Human Design is the name given to the transmission received by Robert Alan “Ra Uru Hu” Krakower. He detailed that he was penetrated by a Voice that synthesized pre-existing systems such as (but not influenced by) I Ching, astrology, and chakras. Human Design heavily draws influences from anthropology, psychology, and metaphysics.

If Human Design's origins trouble you, here's a reflection on Human Design and cultural appropriation.


What is Human Design?

The software that I use is called myBodygraph, which was created by Ra Uru Hu’s Human Design school. All you need is your birth information.

Your chart is complicated because You Are complex. As the story of your life and your Being cannot be distilled into a five-minute summary, your rave bodygraph will not be understood in five minutes.

You can also upgrade your myBodygraph account through their “shop” to unlock more information.


How do I learn about my specific Human Design?

The most common portal to walk through is understanding your Human Design type. Each Human Design type shares the same aura, strategy, signature, and not-self. Type is also the most easily accessible way to explore Human Design as information about type is abundant.

If you find learning your Human Design type to be overwhelming, I suggest learning your profile. Your profile is broken up into two lines, each one represented by a number (such as 5/1). You can explore each line individually and then put them together.


Human Design is confusing. Where do I begin?

Sit with your energy and consider what you’re truly seeking. Whenever you receive a reading, you are hearing yourself through the lens of someone else’s perspective. I encourage those who are freshly exploring Human Design to process and sit with what they’ve learned and give it time to simmer. 

Giving yourself space to experience Human Design will make the most out of the reading. Consider taking in what is correct for you at this time rather than trying to “know what’s right” from a professional’s mouth. Here, You are Embodied.


Should I (really) get a Human Design reading?

I encourage you to give Human Design a chance as a standalone system, first. See it as a language and culture you are experiencing. It wouldn’t be fair to force equivalents when they play by different structures and tones. I’ve also found that much confusion comes from trying to port one system into another because neither system is given enough room to grow.


How do I combine ______ with Human Design?

You can read my giant guide to Human Design here.


Do you have any Human Design resources?

Most books about Human Design are written for Human Design professionals. They are reference manuals. Karen Curry Parker’s and Chetan Parkyn’s books tend to be the most accessible when it comes to Human Design.

Stay tuned for The Wild Pixel’s Guide to Human Design, hitting bookshelves in early 2022.


Are there any books about Human Design?

It is said that it takes seven years for someone to go through their first deconditioning cycle in Human Design. I've found that people move at different speeds. Some experience immediate shifts and mutations because Human Design revealed a key they were looking for. Others experience volcanic disruptions before they see the gold beyond the ashes. 

Confusion is to be processed and sat with, rather than see as a problem. Your body and your design is trying to tell you something. Your confusion is a vessel that years to listen.


Why is this stuff so confusing?