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Want an accessible way to be supported in your Human Design journey?

(Hint: You don't have to go down endless Google rabbit holes or partake in Facebook groups filled with drama).

The Guided Voyage is a private membership filled with everything you need to embark on your first year adventure in Human Design, including immersive exercises, a members-only community, monthly group calls, bonus blog posts, direct answers from Team Wild Pixel, and exclusive members-only discounts for readings.

I created The Guided Voyage after feeling alienated in many Human Design communities. I hoped for a supportive, learning environment only to be repeatedly told, "That's not how Ra Uru Hu taught it." I took this as an invitation to venture out and create the community I wanted, but didn't exist.

I also remember how difficult it was to tackle Human Design on my own. There were blog posts and free content repeating the same information but the more "advanced stuff" didn't make sense.

The Guided Voyage is a solid foundation of Year One materials to guide you through the most difficult part of starting your journey: deconditioning. Here, you're not going through this alone. You'll be working alongside peers, chatting with my in-house Human Design readers, and getting direct responses from me (yes, I do personally interact with my members).

This membership is also perfect for parents and entrepreneurs. There are notes left throughout the different modules to contextualize the content when working with children or business.

Is TGV for you?

✅ Monthly themed trainings + hot-seat style live calls.
✅ Ask our team anything about Human Design.
✅ Self-serve content including type, strategy, authority, centers, transits, connections, and more.
✅ Private chatroom hosted on Discord.
✅ Exploratory environment that welcomes heretics, non-traditionalists, and those who embraced a decolonized approach to Human Design.
✅ Bonus members-only blog posts and reading discounts.

No one will ridicule you for not knowing something - we're all collectively learning, acknowledging, and supporting.

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Join our cozy Human Design membership, a melting pot of parents, business owners, artists, and healers.


Your monthly fee will remain $33/m unless cancelled. Monthly fees do NOT go up for current members, even if it goes up for future members.

GET THE BONUS ($375/yr)

Can't decide between self-learning or getting a professional reading? For a limited time, we're offering your professional reading for free, as a bonus for purchasing an annual subscription of The Guided Voyage.


Your yearly fee will remain $375/yr unless cancelled. The reading can only be redeemed once.



👋  Hi, I'm Fiona, creator of The Guided Voyage.

I'm gonna be honest here - I first created The Guided Voyage because there were a lot of assholes in free Human Design groups + forums. 

Human Design was never meant to be a cult-like experience where we talk down to each other and pad our egos. It was for us to cultivate self-awareness and self-knowing. There are no experts in this system. We only have guides.

I wanted more than just spewing information. How can we use Human Design to ripple our industries, society, and the lives of others? How can we return home to ourselves?

I wanted a place to be human and to remember the culture, religion, skin color, ethnic background, and personal stories of each and every person who logs into the community.

So in 8-1, single definition, Self-Projected Projector form, I created that place. It's called The Guided Voyage and you're invited.


What happens after purchase?

You'll receive an email to set up your login information inside the course (the email will come from Podia). Then, you'll have immediate access to our private Discord chat and content suite.

Check your spam folder, if you can't find it. You can also email support@thewildpixel.com

What if I'm more of a lurker or I don't like groups of people?

Are you a Line 2? 😂 But in all seriousness, lurk away! The community is slow-moving (a few messages per day) and welcome to new members. Hop into any conversation you'd like and hop out when you're done. The community is cozy and low-pressure.

P.S. If you're ever confused on Human Design jargon, just ask. No one will ridicule you.

Should I get a reading or subscribe to the membership?

Why not both? Subscribe to the annual option and you'll get your first year with The Guided Voyage AND a professional reading.

I'm an aspiring Human Design reader. Will this help?

I have a few Human Design readers in the community! It can help, especially if you enjoy my style of teaching Human Design. You'll also have access to discounted mentorship calls if you're interested in talking about marketing, content, and business, from a Human Design perspective. You can also "pick my brain".

How does your content differ from Ra Uru Hu's?

That dude was a Manifestor. I'm a Projector (albeit a Projector that's a sneeze away from being a Manifestor). He was designed to shock. I am designed to express myself in ways that are considered radical and "heretical" - and inspire that rebellion in others. If you wanna know if you'll enjoy my approach, check out my blog or Instagram.

Join Now $33/mo