Hiring by Human Design Type

When I hire someone to work with me on a retainer, I always ask: “May I see your Human Design chart?” I’m not being a creep (or maybe I am), but understanding their energetic flow helps me honor their work/rest cycles.

You might be asking, “Well, isn’t that unfair to those with more energy? What if someone takes advantage of this?”

Each Human Design type has its method of working with energy. I don’t measure the amount they can output but how they go about it.

For example, I’ve worked with three virtual assistants:

  • A Generator
  • A Manifesting Generator
  • A Manifestor

The Generator needed time throughout the day to give me consistent work. We honored that her energy did not work in bursts. I needed to give her at least 48 hours heads up or more structure to know how to support me.

The Manifesting Generator worked in bursts. I wouldn’t hear from her, and suddenly, I’d get back-to-back notifications of completed tasks.

The Manifestor was interesting. She rarely spoke to me. I’d ask her to do something I forgot to assign, only for her to respond, “It’s already done.”

Each of them was capable of completing identical tasks. They approached them differently to accomplish the end goal.

There is no better/worse working relationship between types. There’s only the way their types are expressed through their work.

Below are a few suggestions on how you may be supported as a small business owner or coach.

Hiring as a Manifestor

Manifestors are fast-moving. When they’re ready to take an idea and run with it, it’s important that they have the support of someone who won’t slow them down unless they absolutely need to.

Manifestors also benefit from the support of those who don’t take their direct nature personally. Manifestors have a closed, repelling aura which can make people feel intimidated (especially if the Manifestor has a 5 in their profile).

Their perfect assistant sees them where they are and doesn’t flinch when they’re tackling their next vision.

Areas where a Manifestor could use support:

  • Repetitive tasks that take away focus from the bigger vision.
  • Foundational steps that may be overlooked.
  • Client-facing support, such as customer support or inbox management.
  • Calendar management.
  • Research, especially for the undefined mind.

Manifestor with a Projector Assistant

Projectors tend to be hit or miss in assistance roles. On one hand, Projectors are incredible at anticipating your needs and being proactive. If a Manifestor has a vision, the Projector takes the vision and creates the plan down to the finest detail.

This duo does not have a defined sacral. The Projector will not be able to keep up with executing the Manifestor’s ideas at a rapid rate unless the Projector is able to delegate and outsource part of the workload.

Otherwise, a Projector would make a fine “right hand” to a Manifestor and can even keep the Manifestor on track.

Manifestor with a Generator/Manifesting Generator Assistant

Everything said about Generators still apply to Manifesting Generators. Generators have a defined sacral, making them capable of executing the Manifestor’s vision. Generators flourish in environments where there is structure and standard operating procedures in place so their sacral flow can make magic happen.

If the Manifestor’s business has a sturdy foundation, this pairing can be solid.

If the Manifestors’ business is a mess, the Generator will likely feel frustrated.

Generator types make incredible assistants, especially with their consistent endurance. The Generator type does need to be wary of ensuring the Manifestor is clear in what they want and not constantly switching or piling the tasks onto the Generator. Generator types can bring any idea to life, but the Manifestor must remember to give the Generator solid context.

Manifestor with a Reflector Assistant

This is an interesting pairing because you have the Manifestor who can move quickly when they’re ready and the Reflector who waits along the lunar cycle. However, the Reflector is a human carbon monoxide detector, serving as a fine guide for the Manifestor’s vision. If this relationship is mutually trusting, the Reflector can detect what the Manifestor needs and how to support those needs over time.

A Reflector takes time to review and chew, which can make the difference in whether a business survives. Too many business owners burn out after the first several years because they cover up their messes instead of trying to fix them. Reflectors see them, acknowledge their existence, and guides the team on how to care for them.

However, Reflectors are better suited for a consulting and guidance role over one that needs to do a large amount of repetitive, tedious tasks. Reflectors can also be a “right hand” to the Manifestor and curate a terrific team to do the task execution.

Manifestor with a Manifestor Assistant

Whenever two people of the same type get together, it can be two peas from the same pod or too much likeness. If a Manifestor works with another Manifestor, they may feel relieved to find someone who understands how they operate.

However, hiring an assistant is not about finding a clone of you. It’s about finding someone who can compensate for and complement your current skill set.

A Manifestor with a Manifestor assistant could work out, especially if the assistant is also delegating to a team. The Manifestor assistant may understand and know the Manifestor so intimately that this becomes a “the boss and the boss’s mini-me” type of relationship. On the other hand, they could experience two Manifestors constantly clashing because one believes they know better than the other.

Hiring as a Generator Type

Generator types include:

  • Classic Generators
  • Manifesting Generators

You’ll often see Manifesting Generators separate from Generators though they’re both considered Generators. Since 70% of the population is made up of Generators, it’s easier to split them between classic Generator and Manifesting Generator.

Each of the pairings below will have a separate note for Manifesting Generators.

Generator types have a defined sacral that allows them to do the work needed to run a business. They’re incredible at executing the task, as long as they know what needs to be done. They’d also benefit from the support of someone who can see the finer details and even manage them on an executive level.

Generator types have an enveloping aura, capable of experiencing different tasks at the same time. They’re the most likely to find ways to multi-task and they flourish when they’ve found effective shortcuts.

Their perfect assistant can duo as a leader and a follower, with a firm eye for detail. They should also keep the Generator on track because when Generators find things to respond to, it’s easy for them to want to respond to everything.

Areas where a Generator Type could use support:

  • Creating processes and standard operating procedures to work by.
  • Breaking down larger tasks into smaller tasks and overall project management.
  • Delegating, outsourcing, and building out the team.
  • Giving a second look at tasks that are already done to ensure it’s done correctly.
  • Research-related tasks.
  • Being asked if someone is related to the overall vision or merely a distraction.

Generator with a Projector Assistant

Generators are capable of working long hours, especially on projects that make them feel alive, though the Projector will likely need breaks. This relationship can be incredible for Generator types who like to speed through their work but have a tendency to skip steps or leave mistakes behind.

If there is trust between the Generator and Projector relationship, the Generator can move quickly and the Projector can correct anything that needs a second look.

The Generator needs to take care to ensure the work being done is in alignment with their response and authority so they don’t get caught in a state of frustration that places blame on the Projector assistant.

Manifesting Generators and Projector assistants: As long as the Manifesting Generator is clear on the direction, the Projector can offer a strong, detailed-oriented style of support.

Generator with a Manifestor Assistant

Manifestors who are in the assistance role are interesting to watch because you often see this pairing with business owners who need serious direction. In this relationship, the Generator is ultimately responsible for the business but likely has the Manifestor consult with them to help make these decisions.

The Manifestor assistant must be patient enough to wait for the Generator. The Generator must be trusting in their own response to not hand over their personal decision-making power to the Manifestor.

Manifestor assistants are powerful, capable of creating unimaginable opportunities. They are not suited for repetitive and tedious tasks – they can do it, but they rather help you take over your industry.

Manifesting Generators and Manifestor assistants: Mani Gens are the most likely to try to keep up with their Manifestor counterparts, but it’s worth remembering that Manifesting Generators are subtypes of Generators, not Manifestors. This can definitely be a powerful duo, as long as the Manifesting Generator doesn’t ignore waiting to respond, in favor of the Manifestor’s informing-style strategy.

Generator with a Reflector Assistant

This pairing is perfect for Generators who are not looking to outsource the actual work but want someone to maintain the health of their business. When people talk about hiring an assistant, it’s usually around outsourcing tasks.

Generators who are perfectly happy doing the tasks themselves might outsource the following to a Reflector:

  • Creative and stylistic tasks such as design
  • Non-time sensitive tasks such as collecting testimonials and creating processes for future hires
  • Managing and overseeing a larger team

Reflector assistants know their team and proactively cultivate an environment that can support everyone. If you have a strong company culture that prioritizes workplace health, Reflectors are valuable assistants to carry out that vision.

Manifesting Generator and Reflector assistants: Same as Classic Generators.

Generator with a Generator Assistant

With Generator types making up 70% of the population, this is a common pairing. Generators all have a defined sacral so as long as the Generator assistant enjoys their work, this is a predictable pairing.

However, Generators are not identical to each other. Each Generator still needs to understand what enables them to experience sacral satisfaction. If the Generator is satisfied with doing a specific task, they cannot assume the Generator assistant will feel the same way.

When I ran The Guided Voyage, my Manifesting Generator staff member worked with a Generator assistant. The Manifesting Generator worked on tasks that brought satisfaction (usually readings and other client-facing work) while the more introverted Generator is happy doing repetitive tasks behind the scenes.

Hiring as a Projector

Projectors have a penetrating aura, designed for 1:1 work. You see a lot of Projectors as consultants or coaches because they have an understanding of an individual’s needs, rather than fixating on the whole.

This isn’t to say that Projectors are incapable of group work. Projectors can adapt to group work assuming the work isn’t heavily demanding of their energy.

Projectors are designed to guide. Like Manifestors and Reflectors, they do not have a defined sacral, making it difficult for them to do the work part of bringing a vision to life.

With the strategic need to be recognized, Projectors must work with assistants who believe in their vision, rather than assistants who prefer to manage their clients (assistants who manage their clients are great for Generator types seeking this type of working relationship).

Projectors are not an energy type the way Manifestors and Generators are. It’s important that the assistant honor and make space for the nature of the Projector’s existence.

A note on self-projected Projectors and ego-projected Projectors: You may feel more aligned with the content related to Manifestors than the content related to Projectors. Feel free to read both.

Areas where a Projector could use support:

  • Getting over waiting for something to be “perfect” before it’s brought into the world.
  • Task management and execution.
  • Customer support or handling large volumes of inquiries that demand the Projector’s attention.
  • Communicating and scheduling events on behalf of the Projector.
  • Reminding the Projector when enough is enough.

Projector with a Generator Type Assistant

A Projector with a Generator Type assistant can be a perfect match. The Projector is capable of leading, directing, and managing the structure of their business while the Generator type executes the tasks.

You can see this pairing as the Projector creating the skeletal configuration while the Generator type fleshes it out.

When I started The Wild Pixel, the business was led by a Projector but the staff was accidentally made up of Generator types who had a deeper work-related level of endurance than the Projector.

The Projector must be mindful of creating clear goals and plans for the Generator type to work through. If the Generator type isn’t sure where their sacral flow is headed, it can create issues in the working relationship between bitterness and frustration.

Projector with a Manifestor Assistant

Projectors who want a no-nonsense assistant will find that energy in a Manifestor. This is a power duo, with the Projector understanding their personal vision and the Manifestor with full capability of directing the vision.

If the Projector creates, the Manifestor ensures the world is aware of said creation.

The obstacle between this duo is the lack of sacral definition. They will likely need to outsource and delegate to outside contractors or take on employees in order to flesh out the Projector’s vision.

The Manifestor assistant will serve more as a “right hand” to the Projector.

Projector with a Reflector Assistant

Here we have a nontraditional pairing, with the nonenergy type of the Projector and the lunar type of the Reflector. This duo would greatly benefit from systems that increase the speed of their work without compromising the integrity of the creation, such as the scrum framework.

Projectors and Reflectors who live in their design are rarely in a hurry. They know that making things happen quickly comes from the realm of Generators and Manifestors. Instead, they’ll work towards building something sustainable.

Despite the mechanics of Human Design, the world will still demand speed and action from Projectors and Reflectors. This pair can benefit from outsourcing foundational tasks to Generator types who feel more natural in a task-related environment.

Reflector assistants make incredible right hands for Projectors who are more concerned with the long-term legacy than getting something out quickly.

Projector with a Projector Assistant

Projector assistants tend to be a hit or miss, especially when the Projector assistant is not aware of their Human Design type. Remember that Projectors are not energy types but they will experience the conditioning of being an energy type.

When a Projector assistant feels sacral conditioning or energetically full, they may over plan and overpromise their capabilities. When the conditioning is gone or they are burnt out from energy mismanagement, you’ll run into trouble.

In a different perspective, you may find two peas in a pod – the Projector who is working on leading the business, with a mini-me Projector assistant delegating to a larger team.

Hiring as a Reflector

Reflectors are different from the other types because they are lunar types (the other three are solar types). As the moon reflects the sun, the Reflector reflects their environment.

Most importantly, a Reflector must carefully curate their team around the culture they’d like to amplify into the world. They do this through sampling, considering each individual, and taking their time before making hiring decisions.

In this hustle-laden world, a Reflector needs to find an assistant who won’t pressure them into being an immediate hire. Reflectors should be comfortable asking the assistant to work independently, without waiting for the Reflector to constantly micromanage them.

Areas where a Reflector could use support:

  • Getting over waiting for something to be “perfect” before it’s brought into the world.
  • Task management and execution.
  • Customer support or handling large volumes of inquiries that demand the Reflector’s attention.
  • Being a “sounding board” for the Reflector, instead of an advisor.
  • Doing repetitive or foundational tasks to keep the business running.

Reflector with a Generator Type Assistant

A Reflector with a Generator Type assistant is a great match, assuming the Generator type is okay with the Reflectors’ pace. The Generator type can work on repetitive tasks and manage projects that satisfy their sacral flow while the Reflector considers their creative vision.

Business owners don’t always have the luxury of controlling time. Generator types can support their Reflector by ensuring all the pieces of a project are completed and in place, so when the Reflector is ready to make a decision, they are well equipped to proceed.

Generator types can make preparations while Reflectors wait out their lunar cycles.

It takes a special type of Generator to be able to work with a Reflector. Reflectors are the 1% and the Generator assistant should not force the Reflector into acting like a solar type.

Reflector with a Manifestor Assistant

If the Reflector and Manifestor assistant can figure out what requires a Reflector’s waiting and what can be handled immediately by the Manifestor, we have some magic.

For example:

  • The Reflector is visualizing their new group program and sampling different coaching models. The Manifestor goes to work collecting a list of potential affiliates.
  • The Reflector is helping a private client with a project and anxious about pivoting into a one-to-many group model. The Manifestor finds several group program models and brings them to the Reflector to sample.

The Manifestor assistant must mind their patience on the Reflector’s ability to make decisions. The Reflector must build their confidence in giving tasks to the Manifestor that can support long-term visions.

Reflector with a Projector Assistant

A nontraditional pairing, we see the nonenergy type, Projector, with the lunar type, Reflector. This duo can be notorious for moving slowly because the Reflector must take time to sample while the Projector doesn’t have the defined sacral to quickly execute projects themselves.

This duo would greatly benefit from systems that increase the speed of their work without compromising the integrity of the creation, such as the scrum framework.

A Projector assistant can be valuable to a Reflector because the Projector can guide the Reflector and serve as a sounding board. There are opportunities for out-of-the-box creations with this working relationship.

The Reflector will likely need to bring on energy types onto the team to assist the Projector, even if temporarily. The Projector assistant is well suited to project management or delegation role while serving as the Reflector’s right hand.

A note on self-projected and ego-projected Projectors: This subtype of Projectors may move faster than their counterparts because their design resembles that of a Manifestor’s (though they are NOT Manifestors).

Reflector with a Reflector Assistant

Two lunar types would be interesting in a working relationship, though there may be a struggle in task execution.

There are many opportunities to muse, contemplate, and consider, but few for getting work done. A Reflector x Reflector working relationship would benefit from adding additional team members for balance.

Where to find virtual assistants

Many coaches put out their own virtual assistance applications. Some prefer complete oversight of the hiring process while others aren’t aware that you can hire someone to find your perfect assistant.

Some diverse agencies that will pair you with an assistant include:

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