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You thought that you’re some kooky weirdo who ended up walking the unconventional path.

Sometimes, you question if it was dumb luck (especially when imposter syndrome taps your shoulder to ask you wtf you’re doing).

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… You are exactly where you need to be, and your Human Design chart encourages you to be that weirdo - Yes, the one who learned “what to do” but puts their own spin on it, who gets paid doing work that “shouldn’t be considered a real job,” or who gets these surges of courage to “say something” and then recoils - “why did I do that?!” 

It’s no coincidence that despite the world (or your industry) telling you what rules you need to play by, your intuition always knew better. 

Oh, and I’m Fiona, a fellow kooky weirdo who happens to read Human Design charts and has a knack for putting it in understandable, plain language. (More on the About Page)

"Fiona shed light on aspects of my gifts and personality that I hadn't previously understood to be "by design" - but the way that she translated and communicated all of this and related it to practical applications in both life and business was mind-blowingly accurate and so validating."

- Sarah Ashman, Creative Director ||


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