Tropical versus Sidereal Human Design: Which one to trust?

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Tropical vs Sidereal Human Design

February 22, 2021

Someone told you about Sidereal Human Design today and now you’re all discombobulated? Here’s a non-aggressive exploration of Tropical vs. Sidereal Human Design.

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I'M FIONA WONG, creator of the wild pixel

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My Instagram DM’s over the past several days have looked nearly identical: “Fiona, how do you feel about Sidereal Human Design versus Tropical Human Design?”

At the time of writing, I don’t use Sidereal Human Design in my practice, and The Wild Pixel’s readers do not read Sidereal charts – but I’m not going to bop someone for exploring Sidereal.

Back it up – what is Tropical and what is Sidereal in Human Design?

“Tropical” and “Sidereal” are two different approaches to astrology and how charts are calculated. You can read more about this here.

The charts you get from myBodygraph, and Jovian Archive are the “Tropical system” in Human Design. 

Genetic Matrix, which is not affiliated with Ra Uru Hu’s Human Design school, offers a view of your chart called Sidereal. This chart is the spark of all this controversy in Human Design.

Human Design is a mechanical system dependent on the movement of neutrino streams through the planets. This determines your bodygraph (which reveals your type, strategy, authority, etc.).

Remember, the planets move.

When Sidereal charts are calculated, it’s based on the idea that neutrino streams are moving through 12 fixed stars, then through the planets, which become too diluted to become impactful when it reaches us.

My “Tropical” Human Design chart

Tropical Human Design chart

Here’s my Tropical Human Design chart as generated by GeneticMatrix. You can see I’m a happy ol’ 3/5 Self-Projected Projector.

My “Sidereal” Human Design chart

Sidereal Human Design chart

Here’s the Sidereal version of my Human Design chart. I’m suddenly a 1/3 Emotional Generator.

Is it okay to use both charts?

Pfft… the whole point of Human Design is that it doesn’t matter what I have to say about it. I trust that your magnetic monopole knows what it’s doing and will take you to wherever is correct for you.

I will say this – the journey is often messy and easily judged by others.

When Human Design found me, I hated the idea of being a Projector. Everything from my open sacral to waiting for an invitation grossed me out.

However, I loved my profile – 3/5 (Martyr/Heretic). My profile revealed someone who often went against the grain and found her way through pissing off a lot of people. (I joke that Deadpool is probably a Line 3 Martyr type). 

If I was forced to take the traditional route of Human Design and work with my strategy and authority first, The Wild Pixel wouldn’t exist. I completely skipped the foundations and went straight to my profile. Later on, I’d circle back around and understand what my type and strategy meant for me.

So, I don’t work with Sidereal, but I can’t tell you NOT to dabble with it. It’s your movie. Your journey. Your experiment.

You may end up learning one tiny, impactful thing about yourself and then abandoning it. You may never stop using Sidereal. Not my place to dictate your journey.

Can I work with both charts at the same time?

You really want to deal with TWO strategies, TWO authorities, TWO not-self’s?! – phew.

I mean, no one is stopping you but goddamn, isn’t one bodygraph complex enough to work with?

I hate my Tropical Human Design chart, but I like my Sidereal Human Design chart. I know Sidereal isn’t “traditional” Human Design. What should I do?

Hating a part of yourself is very telling – I say that with no judgment. I mentioned how I hated being a Projector, right?

We are often attracted to what we are not. We are repulsed by what is too close to home.

If something about your Tropical Human Design chart gives you a visceral, repulsed reaction, I can almost guarantee you’ll run back into it at some point in your life.

Plus, Human Design was never something you could pick and choose. You are born with the hand you’re dealt, like the protagonist of any story. Your story is to work with it – life doesn’t give a shit if we like it or not.

Short answer: go with what feels correct for you. You can’t hand over the power of your decision making to anyone else.

It all comes back to strategy and authority.

I kicked this off by saying, I won’t bop you on the head for exploring Sidereal Human Design – or not – because if you believe your strategy and authority led you somewhere… okay! I’m not here to question it.

Your life is not for anyone else but you to understand and approve of. This is The Science of Differentiation, and if your journey brought you to some obscure place I’ve never heard of, okay. I trust that you trust yourself.

Your fellow passenger,


I'm Fiona, the Human Design Goblin.

I recognize the complicated identities of the modern-day creative. I encourage entrepreneurs to reclaim their decision making power through the Human Design system and release the narrative of codependency and victimhood so they can create from a place of self-realization.


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