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Piecing the fragments, day-to-day context, and honoring self all in a live 60-minute session

Let a reader (who talks like an actual human) read your chart

Your Human Design journey likely started with wanting to rekindle or continue stoking the relationship you have with yourself.

When you look at the pieces separately, parts of it are relatable, some leave a question mark, and most of it is, "so... what do I do with this piece of information?!?"

😬 Industry secret: you can't do something that's a generic copy of what everyone with your type/authority is told.

This is why getting a live reading is so powerful: the reading speaks directly to your incarnation.

🗣️ I've told Generators to read up on Projectors because their charts work more like a Projector's.

💻️ I've worked with coaches want to who blend their life purpose into their work.

🔪 I've identified generational and community contracts that they reincarnated to confront, shred, or rewrite.

A Human Design reading opens the door to self-reckoning. I hand you that blueprint.

You won't find this in any Google searches, YouTube videos, or TikToks.

Human Design isn't (just) a series of traits

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that the moment you leave the session, you'll know everything about your design.

Every time you relisten to the recording, you'll hear something you missed before. When you need to remember yourself and why you incarnated, the home of your design is right there on Notion.

What you get during the session + Notion notes:

And additional notes that we didn't have time to cover in session

Notes from the session

A recording of your session

60-minute conversational reading of your choice (see below)

For Any Reading You Purchase

🌟 New july 2023 🌟
your reading includes a full notion page with your recording, session notes, and next steps.

My readings are for you if you...

✅ Are open and craving to see how your chart pieces together.
✅ A coach or entrepreneur wanting to align business with design.
✅ Looking shadow work dead in the eye and prepared for what comes up during session.
✅ Inviting discomfort and laughter.
✅ Love or honor where you came from, but know updates need to be made... and you're going to catalyst it.

On that note, my readings are NOT for you if you...

❌ "Don't believe" in Human Design and want someone to prove it to you.
❌ Married to Ra Uru Hu or other Human Design sources.
❌ Are price shopping.
❌ Want fortune-telling. While I can read trajectories, I don't tell you "when success is coming."
❌ Aren't ready to face yourself and your chart.

If you are not ready to make the energetic and monetary investment at this time, I lovingly invite you to come back another time.

And yes, aspiring readers, you can get a reading and take a few minutes to "pick my brain" 🤓

Honestly, my readings aren't for everyone

The Readings I Offer:

  • Want to fluidly work with type, aura, strategy, authority, and centers.
  • Casually looked at your Human Design chart and want to put it all together.
  • Feeling like your type/authority doesn't mesh with who you are.

This reading magnifies the intricate details of your Human Design baseline. We'll talk about how your aura, strategy, and authority converse to point you in certain directions (and why they tend to give conflicting information).

Investment: $175 x 60 minutes.


Start here:

  • Familiar with type/authority and ready to dive into personality traits.
  • Want to know the main theme of your life and why you incarnated.
  • Want to know how you impact others... not everyone is a guide!

This reading opens the records of why you exist, through exploring your incarnation cross, nodes, and profile. You might be born a visionary, a developer, a guide, or an alchemist. If you're called to, this is where generational contracts and cycles come to light.

Investment: $300 x 60 minutes.

Life Purpose

current Incarnation:

Jonathan Stewart

"First 25 mins, I was amazed. Then you went deeper - my brain melted. THANK YOU!!"

sarah Ashman

"The way you translated it to everyday life and my business was mind-blowing."


"I realized how I wanted life and business to look - this transformed how I see things now!"

The Love Notes

I'm the renegade behind The Wild Pixel. I've been doing Human Design readings since 2019. 

And I'm proudly uncertified in the system. As a self-projected Projector, my approach comes from the integration of client stories, personal experience, and conversation.

I've also aggressively studied the source material. In true 3/5 form, I only rip apart and piece back together when I can back it up.

Each chart fascinates me. No two are the same and no two people experience their design the same way - including twins.

For questions about receiving a reading from me, email ✨

Heyo, I'm Fiona Wong 👇🏼

the heretic human design reader that finds every chart fascinating

Terrific! I have answers. Email
We try to answer all emails within 2 business days. Let's talk.

I have more questions.

Situationally. I adore when coaches have students and/or clients who want to integrate Human Design for themselves. If you're one of those coaches, email with when and how many reading you'd like. I don't do readings for parties or conferences.


That you're ready.
Seriously. You don't need to have any knowledge about Human Design other than you feel called to explore it. If you get a reading with me, make sure you're certain or ready.

What do i need to know first?

Yes. Please email us at
We split the payment plan into 2 months.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, but I don't currently offer it on this page. Please email with some info about you. Include whether you have a HD business, a coach, astrologer etc. and how you'd like to be supported. Sessions begin at $500.

Do you teach readings?

Readings are based on your pace and your experience. I start each session asking what your relationship is with your design. If you need help with the basics, we'll go there - but specifically with your chart. I don't parrot. In short, no, not the generics.

Am I getting the generic stuff?

and their answers

Some frequently asked questions