I'm Fiona, the curious mind behind this sanctuary, and I'm absolutely stoked to have you here.

You say, "Of course, Fiona. You HAVE to say that because this is the cliche thing for an about page."

Okay, BUT - I'm actually excited you're here because of all the Human Design websites you could've landed on, you liked mine enough to keep reading. 😉

The Wild Pixel: Human Design's Playground

In 2018, I was the assistant to a powerful Manifestor. We had similar passionate yet clashing personalities.

She booked us a joint Human Design session where I rolled my eyes for sixty minutes.

Wait for an invitation first?
Yeah, I'll pass.

Six months later, a realization hit me like a double shot espresso.

My favorite clients were actually the ones who hired ME.

Not price shopping for the cheapest.
Not hiring me out of desperation.

They witnessed and invited me.

For me, Human Design wasn't love at first sight...

❌ I don't: regurgitate from dusty Human Design textbooks.

👍🏼 I do: have conversations with clients, friends, and peers, infusing the system with real-life experiences.

Here, I breathe into Human Design in a way that transcends theory and outdated "facts."

🧐 Did you know: OG Human Design teaches that the liver (related to the G Center) doesn't regenerate? Biologically, that's not even true!

And it's STILL taught in official Human Design courses today!! (I took one of these courses in 2020).

My HD approach sets me apart 👇🏼

going full heretic

  • Coaches setting out to disrupt the pyramid-scheme nature of their industry, out of love for their clients.

  • Intrepid immigrant/first-generation souls walking between worlds.

  • Multi-cultured beings honoring their lineages.

  • Hearts learning to love their identity, sexuality, religion, and culture. 

  • Domesticated wolves reclaiming their claws and fangs.

  • Oracles, Seers, and fellow Readers holding keys to open the HD door for others.

I open the door for...

My name's Fiona. I created The Wild Pixel to bring Human Design to you in an easy-to-understand and accessible way. We blend personal cosmology, the whispers (and screams) of your intuition, with the curiosity of Human Design.

My personal visions for The Wild Pixel include penning books about the system, being the "[asian] rabbit" 🐇 for other readers, and getting "LOL, I relate," emails ✨

  • 3/5 self-projected Projector
  • First generation chinese-malay-american
  • Capricorn sun, Pisces moon, Gemini rising, with a beautiful Capricorn stellium in the 8th house.

Contact: hello@thewildpixel.com

P.S. I often question the appropriations that created the Human Design system. I've had the honor of my thoughts being highlighted by Asha Ramakrishna and Aycee Brown in their gut-punching book, Your Soul Map: Liberation, Human Design, and the BIPOC Experience.
Consider grabbing a copy ♥️

The gremlin who created everything in this website 👇🏼