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The Seer's Circle


The Seer’s Circle is my answer to “Do you certify people in Human Design?”

I am the living evidence that oracular capabilities and the embodiment of a system does not need to be certified, acknowledged, or validated by man made constructs before they are shared with the world.

Neither do yours.

It is a new vision of an old way, but does no violence to tradition, treading as it does the paths of ancestry. - Peter Grey

There is irony in belief that a Human Design practitioner must hold a certificate of approval from an institution to be considered authentic.

I dove headfirst into my Human Design journey. I devoured, rejected, appreciated, took word for word, consumed and experimented with the messages as I encountered them. I’d later realize how long I’ve lived in this experience before I knew the name was Human Design. Chances are, you’ve also been on your journey for a while, too.

My mentors and resources include Ra Uru Hu’s original teachings, the voices of his students, the heretics who broke away from his hierarchies and the phoenixes who rose from Human Design’s scandals. My teachers are the Plants, the People and the Unseen who create opportunities for me to understand the Way I am Designed. My Evidence is the hundreds who have come to me for Readings and Sessions.

I created The Seer’s Circle for the Next Generation of Practitioners who are unHiding their oracular gifts.

Know that this is not Human Design as I experience and facilitate it. The Seer’s Circle taps into Your Source as the unique flavor that magnetizes the right people to You.

Be prepared for Your Business and Your Self to be turned inside out.

enrollment for the seer's circle is now closed.

there are simpler ways to call in clients, especially those who are put off by the heavy commercialization of our Work. This week is about dispelling myths, creating entryways and using your unexplainable gifts while being compensated for them. We will also discuss pricing your offerings.

Money and Marketing


We dissolve the illusions of “dream/ideal clients.” Your clients cannot be stripped down to simply age, gender identity, or affluence. You will create your containers or programs, understanding how to meet your clients As They Are so you can guide them to Where They Go.

The Blank Book Part Ii


We begin by receiving The Blank Book, a foundational workbook that encourages you to craft stories, analogies and examples that brings You into your Client’s Journey. 

The blank book
part I


The final week of The Seer’s Circle is about creating a sustainable business. You’ll explore the Next Stage of your business and what happens when Your Energy shifts away from the clients or offerings you’re currently working with. You’ll also cultivate spiritual hygiene practices.

Evolution and mutation


The Fifth Week is for asking anything about Human Design, whether the system itself, requests for resources, or building your business. This week serves as an opportunity for burning questions to be reconciled.



Preparing for sessions can create a smooth way to facilitate them, especially when there is so much to talk about in Human Design. You will also learn how to craft your offerings, whether you want to host one-off sessions, group containers, or longer term sessions. 

Session prep and offerings


We are brand and social media curators who will help you and your business land creative collaborations and projects. We help you create your own story, one that is aligns with your brand. With your business land creative collaborations.

project timeline review


We are brand and social media curators who will help you and your business land creative collaborations and projects. We help you create your own story, one that is aligns with your brand. With your business land creative collaborations.



We are brand and social media curators who will help you and your business land creative collaborations and projects. We help you create your own story, one that is aligns with your brand. With your business land creative collaborations.

creative development


Week by Week

included in the seer's circle:

- Five live 75-minute classes + recordings.
- One live 2-hour Q&A session.
- The Blank Book foundational Human Design workbook.

✨New bonuses ✨

- 2 recorded demos of live readings by Fiona.
- Fiona's raw notes to go with the live readings.

My story began in a tiny Chinatown apartment where hidden pockets of magic could be found at every turn, whether it was the potion-making apothecary down the street or the aunties reading the stars. A deck of cards became my first friend, teaching me ways language barriers can be transcended.

Throughout my life, I’ve found myself pacing at the crossroads, bridging the worlds of my ancestors with my first breath in the United States. Walking from the city concrete to the deep woods. Pulling messages from the other side and translating them to their intended listener. 

In this incarnation, my mastery is in waiting for those who are ready to take my hand and plunge. Sometimes, it’s through consuming the messages on my social media or blog. Other times, it’s a calling to directly connect and hold a session tailored to where you are. 

I do not subscribe to the illusion where my value and capabilities can be affirmed by publicity logos, certification badges, or validation from my mentors. The lessons, initiations and experiences I hold make themselves clear in my work. 

The Wild Pixel is a name that came to me during my first Saturn return, as my then-world collapsed. In the years that have followed, this name has incarnated itself as different entities and businesses. Right now, The Wild Pixel holds the breath of my Human Design work. 

I goof off a lot, as the mercurial child in me is given space to exist, but I take my role as a catalyst seriously. Human Design shifts and changes with each person who experiences the system - of course, it often does not make sense because the one-size-fits-all approach cannot work anymore. I invite you to see and experience Human Design through your own eyes and frequency. 

i AM fIONA woNG, Your guide through The Seer's Circle.

Questions I often recieve:

I do not teach in the traditional sense where I give you a bunch of information and expect you to memorize and recite it for your clients. Instead, I point you to the reference manuals and teach you how to decipher them for the Work you do in your specific sessions. My teachings here are about the facilitation and Creation of Business rather than recycling Human Design materials.

Do you teach Human Design in this course?

Outside of legal registration and your local business requirements, no. All of the marketing assets or investments must come from Your Choice, not mine. Instead, you will be taught ways of calling in clients and transmitting your work in a way that transcends traditional marketing.

Will I have to invest in branding, content marketing, or all the usual business stuff?

Due to the nature of the work I do, there are no refunds. Please check in with Your Self before you make this energetic and resource commitment.

Do you have a refund policy?

No. This group program was designed so that no certifying body could touch the highly specialized way you facilitate Human Design sessions.

Would I receive any sort of certification after taking this course to prove that I’m trained in Human Design?

You do not need to purchase anything additional, unless you feel called to. The Core of The Seer's Circle is trusting what Your Source is sharing, which can be further validated when you see the context through reference manuals. All purchases of reference materials are encouraged to come from a place of clarity, rather than scarcity. The price and the content should be what you genuinely want to use.

What additional resource manuals would I need to purchase outside of this course? Are there many? Are they expensive?