Your Human Design chart has so much to say about you.

Here, Human Design is explained in easy-to-understand, illustrated language.

I believe that everyone should have access to this life shifting system. And it can be done without glossy-eyed binges on YouTube and #humandesign Instagram.

Replace those wtf-am-i-looking-at moments with actionable and applicable ways to adapt your design to day-to-day life.

I'm here to walk (or dive) with you through the excitement.

Welcome to the wild pixel

What exactly is Human Design?

It's a blueprint of you, visualized through your Human Design chart. It tells you everything from how your intuition speaks to how to manage work/rest.

It can also tell you how you interact with other people's energies and how they experience your's. 

Ever been told you're emotional, uncomfortable to be around, bossy, or always tired? Your chart has something to say about that.

Spoiler: It's nothing "bad."

How can I get started?

Look no further.

Here's a mini-course on Human Design. It shows you the most accurate way to get a copy of your Human Design chart.

Then we get to the fun part: a walkthrough of your type, strategy, aura, and authority.

This is where you learn how your energy works, your body's signal towards/away from a decision, and how your aura delights (or becomes abrasive!) to those around you.

Hi. I'm Fiona.

In middle school (I'm a 90's kid), I brought a fresh pack of tarot cards to lunch.

My friends swarmed the table, asking questions from what their careers would be to who whether their crush would ask them out.

Readings expanded to palm, tea leaves, bones, spirit boards - anything that intersected into my life, like Human Design.

My innate gift is seeing and deciphering the mystical for anyone to understand. This has been 20 years in the honing. 

(It all started from that pack of tarot cards).

I value hands-on learning above all. Self-studying through textbooks. Listening to clients as we gently worked through sensitive inquiries. Honing the practice through repetition. 

My private readings are intense.

I'll guide you through it all; tears, fears, laughter, and joy. 

This is how I was designed and I bring these energies into every Human Design session.

I love how you talked about generational patterns and how to understand them. Thank you for such a beautiful reading and tying it to "real life."

- Happy Client

"She read me. It was amazing. I don't think I can say anything to do it justice. I want to remember it every night before bed."

"If you've followed Fiona for any length of time, I suspect you were drawn in by her precision - that awe-inspiring Projector insight she brings to everything she does."

Fiona shed lights on aspects of my gifts and personality that I didn't know was "by design." The way she translated it to practical everyday life and business was mind-blowing.