The 5 Human Design Types Made Easy

You probably came to Human Design wanting to know your archetype. I’m a fan of typing systems, but when it comes to Human Design? It’s different.

This system’s typing is more about how you can navigate your day-to-day life rather than your personality traits.

For example, an archetype can tell you that you work like a magical wizard, spellbinding everyone you meet.

But Human Design types tell how a person may spellbind. It might be by having a naturally magnetic personality or by establishing rules.

To find your Human Design type, use this chart generator (affiliate link – though it’s the one I use for my personal clients).

Look for where it says type 👇🏼

How to find your Human Design type

Now scroll down to find your Human Design type for what it means.

Manifestors: The Monarchy

The Manifestor is a force. Independent, impactful, and intense.

When you’re a Manifestor, it can feel lonely because you’re the only type designed to act without waiting for external stimuli.

Your type only makes up 9% of the world’s population, making you the second rarest type.

But your distinctiveness doesn’t stem from your rarity. Your aura is like a force field that makes it challenging for others to exert influence over you.

In a world obsessed with control, anger often arises as a protective mechanism when a Manifestor senses a whiff of dominance. It’s a signal alerting you to potential infringements on your autonomy.

And here’s a little secret: You aren’t designed to be tamed or boxed in. If you’ve been muffling your true self, striving to seamlessly blend in, chances are you’re forcing yourself to be under other people’s control.

Things to know about Manifestors:

  • Aura Dynamics: Your aura has a closed and commanding. When you walk into any space, it’s hard for people not to notice. You just have that kind of presence.
  • Embracing Independence: You’re a master of solo ventures. You can only team up with people who won’t make you second guess yourself and won’t get in your way.
  • Visualization Powers: Your voice is your ability to manifest – but it has to come from a place where you are ready to action in motion.
  • Seeking Peace: When everything aligns—when a task reaches its culmination—you experience peace.
  • Communication is Key: Do you sometimes feel a surge of anger? It could be a communication gap. Make it a habit to articulate your plans and intentions to those who need to know. If people are just being nosy and don’t need to know, it’s okay to close the door.
  • Fire: Your energy might be perceived as intense or even aggressive. And that’s okay. The world doesn’t need everyone to tread softly. You’re here to offer tenacity.

Deconditioning for Manifestors:

  • Shedding Stereotypes: Words like “bossy” or “domineering” might be thrown your way. Take them in stride. Only a handful truly grasp the depth of your energy.
  • Navigating Pace: Your inherent drive is to leap into action.
  • Community: It’s crucial that the people around you resonate with, understand, and see you as a champion of your vision.

Manifestor Strategy: The Art of Informing

Manifestors find their guidance internally, firing straight toward their voice. This is beautifully manifested through “informing.”

You’re often informing yourself and the universe what your intentions are. When it comes explicitly to informing others, it’s on a need-to-know basis, so people don’t hold you back.

Generators: The Unsung Powerhouse

Generators are the world’s artisans. You have an eye for what can be polished, what gaps can be filled, and how to make it happen. You also understand when something is right for you (your energy flows) and when it’s time to pivot, trash, or delegate.

Manifestors are called trailblazers, and Projectors are managers. But it’s the Generator who can see and bring the visions to the world.

You have that sustainable, regenerative energy, and when it’s set on bringing something to life, you’re the one who can see it through.

The mark of a Generator is that regenerative battery pack I keep discussing. It comes from something called your sacral center.

Things to know about Generators:

  • Evergreen Energy: Find satisfaction in your work; your energy doesn’t just sustain—it rejuvenates.
  • Intuitive Problem-Solver: You never need to go out and find something to do. They naturally gravitate towards you, waiting for a “yes” or “no.”
  • Sacral Signals: Your sacral center is like a toddler’s voice. It’s common for Generators to be told to “use your words” because the sacral center has its own language that speaks like a toddler. Over time, you’ll remember what those words mean, and the language becomes clearer.
  • Navigating Exhaustion: You should feel exhausted at the end of the day. Tap into yourself and see if that exhaustion comes from a place of satisfaction or frustration.

Deconditioning for Generators:

  • Choice Overload: You’ll always find something to respond to, and usually, you’re so interested in all of them that you’ll want to try them all. Give your sacral voice a chance to tell you what’s up.
  • Seeking Structure: Having a container or system to keep all your projects in place can help you from picking one thing up to picking something else up.
  • The Patience Game: Trust in the process and understand that worthwhile outcomes often demand time. Generators are like candles.

Generator strategy: to respond

There’s a show called “Bruce Almighty,” where Jim Carrey becomes a god. He gets a sea of “prayers” that floods the inbox.

This is what it can feel like to be a Generator. You have all these stimuli to “respond” to, but it’s impossible to get through all of them, at least without help.

Your sacral center helps ensure you’re not overburdened by these choices. These extra burdens can lead to frustration and burnout.

Manifesting Generators: The Dynamite, The Hurricane

Before diving into these notes about the Manifesting Generator, scroll up and read about the Generator. You’re considered a Generator but subclassed into the Manifesting kind.

It’s important to remember that you have overlaps with Manifestors, but you are not a Manifestor. Once you’re done checking the classic Generator above, read on to see how your Manifestor overlap works.

Your type is dynamic. You have access to the regenerative energy of the sacral center. Still, some sort of motor also connects to your throat. This allows your sacral center to speak in the “yes” or “no,” but with the engine (s) related to your throat, your voice speaks in a common language rather than just the “toddler voice.”

But what makes you a Generator and not a Manifestor is that sacral center. Manifestors have motors that are not in the sacral center. This makes your aura different from the Manifestor’s aura.

The Manifestor has a closed and protective aura, while your aura is the opposite. Your aura is open, scooping and enveloping around you. This creates stimuli for you, like the classic Generator, to respond to.

Things to know about Manifesting Generators:

  • Energy Dynamics: Your essence is the full throttle of the Manifestor powered by the fire of Generators.
  • Intuition: Don’t seek those problems out… they’ll find a way to you.
  • Sacral Clarity: Like Generators, your sacral provides a reliable “yes/no” compass. While classic Generators may feel it in their gut, you can hear the voice of your sacral center out of the mouth.
  • Navigating Exhaustion: You should feel exhausted at the end of the day, but does it come from a place of satisfaction or frustration?
  • Productivity Secrets: Juggling, multi-tasking, and inventing shortcuts is the big trifecta for your type.

💡Interesting note: This is not a diagnosis, but I would say that more than 75% of the Manifesting Generators whose charts I’ve read have said they are diagnosed with some form of attention disorder. Not a doctor, not medical advice, not a diagnosis, just a comment.

Deconditioning for Manifesting Generators:

  • Visionary Challenges: Knowing when to stop. Manifesting Generators may experience the initial burst when excited about a project, only to force themselves to continue when it’s really time to exit.
  • Channeling Energy: The sacral center needs to be exhausted. Manifesting Generators get buzzy if they force themselves to sit still.

Manifesting Generator strategy: to inform and respond

Your true strategy is to respond, but with the Manifestor touch to inform, it’s a cycle.

For example, you might say out loud, “Wow, I really like this suit,” but then your sacral center says “yes” or “no.” You might then inform, “Hm, why don’t I like this… maybe it’s the fabric…” and your sacral gets to respond to that too.

Projectors: Intense Seers

In the 1780s, Projectors were dropped into a world of Manifestors and Generators and told, “You’re here to manage their energy. Good luck!”

No instructional manual.

Unlike the defined paths of Generators, Manifestors, or Manifesting Generators, Projectors chart a different territory where ‘being’ takes precedence over ‘doing.’

Imagine being told that your role is simply to be.

But here’s the magic: your existence, essence, innate abilities—that’s the core of the Projector.

If you’re like, “Uh, what?” reread the first sentence about Projectors. Projectors were dropped off in this world without an instruction manual, so Projectors just assumed they needed to be like Manifestors and Generators – doing stuff.

Things to know about Projectors:

  • Aura Dynamics: A Projector’s aura is both perceptive and magnetic. It can pierce through any facade, understanding the energy beneath. But Projectors must wait until that person consents to being seen and worked with. Imagine getting tattooed. If you consent to a tattoo, great! You’ll handle the pain and discomfort if you consent to being tattooed. But imagine getting chased with that tattoo needle, someone forcing you to get the tattoo! That’s what it’s like for people when you impose your energy upon them.
  • Creating Doors: Just because you’re designed to wait for an invitation does not mean you should sit around and wait for the invitation to drop out of thin air. If you want to make music, drop it on Soundcloud with no expectations. But someone saying “Wow, more!” is recognition that people like and invite your work. This is an example of creating a door.
  • Redefining Success: The idea of success is different from Projector to Projector. For me, it’s seeing Stripe and PayPal notifications in my inbox. Another Projector may find it sitting in their garden, being able to get their hands dirty.
  • Emotional Barometer: When something isn’t aligning with a Projector’s core, a feeling (or even a taste) of bitterness might emerge. It’s an intuitive way of signaling that something requires the Projector’s attention.

Deconditioning for Projectors:

  • Stress Affinity: Having grown up in a society that glorifies hustle, you might have become unintentionally addicted to stress.
  • Convincing Doesn’t Work: Projectors do their best work when invited. Trying to force or convince someone to invite you can lead to a rough consequence down the road.
  • Evading Comparison Traps: Since Projectors grew up in a world of Manifestors and Generators, you might constantly compare and judge yourself.

Projector Strategy: Waiting for Recognition and Invitation

It’s not just about the invitation. Recognition also works.

A common question I hear from Projectors is, can they be in a relationship without explicit invitation. Recognition works, too. Someone who texts you constantly or can’t wait to see you again might not ask you directly to be a partner. But their actions show recognition, so they consent to enter your aura.

Over time, you’ll understand those nuances.

This strategy also derives from your innate ability to see people – piercing their core. People say they want to be seen, but those same people may be unprepared for how deeply you can see them.

Reflectors: The Luminous

Reflectors are here to be mirrors, revealing and allowing space for resonance.

When you look at your chart, you’ll notice a stark difference:

Human Design Reflectors have a chart that look different from everyone else's due to no defined centers

None of the geometric shapes are colored in.

You’re not like the other types. The rest of them draw their energy from the sun, use it to exist, and take action in daily life.

But you draw yours by living in harmony with the moon and its cycles. Reflectors err towards having rich animist relationships with the way they exist in the world.

You’re called a Reflector because, like the moon for the sun, you reflect the energies around you. Your type is highly sensitive, constantly sampling the energies around you – taking a small bite and then reclusing to process that energy.

People can’t lie to you. They’re like glass. You see right through them.

Things to know about Reflectors:

  • A Rarity: Being 1% of the population, finding other Reflectors to talk to is difficult. That’s because Reflectors are not here to reflect other reflectors but to guide the four other types.
  • Mirror of Society: Whether it’s joy, distress, or any emotion in between, Reflectors can feel and mirror it with clarity.
  • Sampling Energies: Reflectors sample and understand the energies around them, but they must always have a boundary.
  • Moonlit: It’s a delightful surprise when Reflectors experience healthy environments and people.

Deconditioning for Reflectors:

  • Embracing Uniqueness: Reflectors feel the pull to mimic other types because they think differently. In truth, Reflectors can EXPERIENCE the different types temporarily, which is why they’re such good guides.
  • Seeking Solitude: Solitude is where other people’s energies are cleansed, and you can rinse them.
  • Cultivating Patience: With the moon as a guide, patience is pivotal. Information is processed for you through the movements of the moon.

Reflector Strategy: Wait a lunar cycle

The strategy of ‘waiting a lunar cycle’ emphasizes reflection and introspection. While mundane decisions can be made spontaneously, life-altering ones deserve time and contemplation.

Reflectors don’t need an authority. It’s the same thing as your strategy. Clarity emerges as you meander through the moon’s phases, ensuring that choices are based on your wisdom.

But when clarity or being in an awful environment is forced, you experience profound disappointment.

Human Design Types