Hi, I'm Fiona and people knock on my door when they have a "weird question."

You have one too?

Perfect. You're in the right place.

What's with the goblin thing? 
and other frequently weird questions...

Do people really ask you the questions on this page?

Yep. You should see the questions that haven't made it to this page yet.

I've seen you referenced as "The Human Design Goblin." What's up with that?

I joined a business/branding program where we were asked to introduce each other (this was before I did Human Design for work). I was so intimidated by the other business owners I blurted out, "Hi, I'm Fiona, and I'm a goblin." It stuck. I owned it. I've even been told that I'm truly a goblin and "Fiona" is just my professional alter ego.

Why not "Human Design Expert?"

I've been referenced as an expert before but expertise is so subjective and overrated, it doesn't feel aligned for me.

Where did you learn Human Design?

I taught myself through reading a ton of textbooks, watching videos, and practicing with live (and no longer alive) humans. Then I took a Human Design coaching program to help me go beyond chart analysis.

Note: the no longer alive humans are celebrities/historical figures who passed long before I got my hands on their charts. 👀

What's your Human Design type?

I'm a 3/5 Self-Projected Projector, RAX Vessel of Love, single definition (8-1). I only have the throat and G centers defined.

This [other Human Design person] does things completely differently than you do. Who is correct?

Imagine living in a world where there is more than one way to do things 😉 But in all seriousness, Human Design is based on who is interpreting the material. (Look at how many translations of the Bible there are!)

As they say in The Good Place, "Everyone got about 10% right... except for Doug Fawcett. He tripped out one day and got it almost all correct." ("Ra Uru Hu" is Doug Fawcett - but if you've watched the series, you'll remember how it panned out).

Okay, I need a goblin in my life. How do I work with you?

Your favorite childhood cartoons may have told you not to press the big red button, but this one is ESPECIALLY tantalizing...