Quick question for creatives, rebels, and entrepreneurs who are burnt out from all these coaches and Facebook ads promising you that all your problems will be solved once you follow their "six figure blueprint" or "manifestation framework"...

If you knew that you were already born with your own blueprint and framework that encourages you to forge your own path based on how you're uniquely designed... 

Would you be ready to get out of these pre-made boxes that society forces you into (and donate the box to a stray cat instead?)

Here's why constantly using other people's "blueprints and frameworks to success" instead of the one you're born with is making other people rich (and leaving you bummed out) 👇

1. The spiritual and self-help industry is valued at $13.2 BILLION in the USA and $30 BILLION in India. People profit from you wanting to be anyone else but yourself.

2. You're constantly bombarded with ads hinting that you're not enough so buy this shampoo/tea/weight loss program/coaching if you want to be worthy of love and acceptance.

If you're nodding along because you're aware of these loops, keep reading, because what I'm about to tell you will make you turn around and flip a huge birdie to all the subliminal messages banking on you hating yourself.

But first... 

The #1 false belief that needs to go in the 🗑️ ...

Life has to be hard and difficult for it to mean something. You have to break your body, burn out your mental health, and be on the brink of a meltdown to get what you want. ❌

The thing is - I once believed this 💩 too.

After I gave birth to my first child, I went vegan/paleo/keto/fasting because if I didn't try to immediately get back into my pre-baby body, I wasn't trying hard enough to be a good mom.

I spent so many hours creating content and hustling a la every guru on Instagram because unless I was checking myself into a hospital (yes, this happened) I'm not a real business owner.

I even took out a credit card (*cringe*) to buy thousands of dollars of crystals, oils, tarot cards, and "limited stock" occult books with convoluted language to legitimize my spirituality. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I know these experiences can feel humiliating and shameful, but it also stirs up that inner rebel that says, "Enough!"

But before you give the self-help predators the birdie...

Let's dismantle a few myths they've been selling you for years...

❌ Myth #1: You need to “raise your vibrations” and fill yourself with “love and light.”

Society is obsessed with this idea of purity, being "good," and shaming you for daring to have thoughts, feelings, and memories that are unpleasant.

As if you are any less of a human being for having an experience that is perfectly human.

What you need is to block out the noise of everyone telling you who you "need" to be and hear the voice within yourself telling you who you've always been. I can confidently say that you'll enjoy being you better than you'll ever like being a frankenstein of societal expectations.

❌ Myth #2: You can't be of service unless you're healed.

There's a little quote that's circled Instagram for a while that unless you are healed from your own wounds, you won't know what to do with other peoples' pains.

Thing is, not all wounds and traumas are made the same. 

Wounds could be...

From bodily harm

We don't come into the world with the same baggage. The real world doesn't work like this.

In truth, we are collectively healing so as long as you're making space for yourself and taking care of those old pains, there is room for you as a creative, rebel, or entrepreneur. 

❌ Myth #3: A degree, spiritual initiation, or an exotic ancestry is required.

Do you think you're vanilla and boring because you don't have initiations, certifications, or an invitation for a highly exclusive community? (Or maybe you did pay up and it's not what you expected).

The spiritual industry makes things look exotic (tbh, it's a fetish) because the more out of reach it is, the more you want it. It suggests that if you don't look/act a certain way, you're not special, the way they are.

In the words of Gretchen Weiner, "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US."

Regardless of where you went to school, what priest or shaman though you were/weren't special, or what your lineage is, you have a personal power that you were born with. It does NOT need to be validated by someone just because they have some title.

(Seeking validation from these types of people is how you end up in a cult).

P.S. Your ancestors, too, are enough. And if you don't know who they are, look no further than the interests you have, the inexplainable things that call to you, and the blood pulsing in your veins. They've always been with you.

This isn't just another "reading" -- it's life altering.

— Shauna Haider, Graphic Designer || wearebranch.com

The great news is, embodying who you are is your birth right.

You're exhausted from the constant cycle of feeling imposter syndrome, buying more self-help books, and shiny object syndrome - because NONE of these things were ever truly YOU.

As you're reading this page, perhaps you know that this is your final stop. When you hear the story of your Human Design, you'll start to understand...

✨ You're like a fish trying to climb a tree, instead of returning to the water. That's why you feel lost.
✨ A true spiritual connection with yourself (and the world) should be sustainable, not fleeting.
✨ You have naturally lived in your Human Design before because this is how you were born.
✨ Your body has an intuitive language it uses to speak to you.
✨ You manifest in a unique way, which is why new age blueprints haven't worked for you.

But to make the journey easier, you'll want a guide...

Someone who understands that you're not interested in playing a prewritten side character in society's story.

Someone who collaborates and co-creates with you, at your pace.

Someone who's intimate with esoteric systems but also knows how to bring it back to the practical, day to day life.

Most importantly, someone who doesn't force you to stay codependent after the work is done. You want a guide who can hand you the tools, ease you into your own style of using them, and release you into your journey a few months from now.

If you're ready to jump down the rabbit hole, meet your new guide, and flip those middle fingers up...

👋 Hi, I'm Fiona. The Guide.

I've spent the last decade throwing cards, reading palms, translating the stars and I've learned...

👉 When people embody who they want to be, they shine with an infectious confidence that other's can't help but be attracted to.

👉  When creative people with big dreams get crushed under imposter syndrome, the world doesn't get to see their genius. 

👉 Popular self-help and motivational content is helpful for a few days, but what people REALLY need is something sustainable in a daily practice.

The result? I've devoted myself to using tools like Human Design to help people like you leave the world of limitations, boxes, and stereotypes by exploring how you were designed.

Okay Fiona, how do we get started?

I don't have another box for you because my adopted stray cat's sitting in it - but, let's start with an immersive Human Design reading.

Investment: $197/hour
($297 for a connection reading - 2 charts)


Just got my human design reading and I have NEVER FELT MORE SEEN. Thank you, Fiona. I took so many notes and feel like I’m now going to change every aspect of my previous marketing strategy… NONE of it was aligned and this explains why it hasn’t been working for me!

— Allie Billings, Creative Marketer || alliebillings.co

I think I can best sum this up with wow. I felt amazed in the first 25mins or so - then you dove deeper and my brain has just melted.
Thank you :)

— Jonathan Stewart, Notion Expert || businessinnotion.com


I literally burst out laughing numerous times. I always knew I had the greatest respect for my intuition, but now I’m just going to go around saying I’m best friends with my sacral. :) 
I’m preparing for a huge change at beginning of next year, and I’m more confident then ever. You confirmed everything. A burning and a rebuilding awaits. 

Working with Fiona made me realize that I was doing things that made me unhappy subconsciously and I did not realize that it made me unhappy until that moment. The reading made me reimagine my business and how I want it to look and feel and it really transformed the way I see so many other things in my life.

— Rose Guthrie, Digital Marketing Expert || rosiedoesdigital.com

A little about me, Fiona (黄思雅)

I'm not famous and I'm not a psychic.

I spent the last decade freelancing as a marketing/tech virtual assistant while doing readings on the side. When people around me found out what I do for a living, they thought it was weird, as if it's not a real career because I find so much joy in it.

My goal is to help creatives like you take your identity, your tears, your laughter, your soul, and alchemize it into your work.

I take a heretical approach to many of the systems I practice. Despite pouring energy and devotion to studying source material, I experienced elements that are colonized, misogynistic, and patriarchal. My work recognizes and flips a middle finger to that BS.

I don't believe in "colorblind" work. Your ethnic background, cultural traditions, and identity are all seen and honored in our work.

What you really wanted to know: I'm a 3/5 Self-Projected Projector RAX Vessel of Love. I have a 8th House Stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) in Capricorn. (It means I'm extremely comfortable with being uncomfortable).

I'm a first generation Malaysian-Chinese American, born in NYC and now wandering a forgotten town in central North Carolina. My biggest weakness is my inability to stop adopting stray animals.