Human Design

This moment of reckoning is a place of truth, oracular messages, and an experience based on the human design system (as transmitted and changed by ra uru hu).

The moment Human Design was put into words for me, I immediately felt a visceral repulsion to the way my chart was interpreted. Yet again, I was confined to a box that dictated my traits, capabilities, and limitations solely because of a mathematical equation. My breakthrough with Human Design came through defiance: “I’m going to do what feels right for me anyway, regardless of what a book says.” In the years that followed, I’d learn that I acted in exactly the way I was defined, especially once I got past the repetitive noise that is parroted through Human Design communities. 

Your wandering to this page was no accident. Human Design crossed your radar and you are hoping to finally process this system in a way that is practical, makes sense, and feels right in your body.

The body knows more than you are consciously aware of. No amount of tricking yourself into following instructions based on what Human Design should be will bring you closer to understanding how you were designed for this incarnation.

Human Design was always a lived experiment.
The existence of the Human Design system directly
defies structures that demand we all operate in likeness.

I created this offer as a synthesis of how Human Design revealed itself to me.
My foundations include classical schooling in the system, immersed with two years of field experience with clients, and deep trust for my Projector aura.



My Human Design readings are for those who are prepared to be in their experience.

I do not follow any structures for my sessions.
The experience leads us wherever it needs to go.
Questions are answered and lead to more questions. Messages that you’ve forced yourself to accept begin to dissolve. In The Moment of Reckoning, you experience Human Design through the vessel of your own body rather than told through someone else’s eyes.

Each session is different because each person comes with different intentions. Ask me anything, including family dynamics and business marketing.
Ask about circuitry, incarnation crosses, gates, channels, centers, planets, nodes, it’s all free game.
Have no specific questions to ask? That’s also fine.

The Deliverables:

Fiona's handwritten raw notes of your chart.

Copy of your Human Design chart.

Copy of raw transcript.

75 minute live session over Zoom + recording.

Tata Farber

"I had the greatest respect for my intuition, but now I’m just going to go around saying I’m best friends with my sacral. 😂 I’m preparing for a huge change and I’m more confident then ever. You confirmed everything. A burning and a rebuilding awaits."

Love Notes

Karine Ben

"I don’t necessarily subscribe to this kind of stuff… yet, as someone who had Fiona read my human design chart, I can honestly say it blew my mind. Not only is it fascinating BUT what really solidified it for me was the way Fiona EXPLAINED it to me in a common language so it was understandable. Go with it." 

Love Notes

Leah Borski

"I just finished rewatching my Human Design reading and holy wow! You got goosebumps - I got goosebumps - I seriously can't wait to move to the next phase of this. So glad I jumped in."

Love Notes

If you landed on this page and my readings are not open, I rarely have a time frame for when they're open again. I honor the shifts and weathers in which Human Design readings are ready to reopen. Scroll to the bottom of this page and get on my email list. I often send updates to my email list first before I publicly open this page.

When do readings reopen?

I do not have affiliate or referral offers for my Human Design readings due to the nature of this work. I am not for everyone and not everyone is ready for me. I enjoy those who find me to do so organically, though I am always grateful to be a recommended reader.

do you do referral/affiliate links?

Yes. After your reading, you will be offered private links for clients past and present only. You can choose to work with me one on one, among other offers.

Do you offer long term coaching?

I offer bulk Human Design readings for clients past and present only. If you'd like to reserve me for a specific month to do readings for your group, please email

Can I purchase bulk human Design readings?

After purchasing, you'll receive an intake form. Once that's filled out, you'll receive an email within 48 hours to schedule your reading. You'll usually be booked for a time within the next 10 days. It may take longer during the holiday seasons.

How long do I wait after purchase?

I do not. This is the pricing that currently feels correct for my energy. The price may go up, but will rarely go down. If you’re holding space for the funds for a reading, check out the numerous free resources I have on the blog.

Do you offer discounted or cheaper readings?

Frequently Asked Questions...

I’ve journeyed through the trials of being comfortable in my skin, embracing my identity and embodying my Self. The result is a shifting, living documentation of the Human Design system which I openly share with those who wish to encounter this experiment through my writing and Human Design sessions.

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I'm Fiona, the creator and facilitator of Moment of Reckoning Human Design Sessions —