October 2020 Check In: The Human Design Trend That Needs to Die

October 2020 Check In: The Human Design Trend That Needs to Die

Welcome to the October 2020 edition of the monthly Human Design check-in. Since Human Design is an experimental process that begins with a seven-year deconditioning process, I started this series as a place for everyone to check-in and to document my own process in my Human Design journey.

I invite you to write a check-in on your blog (feel free to email it to me) or share it in the monthly check-in thread in The Guided Voyage community.

Since I started reading/teaching Human Design for the public, I noticed a nauseating trend that seriously needs to go. I’ve heard the warnings, I’ve seen it happen to other people (mainly women in HD), and I’ve even had a few of these arrive in my inbox.

This constant glorification of Alan “Ra Uru Hu’s” Krakower’s Human Design that only makes space for anyone who parrots his work and public teardown of anyone who deviates.

The irony is that Human Design is a “synthesis” (or bastardization, or appropriation, depending on who you ask) of five systems. Three which belong to their respective people (I Ching, Kabbalah, and chakras). Then the “synthesis” is locked behind a huge paywall, where anyone who shares the information without “licensing” is considered an “imitator.”

  1. How can you champion Alan Krakower who wanted Human Design to be “for everyone, especially parents,” in one breath while supporting the monopoly of Human Design in the next?
  2. How you can worship Alan Krakower who was heavily against a cult-like religious following of Human Design while simultaneously bashing people who deviate (with context and citations) from the original transmission?

In this month’s check-in, I want to share a few ways I’ve opened Human Design up outside of it’s hive mind, to truly synthesize with each individual it comes across, which I imagine is the core of why we have Human Design.

Free will in Human Design

Alan Krakower did not believe in free will and does not teach free will in Human Design, full stop.

To truly “embody” your design is to be a passive passenger in your vehicle, playing a role in a world that has your story prewritten for you.

If this is aligned with you, great.

But if you come from a background that believes in free will, such as Christianity or (like me) Chinese Folk Religion, you have a clash.

One could argue that religion is just another form of conditioning you need to remove yourself from, but one could also argue that conditioning is impossible to get rid of, so we must choose what we wish to be conditioned by. (Richard Rudd addresses this in Living Your Design Manual).

Trauma acknowledgment in Human Design

The whole concept of Human Design is based on in a perfect world which does not exist.

As a Self-Projected Projector, I’ve had to learn how to speak from my identity. This identity includes my Asian ethnic background. It’s been fetishized, diminished, and historically tied to yellow peril.

If your cultural identity is stereotyped as dangerous, you must tiptoe around it to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Men also rarely find a voice in the spiritual communities. Their choices are usually the traditional, cult-like path or to be shunned by women’s groups who seek refuge from those who are male presenting. It can be difficult to follow your G center (love, identity, direction), when you are led to a door shut in your face.

Then there’s the sacral center, filled with sexuality, vitality, and reproductive energy. For Generators, who, alongside Mani Generators, make up 70% of the population, their entire makeup is based on the defined sacral center.

What if you are a victim of sexual assault? What if you have experienced the loss of children? What if you live with hormonal imbalances that make it difficult for you to take the sacral center seriously? How can you listen to someone talking about your defined sacral, filled with life, while you struggle to bear children?

Then there’s those without the defined sacral center. Alan Krakower has mentioned that Projectors were not designed to be parents. We are so busy parenting the whole world, how could we possibly navigate biological children without the natural pulse of a defined sacral?

Yet, here we are, Projector parents, managing.

Human Design is only theory for a perfect world. Do not forget to remain HUMAN while exploring design.

Ethnic and cultural erasure in Human Design

We are not “all one.”

We are not afforded the same opportunities, experiences, and quality of life.

When we look at Human Design charts, we see numbers, lines, colors, shapes… but we cannot see the skin and bones that envelopes the person.

It’s easy to tell someone to live within their design when we forget that certain behaviors are a privilege. That a lighter skinned (this is not equivalent to “white” as colorism exists within all ethnic groups) people may get away with a chuckle and slap on the wrist while another would be killed for doing the same thing.

I’ve even heard a professional Human Design reader saying George Floyd was killed because he was operating within his not-self, in his Human Design community. (I posted the screenshot previously, but to not give this guy any further attention, I won’t repost it here).

Human Design is the celebration of the individual, but we cannot forget the human being.

To wrap this post up, I’d like to invite you to explore Human Design on your terms.

As with any spiritual container, there will be those that are fixated on a “right/wrong” way to do things (and they may be designed to do so) and those who are open to the potential of further growth and synthesis.

Is there an element of Human Design that you have synthesized into your own personal practice? 

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