Tropical versus Sidereal Human Design

Dirty not-so-secret: I love it when metaphysical content creators get into heated debates. We’re witnessing the system shatter and see what becomes of it.

And this flavor of the week? Human Design influencers ego-ing each other over which system is more valid and which is better.

If you found this write-up wondering what all the hubbub was about, you came to the right place.

But first, what are we talking about?

Different Systems Exist

Daaamn, having different perspectives! What a concept!

Here’s a  familiar example:

  • There are different approaches to astrology.
  • These approaches include (but are 110% not limited to) Vedic, Hellenistic, and Chinese astrology.
  • All approaches have been criticized and praised.

So when you read the rest of this post, keep that in mind. There will be critical and die-hard users of every system. No one should be knocking you down for exploring what works for you.

The background info about the Human Design chart

Human Design natal charts are the movement of neutrino streams through the planets and into our bodies.

This is what generates your bodygraph.

Neutrino streams are the flow of mysterious particles that can give us information about powerful cosmic events. 

In tropical Human Design, the calculation is based on the planets moving and the positions of the sun, earth, moon, and said planets. 

In sidereal Human Design, the calculation is based on fixed planets. 

That’s why your tropical and sidereal charts are different from each other

Ra Uru Hu’s chart generator, myBodygraph, solely uses the tropical system.

An unaffiliated (but wildly popular due to price and the type of charts you can generate) chart generator, Genetic Matrix, can generate tropical and sidereal charts.

Here’s are my charts, calculated by Genetic Matrix.

My tropical design is 3/5 Self-Projected Projector.

Tropical Human Design.png

My sidereal design makes me a 1/3 emotional Generator.

Sidereal Human Design.png

Which chart should you use?

The whole point of Human Design is that it doesn’t matter what I have to say about it, even if I create content and do readings about the system. Human Design is an experiment.

To confine you into one chart or the other defeats that purpose.

Your Human Design journey is personal to you. 

Being human is messy. We’re judged by others and we try to shy away from negative judgment.

But the Human Design system’s core is about identifying what other people impose upon you and stare it in the face. To make aligned decisions, through strategy and authority, to understand why that conditioning exists in your life.

You can also work with both charts at the same time. Personally, I don’t, because my tropical chart is already enough to work with. If it feels correct for you to do both, go for it!

I hope that clarifies your thoughts on sidereal versus tropical.

With love,
Fiona Wong ✨

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