This message came to me through feelings of fury mixed with peace. The raw note was originally posted on Instagram on this same day. It’s been edited for clarity.

A note to new, professional Human Design readers:

First, unfollow most professional Human Design readers. Especially those who trigger an internal conflict within you that you need to be doing your readings differently or that their style is the only correct style.

Yes, I am included as one of those readers, if my energy currently feels wrong to you.

When I started reading Human Design charts professionally, I took courses by professional Human Design mentors, including the official Human Design school by Ra Uru Hu. There was always a conflict of information on how to “correctly” do a Human Design reading.

Over the past several months, I’ve allowed myself to “detox” from these containers and only worked with mentors who gave me space to do readings as it feels right to me.

Human Design readers/practitioners/coaches/analysts, I do not care what manmade label you are clutching onto as it is all the same in this context: you are a dime a dozen. People who pay you money, regardless of the amount, are paying to immerse themselves into Human Design the way you deliver that experience, not just for “a reading”.

I often invite other Human Design readers who I am mentoring to sit in on my live sessions. Each reader is hand-selected based on the client’s needs for that session. I once worked with a Generator with an undefined throat center. She was not designed to sit there and talk for sixty minutes (versus me, who can talk about a single center for ninety minutes nonstop). Instead, I did the bulk of the speaking while she honored her sacral response. When that response came, it was a waterfall of exactly what the client needed at that moment. I also worked with a splenic Projector who would start channeling from I have no idea where, and clients would look at her in shock. They’d ask her, “How the hell did you know that?” Each reader I’ve worked with had their own unique gifts and mechanics to share in the session. With that, came different perspectives, analogies, and messages for the client to experience.

You, fellow passenger, are serving your clients as you are designed when you are creating containers for readings as you are designed. Some will niche down so specifically that they become the “go-to” reader for that type of audience. Some will serve business owners and not even tell them that it’s is called Human Design. Some have no idea what they should be doing and eventually bump into what’s right (hey, welcome, I’ve been there). And most will change their offerings as they enter different experiences and states of consciousness. 

We are always learning, always growing, always shifting – and our businesses will mirror that experience.

Stop seeking approval from your peers. Don’t make content for other readers. You took on the responsibility of this role, in this incarnation, in this moment, and you are doing a disservice to people who are seeking you, by hiding yourself. The gifts you know you have because you experience them every day, are never dependent on likes, comments, or validation from other readers. As you would never hand over your decision-making authority to someone else, don’t dull the unique way you show up, for someone else’s limitations.

Human Design is revealing itself to more and more people each day. How will you answer those who show up for you?

Your fellow passenger,
Fiona Wong