Why Strategy and Authority matters in Human Design

Human Design

Why Strategy and Authority Matters in Human Design

October 13, 2020

About 240 million results popped up when I searched Human Design strategy and authority on Google and the first 100 results were mostly the same thing: Strategy and authority is the “correct” way to be yourself. Strategy and authority help you make decisions. And in 3/5 form, I needed to raise my hand and ask, […]

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Human Design strategy and authority

About 240 million results popped up when I searched Human Design strategy and authority on Google and the first 100 results were mostly the same thing: Strategy and authority is the “correct” way to be yourself. Strategy and authority help you make decisions.

And in 3/5 form, I needed to raise my hand and ask, “Yeah, but why?”

“Yeah, but how?”

I ended up pouring over my stack of Human Design books and resources by Alan Krakower, his students, and self-taught readers in hopes to find the answer. This post is a collection of different things that I’ve learned.

If you’d rather listen/watch instead of reading, click here:

First, what is “strategy” and “authority” in Human Design?

Everyone has a Human Design “type.”

This is what people normally talk about when it comes to Human Design.

The “type” determines things like your not-self, signature, and strategy. You can read more about not-self and signature in this huge Human Design guide.

Your strategy is the way that the world communicates with your specific type. 

Your authority (which is not the same as others with your type) helps you decide which communications to give your time to.

Your strategy is the question, your authority is your answer.

I like to think that my strategy is “signs” making a suggestion on where I should go next. I’ve also had more religious folks tell me that it’s “God’s way of giving you a hint when you’re lost.”

Your authority is your personal way of answering whether this is something you accept or decline. It’s your own free will expressing its opinion on the suggestion.

Note: Alan “Ra Uru Hu,” Krakower, the guy who mushed 5 systems together to give us Human Design, believes that “free will is an illusion.” That to truly live in your Human Design is to passively be a passenger in this vehicle that will take us to where we’re supposed to be.

I personally disagree with this rhetoric and don’t teach this to my clients or students, but I want to acknowledge the idea of “free will” within Human Design.

That’s great, but WHY should we care about strategy and authority over everything else?

First, we need to understand the G Center, also known as the “magnetic monopole.”

This is the “diamond center” in the middle of your Human Design chart around the chest area. The magnetic monopole is a magnet that only attracts.

​Here’s your magnetic monopole in your Human Design chart (it may or may not be colored in aka defined/undefined):

G Center Human Design

Image generated with myBodygraph

To paint a picture of how this works, imagine yourself sitting in the passenger’s seat of a moving car. You look over to the driver’s seat and there’s a dude named Magnetic Monopole driving.

“Hey,” he says, “Where we headed?”

The car is in constant motion and there are so many possibilities.

Are you going to the coffee shop? To the next town over? To visit a friend? To go somewhere new and start a new life?

Your strategy acts as “prompts” from your environment. Think of it as Mr. Magnetic Monopole lighting up and saying, “Here’s somewhere we can head towards!”

  • As a Generator or Manifesting Generator, you’ll see something that catches your eye and requests your response.
  • As a Projector, you’ll be recognized by that environment and receive an invitation to head in that direction.
  • As a Reflector, you’ll assess all the locations and wait for it to feel right before you make your decision. (You Reflectors are not like the rest of us… you are timeless and lunar magic, working in your own timeline).

👉 If you’re a Manifestor, you don’t have to wait for anything to light up since you’re here as an initiator. Instead, all you have to do is tell Mr. Magnetic Monopole where you wanna go or even, “Move over, I’m driving for a bit.”

But all your strategy does is pose a question. It asks, “[Insert your name here], would you like to head in this direction?” but you are never forced to go there.

Strategy exists because Mr. Magnetic Monopole (your G center) came into contact with something that created an attraction. (Remember, this is a magnet that only attracts).

Youu have to figure out whether this attraction is right for you. This is where your authority comes into play.

If the strategy is the “question,” your authority is the “answer,” or the deciding factor of where you’re headed.

  • Solar Plexus/Emotional ➡ Feel it out over a period of time until you’re content with your decision.
  • Sacral ➡ Listen to the response coming from your sacral (can be an “uh-huh/nuh-uh”, thump, warmth).
  • Splenic ➡ Full body “YAAAAAS!” #adrenalinedump.
  • Ego ➡ A tugging knowing in alignment with your values.
  • Self Projected ➡ Rambling at Mr. Monopole until the answer “just comes” to you. Can take minutes. Can take months.
  • Mental/Environment ➡ Call the place up first or visit it before making a final decision.
  • Lunar ➡ Giving it time until an answer feels right. May give an answer in sync with the actual moon cycle.

When the answer comes forward, you can tell Mr. Monopole what you’ve decided and that closes the loop. This is where things get really cool with Human Design.

Now you’re adding a stop in your journey. You’ve made the decision for the car to be steered (remember, it’s in constant motion) towards a specific direction, one that is likely going to teach an important lesson.

💡 This is all experimental, so instead of seeing it from “is this RIGHT or WRONG?” try, “What opportunities for understanding can this bring me?”

A quick break to recap, because Human Design is like learning another language

So far, we’ve learned:

  • The G Center is the magnetic monopole, in constant motion.
  • Your strategy suggests where you could potentially steer that motion.
  • Your authority decides whether you actually steer in that direction.

Is this just another self-help magic pill that works for a few weeks until we ultimately collapse into our own nihilistic abyss? I mean, it could… if we blindly accept Human Design and don’t question why we do these things.

Let’s take it one step further and see what happens when someone theoretically follows their strategy and authority. (I say theoretically because this assumes we live in a world where everyone’s design is actively supported, but that world hasn’t come yet)

Humanity’s ultimate quest for love, purpose, and direction

There’s a huge missing element that people often skip when they start working with Human Design, but first, a paraphrase of Alan Krakower’s findings…

When Alan was still with us, he went on tour giving thousands of Human Design readings, over a period of several years.

He recalled his shock that most human beings live with self-loathing and how so many people inherently hate themselves.

Those who I’ve worked with deal less with “self-loathing,” but they do struggle to find permission to love the parts of themselves that are deemed too much or not enough by the people and environments they are in.

That’s the missing element: self-love.

Before you roll your eyes (because I did, when I learned about this) this post isn’t going to be about reciting happy thoughts, faking it until you make it, or pretending that everything is okay when it’s not.

Self-love is not about lying to yourself about how you really feel.

Next time you make a decision based on your authority, I’d like to invite you to ask yourself, “Is this truly from ME or am I making this decision because this is expected from me?”

There are nuances of race, religion, gender identity, and class that I’d like to address because these are sensitive topics that definitely contribute to the sense of expectation.

Some of these expectations were imposed on you to keep you safe.

Some are to keep you in line or obedient per “tradition” or “religion.”

Some are the only things you have left to connect you to “where you came from.”

It’s for you to decide which ones to keep (if any), and which ones you’re ready to let go of because they’re not “you.”

A great way to decipher whether something is yours or an expectation from your environment is to work with your not-self.

  • Generator/Manifesting Generator ➡ Frustration
  • Manifestor ➡ Anger
  • Projector ➡ Bitterness
  • Reflector ➡ Disappointment

Identify how your specific not-self feels to you.

For example, Projectors may taste literal “bitterness” in their mouths (especially if your cognition is “taste”) while others feel a full-body bitterness sensation. One Manifestor may experience anger as a feeling while another speaks that anger into the world.

As you start removing things that don’t work for you (take your time here) you are given permission to see, with more clarity, what does work, what you do appreciate about yourself, what you genuinely love about who you are.

It’s already buried inside… you don’t need to “become someone else” in order to be worthy of love.

You were uniquely designed in a specific manner for a reason (that truthfully, only you would know by living in that design).

👉 Remember: The G Center is a magnetic monopole that attracts. You will be attracted to and have affinities for certain people and places (and vice versa). The not-self shows up when you force yourself to be attracted to or have an affinity for something that you genuinely don’t love.

Human Design strategy and authority

Human Design strategy and authority

(Quotes from the Born Identity series in the Human Design membership)

Love is something you never have to beg or plead for. You don’t have to prove yourself to be deserving of it.

If you’d like to nerd out a bit more about the G Center, download my free cheat sheet to the gates inside the G Center (which tells you what forms of expression and love your identity understands).

The briefest recap ever:

There are so many layers behind why strategy and authority matters in Human Design.

The biggest takeaways from this post:

  • Your G Center/magnetic monopole needs direction that aligns with you. Strategy and authority does that.
  • When you love yourself, you make choices based on what you want versus what other people expect you to want.
  • When you arrive at places that you genuinely want to be at, you’ll find people who also want to be there, which is how you find places to “belong.”

And that’s why we talk about strategy and authority so much in Human Design.

-Fiona, The Human Design Goblin

Sources for this post:

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