Gift Giving by Human Design

Gift-giving is my love language. I genuinely enjoy loving on my people by giving them gifts…and we’re nearing the holidays. So, ‘tis the season.

Some of these gifts are physical items that you can purchase. Some will be things that you will have to put together or look for. Some of them are experiences.

I hope that this guide will be a fun way to inspire you in what gifts you can get your loved ones, friends, or clients.

Gifts for Manifestors

A Manifestor’s aura invokes feelings of safety, pushing, and initiation. Their strategy, informing others, isn’t really about them. It’s about the comfort of others – their onlookers.

Sometimes, Manifestors move so quickly and quietly, it can scare everyone around them.

To truly show love to a Manifestor is to allow them to continue taking action without forcing them to take a break and have a conversation with the rest of us mere mortals.

  • Food delivery gift card. As Manifestors continue in their creation, we can take an opportunity to gently remind them that we love them and we don’t want them to forget to eat. Sustenance is survival, right? Alternatively, housekeeping, dog walking, or any other gift cards that can help them keep going without needing them to stop is a winner.
  • Pomodoro timer. Manifestors can get so wrapped up in their work that they forget to inform. A Pomodoro timer can serve as a consistent reminder for them to take a quick pause, let their team or loved ones know what’s up, before continuing forward.
  • A token of power. Historically, Manifestors ruled in monarchies. What reminds your Manifestor of their power? A crown? A fancy pen? Heck, a handcrafted magic wand? Whatever it is – just say yes.
  • A deck of oracle cards. Manifestors must know themselves deeply as they are the only Human Design type that doesn’t wait for outside influence before they act. For someone who just discovered their Manifestor power, this can be intimidating. Oracle cards are a great way for Manifestors to tune inwards without getting derailed by outside influences.
  • A genuine thank you card. Is there a type that is currently more misunderstood than the Manifestor? They’re here to rock the boat because mechanically, they feel like this is where humanity is moving. It’s often a thankless, abrasive role. Letting a Manifestor know that you see them and you appreciate them can be exactly what they’re needing this season.

Gifts for Projectors

Projectors are here to lead and shepherd others who are ready for their penetrating, piercing aura. With a strategy to wait for recognition and invitation, Projectors can often feel like they’re in the background. No matter how loudly they yell or try to get other people’s attention, they can come off as annoying, getting flat out ignored. (Trust, I’m a Projector and prior to learning my design, I’ve been this person). Love on a Projector by giving them gifts that show them that you actually see them for who they are.

  • Sharing their work intentionally. Projectors are able to flourish and do what they’re good at when someone comes along and realizes, “Whoa, I’ve been looking for exactly what you’re offering.” Rather than spamming your Projector’s work everywhere, save their information for someone who can genuinely benefit from their work.
  • A nervous system healing kit. This is something that you can put together, especially if you deeply know your Projector. Projectors are sensitive to the people and places around them, to the point where their bodies will ache from exhaustion. Put together a small kit of crystals, oils, fidget toys, or other things that you know will help soothe your Projector.
  • A letter of gratitude. When in doubt, write a letter detailing something specific that your Projector friend did for you or helped you with. This is where true recognition comes in. People fall into traps of inviting Projectors for the sake of doing it, but for a Projector to genuinely live in their strategy, the recognition must be real.
  • Anything your Projector geeks out over. Sure, this might be obvious but think of how the holidays work. Your Projector is probably being gifted a slew of generic gift cards and smelly candles that’ll get shoved to the back of a closet. To buy your Projector something related to what they love shows that you’re really paying attention and recognizing their geekery.
  • A spa day, nature bath, retreat, or anything where your Projector can relax. Projector bodies tend to run themselves down quickly. Manifestors are here to do while Generator types regenerate their energy quickly. Projectors can take months to bounce back from something that takes other types a few days to recover from. Consider if your Projector prefers spas or time grounded in nature. Invite them there.

Gifts for Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators are an interesting subtype of Generators because they have the defined sacral center but they also have a connection to their throat center. Their aura is enveloping and they tend to move quickly, sometimes cutting corners. As someone who lives with three Manifesting Generators I’ve seen how different they can manifest and  how wild their incredible energy can be. To love on a Manifesting Generator, give them a way to organize their brain chaos or an outlet for their never-ending energy.

  • Journals, planners, notebooks, or list making devices. Manifesting Generators are the masters of multi-tasking. They’re always considering multiple things at once. However, when they put one thing down to start working on another, it’s sometimes (cough, often) left incomplete. Giving them a way to jot down quick notes can greatly increase their productivity.
  • Martial arts class gift card, inviting them out for a hike, or other physical activity. Their sacral center loves outlets for discharging energy and sometimes sitting around isn’t going to do it for them. Invite your Manifesting Generator to an activity where they can go wild. Don’t forget to take pictures of your adventure!
  • Lego sets, building sets, video games, anything where the Manifesting Generator can channel their brain power into completing a set goal. You’ll have to know your Manifesting Generator’s preferences for this one. If they like team conquests, they might prefer an escape room. If they sleep in the same room as their video game console, they might enjoy a new game.
  • Quality time. Manifesting Generators can get so tied up in what they’re doing that they don’t take the time to take a breath. Sometimes, people don’t want to interrupt their groove and don’t bother asking them how they’re doing. Either way, the result is the same. In my experience with Manifesting Generators, they usually give one word responses when they don’t want to be bothered or they’re so surprised someone bothered to ask…that they begin to ramble. Listen if they need to ramble.
  • Breathwork, sound bath, or any other types of classes where your Manifesting Generator can take a pause. Like Generators, they have a whole lot of energy, but unlike Manifestors, they are not here to simply do without stopping. Take a short break with your Manifesting Generator so they don’t burn out.

Gifts for Generators

Generator types are grounded builds with an enveloping aura that helps them consider what to respond to. Remember when Jim Carrey played in Bruce Almighty and he tried to answer all his emails just for his inbox to refill all at once? Generators need to be selective in deciding where they put their energy, so they don’t get caught in a loop of frustration. Love on your Generator type by giving them tools to communicate with their sacral center – while you do the same!

  • The most incredible gift you can give a Generator is the gift of options. The sacral center answers leaning towards “uh-huh” (yes) or “nuh-uh” (no) so when you ask Generators open-ended questions, their sacral isn’t going to be the happiest with you. Invite them out to eat, but give them three options. Ask them to hang out, but give them two or three places to choose from.
  • Sets with multiple options. If you’re going to get them chocolate, get them one with several flavors to choose from. Skincare? Get them a gift set that lets your Generator choose what they need on a day-to-day basis (Drunk Elephant is great for this). While mental overload is real for too many choices, their sacral center thrives in this environment.
  • A belt or something to wear at the waist.  This is great for people who just found out that they’re a Generator because they are likely still using their mind over their sacral center to make decisions. A belt sits right over the sacral center and a simple action like tapping a belt buckle can create a mental reroute to “ask the sacral instead.”
  • Journals, notebooks, or perhaps a guide to journaling. Since Generators get bombarded with so many things to respond to on a daily basis, it’s good for Generators to have a place to brain dump so they can come back to it later.
  • A red crystal or stone of some type. The sacral center is denoted on a Human Design chart by a red square. What’s a better way to honor a Generator’s sacral energy than with a symbol of their energy?

Gifts for Reflectors

Reflector types are different from the other four types, not only because they only make up 1% of the population but also because they’re lunar types. They have a sampling aura and they serve as the carbon monoxide detectors and guides of any community. Want to know if something is healthy? Just look at a Reflector and see how they’re doing as they literally reflect the environment back. Love on a Reflector by giving them ways to discharge other people’s energy and honor their magical vibes.

  • Let’s be real… anything related to the moon works here. Moonstones? Moon-shaped hand-forged jewelry from Etsy? Just be sure that it’s ethically mined crystals or handmade, rather than mass-produced.
  • Arts and crafts in relation to your Reflector. I have never met a Reflector who isn’t playful. I’ve only met ones who love dancing, painting, singing, etc. Grab something that’s specific to your Reflector’s craft of choice.
  • Releasing pressure on the Reflector to make a decision. When faced with major decisions, Reflectors take moon cycles in order to feel clear about what they’d enjoy. An unspoken gift for your Reflector is to say, “Take your time, I can wait as long as you need,” because you’re making intentional space for a Reflector’s timeline.
  • A gift for your Reflector’s animal companion. Reflectors often feel more connected to their animal companions more than other humans (it happens when you only make up one percent of the population). Pet fish? Maybe a floating log. Furry friend? Maybe a toy or grooming gift card. Animals have been with us in Human Design since the very beginning (a dog was present the evening the system was channeled), supporting and guiding our guides.
  • Any sort of grounding, discharging or relaxing space. This could be asking the Reflector to a spa, sound bath, nature walk, or anywhere else they can ground the energy they’ve been holding onto.

Remember that Human Design is the science of differentiation.

In this post, I share a list of potential gifts for each Human Design type based on the mechanics of their design – essentially, what makes them each type. But, remember that people express their designs differently depending on where they are in their journey and who they are outside of mechanics.

You might have a Manifesting Generator friend who is so good at grounding their chaotic energy that journaling would be moot. So? Invite them outside instead.

You might know a Projector who has too much recognition (oh yeah, this is a real thing!) so you invite them to an AirBnB getaway in the mountains instead of sharing their work.

The art of seeing someone is to note the suggestions, but honor the human being for who they Be.

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