shock people. It’s a part of their existence.

When they speak, people get whiplash.

Nas X is seen as an icon

It’s not easy to digest what Nas X represents. Let’s not pretend that his skin color, sexuality, identities, etc., don’t make people feel some type of way. 

(If you know, you know.)

With that 5/1 profile, he’s constantly projected upon, especially with this profile’s seductive aura. People look to him as a savior or an icon, but he doesn’t get a choice on what the perception entails.

Communities he’s a part of (or feels inspired by him) will want him to come off some type of way. 

People project.

But these projections can be rough on line 5.

If the line 5 has undergone a deconditioning process, they can get clarity on what’s worth their time and what’s not something they should bother with.

Line 5’s concerned with the grand scheme rather than the minor details. 

Yet, having line 1 means he knows his shit.

He’s studied.

He has reference material.

He’s got an insane foundation to build off of.

If you’re going to argue with a 5/1 about anything, be ready to be surprised, or in this case, shocked, by what they bring to the battle.


In a world where we’re endlessly scrolling on phones or disassociating from the day-to-day, Nas X brings people to the present. His energy and presence shock people awake – like when you’re daydreaming, and someone starts snapping their fingers in your face.

It shocks you out of wherever your mind goes.

His specific incarnation cross is in quarter 1.

Quarter 1 babies conceive ideas but don’t necessarily need to go through with them or bring them into existence. 

He’s an endless well of mystical messages and awakenings for other people. 

Later on in this post, we’ll talk about the channel of inspiration. Those who invite the shock of his messages into their world can be inspired to move forward – but he’s not designed to hold their hands through the process.

He’s a firestarter and a conceiver but isn’t necessarily a guide in the traditional sense.

Channel of Synthesis: If he wants you, he’ll have you

The channel of synthesis is one of the three mystical channels that takes in the essence of other people through touch. We’ll explore this in the next section.

People with this channel are the people who will fight for you. 

If you’re in a relationship with someone with this channel and they genuinely want to stay with you, they will do anything in their power to make that true.

Despite Nas X being a Generator, the channel of synthesis is a Projector channel, meaning it needs recognition and an invitation to come forward. But he’ll get frustrated and quickly burn out when he feels he’s being used (in a non-kinky way).

He sings about wanting to be wanted and needed (someone to let this channel SING) in his song THAT’S WHAT I WANT.

‘Cause it don’t feel right when it’s late at nightAnd it’s just me in my dreamsSo I want someone to love, that’s what I fucking want

He wants to “feel your ass in Hawaii” – MONTERO

MONTERO is an excellent example of how he’ll go after someone he wants.

The song and music video start with him going on his Lucifer arc, falling from heaven.

He talks about a closeted boink buddy that Nas X wants to call him when “Eve isn’t in the garden.”

I interpret this in two ways: 

  1. Eve is this guy’s girlfriend. So when she leaves, he can be with Nas X.
  2. Concept of Eve is the archetype of his closeted friend. So when he’s done being “Eve” and wants to let the snake (phallic) tempt him to bite the apple, he can call Nas X.

This whole song embodies wanting to touch this guy he may never be in a relationship with. 

Remember that this channel is also about knowing people and their needs through the sense of touch – the more he touches this guy, the more he knows him. 

And as it goes with people who have the channel of synthesis, Nas X will still work his ass off to pursue him – at least sexually.

No forcing necessary

He doesn’t have a defined heart/ego center (house of willpower), so what fuels him?

Answer: his emotional center (authority) is connected to his root center. And he has a defined sacral which makes him a Generator.

The sacral center is about sex, reproduction, genitals, and more sex. There’s only one gate in the sacral center that’s asexual (I translate and mark specialized gates in Soul’s Blueprint), but that’s for another day.

Nas X doesn’t need to strongarm anything.

His success comes from how he feels, his sexual drive, and the adrenaline rush that comes with it, which is made clear in his artistry.

You either recognize this Projector-like energy within this drive – or you don’t (invite it in).

He addresses those who have never truly supported him in his songs INDUSTRY BABY and PANINI.

He speaks on this in his hit, INDUSTRY BABY.

He’s got the grammies, but he sees people who “weren’t rooting for [him] anyway.” Yet, he’s only driven to want to put out his next album, get platinum on every song, and collaborate with Nicki Minaj.

This is HUGE channel of synthesis energy.

Channel of inspiration: Your muse

This is another channel that can make a Generator feel like a Projector. It’s one of the creative channels.

True to its namesake, this channel is about embodying inspiration, but not for yourself. This is about other people.

It’s common for people with this channel to be like, “Oh, you were inspired by my work? I didn’t set out to inspire, but I’m so glad you got something from it!”

This is such a grounded channel based in the now. It snaps people to attention like we talked about in the cross of a clarion.

When I’m reading charts, people love to ask me what’s coming in the future or how they can reach a certain destination. This channel is the only channel I have, and it makes up my Projector authority. I anchor people into the now rather than the future (my specialty, by design), and I always ask, “Well, how are you now? How have, in hindsight, your decisions and life events affected you in the now?”

Can we admit that this isn’t an easy question to answer, and it can come off as a “shock” to be asked to face ourselves?

And because the channel of inspiration embodies this type of energy, it’s at its purest form when untainted by outside influence.

Ride til he can’t no more

You remember when Old Town Road came out?

Holy commotion, because what business does Nas X have to be coming out with banger country music that’s not about beer, tail lights, blue jeans, or whiskey? 

He is from Georgia, the country.

He caught the attention of the Cyrus family, and the rest is history. 

He also publicly came out as gay and is the only artist to have done so while holding the number one record.

Nas X boomed when the Old Town Road remix came out. Suddenly, the people who thought he didn’t fit the country star aesthetic were singing and dancing to his music. 

This audience also errs toward Christianity, which brings me to MONTERO.

Nas X comes out with a music video and song where he’s not even hinting at wanting to blow loads in boink buddies – he says it clearly in his lyrics and video. 

He starts off on his Lucifer arc by falling from heaven, references Eve, and ends with lap dancing on Baphomet.

But Nas X was never really the face of country music. His roots and his growth go away deeper, representing many identities and communities.

Yet, there is always something about him that makes him a controversial icon, even to the same identities and communities that are inspired by him (that’s the 5/1 profile for you).

This is just one, of many ways that Nas X and people with the channel of inspiration impact their environment.

Don’t even have to try

Nas X’s got this irresistible energy that leaves people asking, “Whoa, who is this?” 

You may like him or not, but that’s just how he moves in the world, unaffected by outside influences. 

He’ll never be universally palatable and will continue to be a controversial yet highly successful source of inspiration for those who invite him in. 

He doesn’t need to “work hard” in the traditional sense. He chases, dives headfirst into his relationships, and pulls out all the stops to succeed, fueled by his sacral creative energy.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

With the cross of the vessel of love,


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