It our turn to take care of you, through Human Design

The Guided Voyage is a Human Design membership supporting people like you during your experimentation with the system. This is the most cost-effective way to work with us long term and includes monthly calls, over 50 mini videos, direct responses from our team, and being a part of a cozy community with 70+ members on a similar path.

This is the answer to your "I wish I could freely talk to others who get me," problem.


Human Design isn't just information you consume. We carefully craft each live call and conversational prompts to encourage conversations that eventually lead to a "whoa, it just clicked!" moment.

Light Bulb Moments

Plain English Trainings

While Human Design jargon is important to learn, we share it in a way that you can simultaneously understand what we're talking about without muddying the Human Design system. All videos are closed captioned.


Thought Provoking Community

This is a space where you will never be forced out or ridiculed for your differing opinion. We believe that Human Design is not a box to fit yourself in - it's how you've shaped the box to fit you. We absolutely welcome non-traditionalists.

✅ Monthly themed trainings + hot-seat style live calls.
✅ Ask our team anything about Human Design.
✅ Over 50 mini self-serve videos and counting.
✅ Monthly transit field notes.
✅ Private chatroom hosted on Discord.
✅ Exploratory environment that welcomes heretics, non-traditionalists, and those who embraced a decolonized approach to Human Design.
✅ Beginners, wanderers, and fellow Human Design professionals scoping us out are all welcome.

No one will ridicule you for not knowing something - we're all collectively learning, acknowledging, and supporting.

Join Now $27/mo

Option 1: Monthly

Join the membership on a month to month basis. You get access to everything (except the Human Design reading) and can cancel anytime.

join now: $300/yr

Option 2: Annual

Get everything in the membership along with a free FULL Human Design reading with a reader of  your choice + $50 credit towards future readings.

What happens after purchase?

1. You'll be redirected to join the Discord server. It's a free to use app that can be used on your browser, computer, or as a phone app.
2. You'll be prompted to set up your profile. There's also a Discord video to walk you through the app, if you've never used it before.
3. Jump into any conversation you'd like!
4. Watch any video you want.
5. Sign up for future calls.

If you get stuck at any time, email us at

how to join:

👋  Hi, I'm Fiona, creator of The Guided Voyage.

I'm gonna be honest here - I first created this private Human Design community because there were a lot of assholes in free Human Design groups + forums. 

Human Design was never meant to be a cult-like experience where we talk down to each other and pad our egos. It was for us to cultivate self-awareness and self-knowing. There are no experts, only guides, in this system.

I wanted more than just spewing information. How can we use Human Design to ripple our industries, society, and the lives of others?

I wanted a place to be human and to remember the culture, religion, skin color, ethnic background, and personal stories of each and every person who logs into the community.

So in 8-1, single definition, Self-Projected Projector form, I created that place. It's called The Guided Voyage and you're invited.