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    You're browsing this site because:

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    Here's all you need to know: Those "frameworks," "blueprints," aka BOXES that people keep telling you you need in order to "live your best life?"

    I'm here to guide you out of those creatively stifling boxes so you can donate them to a stray cat to snuggle in.

    And if you're wondering who I am, mosey over to my About Page.

    What is this cat doing on my Human Design website?

    "Fiona shed light on aspects of my gifts and personality that I hadn't previously understood to be "by design" - but the way that she translated and communicated all of this and related it to practical applications in both life and business was mind-blowingly accurate and so validating."

    - Sarah Ashman, Creative Director ||

    Hold the phone, Fiona, isn't Human Design just a fancy new self-help tool, too?!

    No. Human Design is the appropriated synthesis of 5 systems that have been around for a damn long time (astrology, I Ching, chakras, kabbalah, and quantum science). 

    The idea is NOT to self-help you into becoming a robotic cultist who has a diet of sunlight and green juice and thinks the diarrhea it gives you is how you're meant to live.

    Your Human Design chart tells you the different tools, talents, and inherent power that you were born with. It's already there.

    My role is to show you how to use what you already have.

    There's nothing new about this. In fact, it's about dismantling the idea that you aren't enough as you are and that you need a guru or you need to follow some six-figure plan in order to be worthy. 

    I encourage experimentation, questioning the system, and sharing the results. I'm not concerned with "wrong" or "right" - I care about sustainable practice. 

    Ready to stop buying the newest self-help paradigm and find out what you've already been born with?

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