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You haven't had it easy and you no longer want to be defined by the struggles you've faced. At this point of your journey, you're ready to be supported in both life and entrepreneurship, but with one big caveat:

You've spent too much time and money learning "frameworks" and "blueprints." Your soul is yearning for something authentically tailored to you - and you'll never settle for anything less.

I've seen courses and coaching programs that expect the client to adapt to the instructor's style. I use a system called Human Design to facilitate conversations with you and your complex identity so you're truly getting a personal, tailor-fit experience. The tools and self-led modalities you become aware of are yours forever - no client leaves codependent on us.


Empowering you with what "to do next" through guiding you on the path of self-awareness.

I'm not about:

Doing human design readings that don't consider your unique lived experiences + identity.


Being on podcasts, reading charts for your group program/clients, receiving DM's and emails.

"I think I can best sum this up with wow. I felt amazed in the first 25 minutes or so - then you dove deeper and my brain has just melted. Thank you."



I'm Fiona, founder of The Wild Pixel

I never set out to do Human Design. 😂
I once joined a group program to launch my copywriting business and did Human Design readings for my peers, just for fun. They immediately encouraged me to drop copywriting and pursue Human Design full time. I never stopped.

I'm primarily self-taught, though I've taken The Enrich Method, various Jovian Archive courses, and I'm enrolled in an IHDS course. I infuse classic learning methods with lived experience.

You can find me posting memes and reels on Instagram or smoking a bowl 🌿  

Fun stuff: 3/5 Self-Projected Projector, RAX Vessel of Love, 8th House Capricorn Stellium (6 planets), Gemini Rising (hence the hair)