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So you heard that you were born with an "operating manual" and you're curious what it has to say. 

At The Wild Pixel, we use the mechanical system of Human Design to guide you to understanding your born gifts, life purpose, the overarching themes playing out in this incarnation, and how it works within your own body.



Fiona here - founder of The Wild Pixel. Before Human Design found me, I was working with different spiritual systems and divining messages from tarot, spirit boards, pendulums - you name it, I was probably into it.

What I love about Human Design is that this is a mechanical, not spiritual, system. We're dealing with the Science of Differentiation - not a religious or belief system.

No two of our clients receive the same experience from our readings, even if they share the same Human Design type and other similarities (yes, even when reading twins).

Here, we initiate you into a system that is your birth right. You'll become aware of what's correct for you - or not - and begin a lifelong experiment into fulfilling the very reason why you incarnated into this life.

We don't tell your fortunes at The Wild Pixel. We reveal the fortunes that have been available to you since the moment you left the womb - and teach you how to use the tools you were born with to claim said fortunes.

What makes Human Design different?

"Fiona shed light on aspects of my gifts and personality that I hadn't previously understood to be "by design" - but the way that she translated and communicated all of this and related it to practical applications in both life and business was mind-blowingly accurate and so validating."

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


from Sarah ASHMAN:

Unfortunately, you (like me) probably grew up in a world where you were told that to be a "good, successful person," you needed to be liked. You needed good grades. You needed to burn yourself out and prove that you are good enough.

You were taught the linear, one-track life of growing up, choosing a job, pumping out kids, and if you're lucky, you can retire before you die.

The moment you are touched by the Human Design system, you'll open your awareness of what is truly yours and what is conditioning you've carried from  cultural, religious, and societal influence.

You begin unburying a lifetime of choosing other people's opinions over your own.
You start running your business in a way that suits your lifestyle, instead of believing the "hustle hype."
You trust yourself above all else - hearing a clear yes or no, when the timing is correct.

This is a lifelong experiment and the tools revealed in your reading are just the beginning. (Plus, you know quick fixes don't help - or you wouldn't be reading this page).

How the process works...

Readings Offered

Never had a Human Design reading before? This is a prerecorded reading that will carry you through your first year of deconditioning. (~45 minutes) (10 day turnaround)
Note: These readings are done by readers trained by Fiona.


Perhaps you've been dabbling or self-studying Human Design. A live reading can help "fill in the gaps" or answer specific questions.
(~60 minutes)
Note: These readings are done by Fiona.

Live Readings

Connection charts (2 charts), Chiron Return , Saturn Return, Rave/Solar Return.
Choose one. This is a live reading.
(~60 minutes)
Note: These readings are done by Fiona.

Specialty Readings

Payment plans supported for all reading types.
Please note that we do not currently offer Primary Health System, Rave Psychology, or Penta Matrix readings.

Recorded - $300
LIVE - $350
Speciality - $375

If you purchased a prerecorded reading, you'll receive an email asking you to fill out a form with your birth info, your experience with Human Design, and a list of suggested questions. You will be sent a copy of your chart and a recorded video of your reading in 10 business days. Note that I (Fiona) no longer do prerecorded readings. You'll be receiving a reading from one of my readers who I've personally mentored.

If you purchased a live reading or specialty reading, you'll be sent an email with a link to schedule your live call. All calls are done over Zoom, so be sure to have the app downloaded on your computer. I (Fiona) do all live and specialty readings.

What happens after purchase?


I want to purchase a reading as a gift. How do I do that?
Purchase the reading. You'll receive an email with a link that you can send to the recipient.

I know I want a Human Design reading but I can't articulate why.
When you purchase a reading, we'Il send you a list of potential questions you can ask, as a starting point. P.S. You are likely designed this way (I am!) 😉

What if I don't know my exact birth time?
We'll ask you if your birth time is a guesstimate and if so, we'll run multiple variations of your birth chart and determine the commonalities, even if your type completely changes.

I want a reading but I'm scared that I won't understand it.
No one understands Human Design all at once because you're being initiated into a whole different way of being - think of it as learning a different language. You'll begin by working with what resonates. Then, you'll experience "aha!" moments over time. One reading can be relistened to over and over - you'll get something new from it every time.

I often don't understand Human Design lingo.
Don't worry about that. It's our job to translate Human Design into language that is easy for you to understand. We've done enough of these readings to know where to meet you in terms of jargon.

I've heard that you must be certified in order to do Human Design readings. What are your certifications?
Funny - certifications in Human Design are purely a business model. Imagine being told you can't do something you're intimately familiar with because you haven't shelled out several thousand dollars for a piece of paper. I pride myself in being self-taught in Human Design, first, though I've taken classes and courses from those who have been working with Ra Uru Hu from the beginning, including classes from his official school and those who are no longer affiliated with that school. I've also been mentored by other self-taught readers and refused the certification process at the end. My readers also come from a varied background of Human Design teachers and have all been personally mentored by my approach.

I want to purchase a bunch of readings all at once. Do you offer discounts for bulk readings?
Email support@thewildpixel.com with your details. Short answer: Yes, though it depends on your group size.