Anna “Delvey” Sorokin’s Human Design Chart

She conned her way through New York’s socialites with her aggregated accent and appetite for fashion. Her extravagant lies bought her eight charges, including grand larceny, attempted grand larceny and theft of services.

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She’s known as Anna Delvey Sorokin, brought to our living room screens and iPhones through Shonda Rhimes’s recent adaptation on Netflix.

Anna Sorokin’s story isn’t particularly fascinating.

I was born and raised in New York City where you can’t walk down the street without someone trying to sell you a knockoff Louis Vuittons. What I’m interested in is exploring the Human Design chart of someone who is a convicted thief and a liar.

Human Design readings are through the eyes of whoever is doing the interpretation. The art of seeing a person can be compared to people watching the same movie. One person can be enchanted while another person finds the movie alright.

When I read client charts, there’s a tactful touch that needs to be considered. I don’t normally get the chance to look at someone’s chart and peel through layers of their more offensive traits. Few people have the skin for those conversations anyway.

This chart analysis is a reminder that Human Design comes with contradictions and juxtaposition.

Human beings are complex.

We can be social and anti-social.
We can be generous and vindictive.

Exhibit A: Anna Delvey Sorokin.

Anna Sorokin’s birth time can’t be found online

Sometimes I’ll get clients who do not know their exact birth time because they live somewhere that does not document the time of birth or they were born into circumstances where the time is difficult to track down. When I do readings for these clients, I put down noon as their birth time, and note chart changes as the time changes through the day.

You can still get your Human Design chart done if you do not know your exact birth time because the parts that stayed consistent can be read. Some people also choose to get their birth time professionally rectified, often by an astrologer.

I use Jovian Archive’s Maia Mechanics software for professionals to check birth time accuracy. If you’re looking for software for personal use, I recommend myBodygraph (also by Jovian Archive).

When I type in Anna Sorokin’s birth info with 12:00pm as the birth time, we get a 1/4 sacral Generator with the Right Angle Cross of  The Unexpected.

Anna Delvey Human Design Chart

The software gives me several options to choose from in terms of when Anna’s chart would likely change:

Anna Delvey Human Design

Here are the possible changes:

  • Her authority could be emotional instead of sacral.
  • Her profile could be 1/3.
  • She could be a 2/4 emotional Projector.
  • She could be a 1/3 splenic Projector with a split definition.

Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected (41/31 | 28/27).

This variation of the Cross of the Unexpected is in the fourth quarterYou can learn more about quarters and incarnation crosses in this ebook.

Those who are born in the fourth quarter (that’s me!) have the theme of mutation.

The touch of Midas transforming a single grape and turning it into a potential fortune is an act of mutation. These are people who mine untapped possibilities and relentlessly try to bring them to fruition.

Note: This interpretation does not apply to everyone who has the Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected. Although there are overlaps in interpretation, this is specifically for those who have 41/31 | 28/27.

Anna Delvey Sorokin was destined to be an anarchist. Those with this incarnation cross have a tendency to come off strange, especially when they were children. This can go several different ways, especially when it comes to being conditioned by the world around that person:

  • They could suffocate their yearnings for radical change.
  • They could act on their visions and ambitions.
  • They could forcefully embolden their dreams into reality, regardless of the price.

There’s also a certainty in the face of uncertainty. They are magnets for the radical and serve as the engine that drives the influence behind intoxicating ideas. They are visionaries capable of mutating dreams into real-world experiences.

For Anna Sorokin, she dreamed of leasing the Church Missions House in NYC and creating a private space for artists. She went about it in a way that was definitely unexpected, hence the name of this incarnation cross, though she was hardly successful.

Anna Sorokin’s failure to receive funding for her foundation is a grounded reminder that Human Design comes with no guarantees. Living in your design does not mean gratification or even success in your ventures.

Anna reinvented her identity as Anna Delvey, a German heiress waiting on a trust fund from her prosperous father. She claimed that Delvey was her mother’s maiden name, though it was later revealed that she made that up, too. It’s documented that Anna spent her adolescence frantically obsessing over fashion. She likely dreamed of her art foundation long before she voyaged to New York City.

There’s no surprise that Anna set the bar high because those with this incarnation cross do not believe in limitations.

Every limit is a potential obstacle, a fun challenge, that could be unlocked.

To the rest of us, they live in a fantasy. To them, there is hardly a difference.

Anna’s friends and family have said that they think Anna actually believes her own lies. Her fantasies have taken such a hold of her life that she likely doesn’t differentiate between them.

Was Anna Sorokin‘s true intention to con people out of money or did she genuinely believe there was a family fortune waiting for her that she could pay her debts with?

Channel of Struggle (28-38)

The Channel of Struggle is the only channel in Anna Sorokin’s chart that is consistent throughout her variations.

This channel is a projected channel (think of the Projector type), waiting for an invitation to struggle. Those with this channel potentially errs towards the masochistic – to give permission to thoughts and experiences that others cannot relate to. This type of struggle is intuitive and internalized, an asserting yearning to reach others who might understand.

She rejects the Walmart-esque clothing that was handed to her minutes before her trial. His eyes dart between the clothes and his watch – why can’t she just wear the goddamn dress? In the potentially-fictional-account, he reminds her that they’re both cut from the same cloth. They are connected to immigrants who gambled their dreams on the no-promises-made streets on New York City. This trial was not just for her, it was a look into the standards of how foreign female frauds are punished in comparison to high profile men who get promoted after finnessing funds from clientele.

Anna Sorokin is not particularly attractive, clever, or well-dressed. Yet she is interesting because of the struggles that have been invited into her life – isolating herself from others in her relentless pursuit of fashion, traveling to a country with only the clothes on her back, keeping up with the mouthfuls of lies. Her story isn’t even original.

The Channel of Struggle wants to take the internal conversations and bring it to others. There’s an inclination towards influencing the people around them. The problem is, if you look at the bodygraph, this channel is quite far from the throat center, the center where the internalized becomes the interpersonal. This is the true struggle of this channel.

Here’s some context that could reveal how this dynamic works, especially since Anna Sorokin either does not have a defined throat center or does not have a direct path from the Channel of Struggle to her throat center (when looking at variations of her chart). She likely felt intensely misunderstood throughout her life, due to being unable to express what she’s really trying to say.

Adopting a whole new persona, or “brand,” became her outlet of choice.

It’s worth noting that at the writing of this post, Anna Sorokin has had professional journalists take interest in her, a book about her (by a former friend), a Netflix adaptation of her story and a feature in an upcoming book based on a hotel she stayed at for months.

Yet she herself did not write a book. I’d even go as far to say that if she did choose to write a book, she would have the help of at least one ghostwriter.

All the accounts we truly have of Anna’s story is a chimera of interviews, heresay, accusations and layered lies.

Is Anna Sorokin a Generator or a Projector?

Human Design type is the most commonly talked about topic, especially when people are first exploring the system. Some could even say that this may be one of the more important entryways into the system.

What do we do when we don’t know our Human Design type for certain?

Look for context clues in other areas of the chart and behavioral patterns.

Generators have an enveloping aura and consistent access to a sacral pulse. See it as a self-recharging battery pack. Projectors have a piercing, penetrating aura that is so intense that they have to be invited in order for that phenomenon to be authentically effective. (You can learn more about Human Design basics in this free, gigantic guide).

From Wikipedia:

According to DJ Elle Dee, who was photographed with Sorokin at a party at The Standard, High Line, Sorokin pretended to be a wealthy heir and bragged about the brands of clothes that she was wearing, but also asked partygoers for a place to sleep. When they declined, she spent the night sleeping in a car. Dee attended multiple events organized by Sorokin where she had invited people she “barely knew… as if it was maybe the second time they’d ever met, kind of like us. Everyone just sat around, quietly staring at their own phones.” Dee described Sorokin as “entitled and mean – especially to people in the service industry”. Dee also described how Sorokin relied on her and other acquaintances to pay for her expenses by claiming she had forgotten her wallet or that it was an emergency and her credit cards did not work.

Outside of one of her friends, Neff Davis, Anna had a reputation for being mean. Neff even mentioned that even though Anna was nice to her, Anna was often yelling (or pretending to yell at) people she supposedly worked with.

To me, Anna forced her way into where she wanted to be, yet she often wasn’t welcome.

The awkward parties and asking others for places to sleep (and getting rejected) lead me to believe that Anna Sorokin is likely a Projector who didn’t care to wait for invitations. Her potential was overlooked because she put them in front of the wrong people, went about it in a way that ignored invitations, and did not wait for the opportunities to come to her.

The other part of being a Projector is waiting for recognition and invitations. It’s possible that Anna was not recognized in the fashion industry so she created the facade that she thought would bring her these invitations.

Even if Anna is not a Projector, her only channel is a projected channel so working with Projector parameters would be what I recommend if she was a Human Design reading client.

Anna Sorokin finding success after prison

To further back up my inclination to believe that Anna Sorokin is a Projector, let’s look at how she’s faring now.

  • She received recognition for her con artistry and another creative put together a pop-up show featuring Anna’s prison art.
  • She’s being featured in a gallery show where her pieces are going for $10,000.
  • Shonda Rhimes reached out to her to buy her story for a Netflix adaptation.
  • Her social media has had more traction than ever.

From an outside perspective, it seems that when she focused on her art and kept to herself, she was recognized and invited by others. She also finds success (a Projector’s signature) through other people’s recognition.

If I run with the assumption that Anna Sorokin is a Projector, that leaves her to either be:

  • 2/4 emotional Projector.
  • 1/3 splenic Projector with a split definition.

Here’s the 2/4 emotional Projector chart:

2/4’s have a way of navigating social situations and building relationships with others, even when they don’t ask for it. There is a magnetism to this profile. The 2 does ask for time alone – think of Batman in the bat cave. He self-isolates with all his gadgets and brooding until the bat signal asks him to begrudgingly leave and save Gotham. Anna did her best when she was in prison, isolated from the rest of the world, which brought success in the art world when she was released.

This chart also reveals an undefined throat center (manifestation) and an undefined G center (identity).

Anna struggled to manifest her vision of owning a private art club when she forced it through her own voice. She later found success when other people’s voices told pieces of her story.

The chameleon identity where Anna was able to fashion herself into a German heiress (I suspect she was inspired and conditioned by someone else and adopted a version of their personality) and her ability to insert herself into places she didn’t necessarily belong in is very undefined G center when it is unhealthy.

Let’s look at the 1/3 splenic Projector:

1/3’s like to have a sturdy foundation of research and personal investigation before they take action. However, the 3 in their chart likes to test the foundation, breaking apart what they know and putting it back together to ensure that the foundation will hold. 3’s have a reputation for trial by fire, which can be paired with Anna’s Channel of Struggle, (especially because the 3 profile is in gate 28, which is part of Anna’s incarnation cross and design sun).

I don’t know if Anna actually did the research behind a lot of her actions or if she was just full of believable shit.

The interesting part about this variation of her chart is that the throat center and the G center are defined, showing a “self-projection.” But did Anna really project herself when she had to fake it until she made it? Or was faking it until she made it always inherently a part of who she is?

This variation brings the Channel of the Prodigal (33-13). This is someone who is a witness to life, preferring to listen to stories from others rather than being in the action. I don’t think this accurately describes Anna at all.

Her throat center is still not connected to the rest of the chart so her need for self-expression through the Channel of Struggle will literally struggle to get to the throat center without some form of outside conditioning.

My final guess to what Anna Sorokin’s Human Design is? 2/4 Emotional Projector.

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