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So Human Design Led you here...

Hi. I'm Fiona, Your friendly neighborhood Human Design Goblin.
Stay awhile... for secrets, lessons, and shiny things.

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the goblin

Hey there - I'm Fiona, the one whose door gets knocked on what there's a questionable inquiry. I'm a lifelong student of the esoteric, stemming from a folkloric upbringing under the guidance of my ancestors' magic.

Since you made your way here, you're likely a spiritual vagabond making a pit stop in Human Design, or you're hoping to understand the connection between your gifts and purpose.

Welcome to The Wild Pixel. Feel free to peruse my odd services, access my libraries, and ask me your burning questions.

The cheat sheet: 3/5 self-projected projector, 6 planet stellium in Capricorn/8th House. Gemini rising. Can be bribed with shiny objects and rare sorcery textbooks.

"Fiona shed light on aspects of my gifts and personality that I hadn't previously understood to be "by design" - but the way that she translated and communicated all of this and related it to practical applications in both life and business was mind-blowingly accurate and so validating."


- Sarah Ashman, Creative Director ||