Offerings and Human Design Readings

We'll hone in and explore the specifics of your chart to see your decision-maker, auric field, and the way your energy interacts with others (and vice versa).

This reading goes over type, aura, strategy, authority, and open/closed centers.

Foundational Reading

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An expanded reading exploring your purposes through your incarnation cross, north and south nodes, sun and earth.

Understand how your story continues from those before you. Delve into the impact of your incarnation.

$125 off for June 2023 readings.

Life & Generational Purpose

Specialty Reading

schedule now - $300 $175

Delve into the people, guides, lessons, and delicious opportunities for wisdom throughout your next birthday year.

Goes over planets, north node, and south node (different from your birth chart).

Birthday (Solar Return)

Specialty Reading

schedule now - $300

For those who have a solid grasp on their foundational Human Design chart and know how to differentiate self from conditioning.

Level 2 includes cognition, awareness, view, environment, digestion, and relevant channels and gates.

Level 2 (Advanced Chart)

Specialty Reading

schedule now - $300

This 60-page booklet is a guide through the curious system called Human Design. 

Learn about why you have the Human Design type. strategy, authority, and profile shape the traits you were born with. 

See how you navigate social interactions and why certain people are drawn to you or why you prefer solitude.

Human Design Decoded

the Self-Led Human Design Ebook

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